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  1. I am loving the art! Will there be vampires, ghosts, werewolves, mages, wendigos, etc. in this setting?
  2. Anyone know? I'm stuck at work 😢
  3. I really enjoy Gumshoe. Color me interested. Thank you for showing me this!
  4. I own Cryptworld and Chill 2e and 3e.
  5. I do not have my books near me right now and am wondering if there is a starting limit, mandatory or optional, for how high starting attributes and skills can be at character creation, please?
  6. But I'm assuming this will be for Mythras and not CoC, right?
  7. Have any of you guys ever tried using CoC 7e to run Gothic horror and break away from the cosmic horror occasionally? I really enjoy gothic horror also and want to do some Hammer-esque stuff with these rules. Are there any adventures or supplements out there for Gothic horror with CoC 7e?
  8. I had joined the cult of Chaos for organized CoC 7e play and only ever received the first 2 or 3 adventures. I haven't received anything in quite some time. Does anyone know what I can do to get caught up?
  9. Thanks. Do you roll Luck improvement between game sessions even if you didn't spend any Luck?
  10. Can Luck improvement rolls in CoC 7e ever take your Luck score higher than its starting value at character creation?
  11. Is this optional rule from pg 61 of the Investigator's Handbook included in the ruleset and if so, how do I enable it? I really need it for my character for a local game.
  12. This is very disappointing to me. The first thing this new Chaosium team has done that I disagree with. I really, really enjoy Magic World.
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