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  1. Is this optional rule from pg 61 of the Investigator's Handbook included in the ruleset and if so, how do I enable it? I really need it for my character for a local game.
  2. This is very disappointing to me. The first thing this new Chaosium team has done that I disagree with. I really, really enjoy Magic World.
  3. Will there be a print option for all the Keeper card decks for CoC 7?
  4. As typical, the craptastic gaming stores where I live are not participating in Free RPG Day 2016 so I have no ability to get the adventure for CoC 7, The Derelict. I heard that Chaosium will be making it available in PDF form eventually, I'm assuming for the Cult of Chaos peeps. However, I really want a physical copy as well. Anyone know if any retailer will be selling copies?
  5. Anyone have any idea? I'm considering taking my friend to Origins so he can pick up a copy.
  6. Who will be selling them if Chaosium is not there? My friend really badly wants the Keeper Guide.
  7. Awesome, Mythras will be more for me then, since I'm not a big Glorantha fan.
  8. I just found some more info about it in another thread, ty. However, one thing I'm confused by is what will the difference between RuneQuest going forward and Mythras be?
  9. I don't know much about Mythras. It will replace RQ 6? Is this version (Imperative) like a stripped-down version? Will there be a more full release later?
  10. The Origins game fair begins here in Columbus, Ohio in 3 days. I know Chasium will not be there, which is a shame. = ( Would there be a chance any other exhibitors will have anything for CoC 7? I'm pretty sure it is a no but I thought I would check anyhow since it is in my back yard.
  11. I'd love to see a gothic horror book for CoC 7e. It would tell you how to adapt the game for classic gothic horror in the line of Stoker, Shelley, and, Edgar Allan Poe. I also would like to see a new Masks update. The era I want to see updated for CoC is gaslight. I love the 1800's victorian era and think it is a wonderful period for horror gaming.
  12. I am interested in Cthulhu By Gaslight and Masks of Nyarlahotep. Will these get 7th edition versions or are we going to leave them as-is?
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  14. I now have the first adventure for A Time to Harvest. Are there any more at this point and if so, how do I get them? I'm going to send an email to Dustin right now to see if that helps.
  15. I did indeed sign up for the email group and I was able to download the month 1 part. No idea if there are any others I am missing at this point.
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