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  1. Quackerjack

    Runequest video game

    There will always be niggles, but that won't necessarily stop playing people from buying/playing it. I will! For me, 6 Ages and KoDP are too hard (yes, even on the Easy settings), and I prefer to customize my experience. Like using Worldbuilder in Civ 4. But that didn't keep me from buying the games.
  2. Quackerjack

    Runequest video game

    Yeah, I played that game too. Enjoyed it until it the combats. Darn shame the Traveller universe wasn't better represented. It looks like Jeff and MoB have done their homework; that gives me more confidence. As Svensson points out, RPGs are hard to do well. I'm willing to sacrifice some Canon in order to see the Giant Cradle in-game. Or the Bat ... or the City of Wonders ... or Pavis ... the list goes on.
  3. Quackerjack

    Runequest video game

    Virtuos does not appear to have extensive RPG experience, and most of what they've done is for consoles, according to Wiki. An RPG along the lines of the Baldur's Gate series or Skyrim might be challenging. I always wondered, given the extensive modding for Oblivion and Skyrim, why no one attempted a Glorantha mod. Or, for that matter, why no one tried a White Bear Red Moon mod for Civilization. Look at the Fall From Heaven mods, for example. Is the audience for Glorantha really smaller than the audience for FFH??
  4. Quackerjack

    Review of 13th Age Glorantha

    13AiG character design is a lot simpler if you just give PCs ALL the feats for their level instead of having them choose. I almost went nuts trying to choose, even for a class I knew well. You can keep combat balanced by just adding monsters/levels. Echoing Ken Hite here (~I never worry about play balance in Night's Black Agents; I just add vampires!~) Also recommend putting the full feat descriptions on the character sheets. Significant extra work up front, but saves lots of time in-game. There is a lot to keep track of in combat. Different escalation/berserker dies, does Chaos steal the die, what do the Lunars get, plus ongoing effects, special conditions. I find rolling for initiative every round for everyone reduces the fun/momentum significantly, even though I do group rolls for the monsters. Combats rarely go more than 3-4 rounds. The players do huge amounts of damage compared to the monsters and are more likely to do something special. That said, there are also monsters that can put down a PC in one hit, and that's scary. The rules really make the PCs feel the pain with monster special attacks and conditions. Combat is always interesting because monster attacks are well described: "Filthy Lance", "Stretchy, Multi-Fanged Maw". Not to mention that the PC powers are lots of fun. Having a gigantic troll Dark Walk and appear behind the enemy, seemingly out of nowhere, is so cool! Not to mention that on some attacks it turns out the troll BIT THEM. Makes Yelmalians scream "AAAAGH! Get that thing away from me!" I've played HQ and FATE in Glorantha and liked both, but RQ and 13AiG make combat much more memorable and interesting. You stop worrying about all those special Walktapus powers like regeneration and poison gas in HQ (or maybe I wasn't playing right). On the other hand, in RQ PCs are never far from death. In 13AiG they can really mix it up with some Dorastor-level enemies and still live to talk about it. It's sort of like your RQ2 PCs from back in the day, the ones that didn't make it, are back for revenge.
  5. Quackerjack

    What cults are available to PCs in 13AG

    Y actually it wouldn't be too difficult to make up your own Babeester Gor class, using Urox and ZZ as a base. You could also source some things from the Earth Priestess. 13AiG has so many examples of how to adopt Gloranthan mythic concepts to game mechanics that you would have a lot to draw on. You'd want to have some feats specific to BG, like Blood Beer, Trace Guilt, Terrifying Trophy, Earth Avenger, and of course Axe Trance. If a player was really into playing a Babeesti, they could do a lot of the work for you.
  6. Quackerjack

    What cults are available to PCs in 13AG

    13AiG could use expansions for Lhankor Mhy and Issaries, for starters. I used Wizard and Bard from 13A as analogs. We've left the Bard out for now because it's too complex and are still getting used to the Wizard. But it's a big ruleset with >400 pages and tons of fun. The ZZ class has some great abilities (Eat Chaos, Embarrass Sun) but ZZs are so obnoxious it's about as bad as having a trickster in your party. I'd love to try out the Earth Priestess and Hell Mother, but again, complexity ... Much more manageable if you have 3-4 players.
  7. Quackerjack

    Tell me about your Glorantha campaigns?

    2 yrs into a 1on1 campaign with my 9yr old son. Supplied him with a party: 1 Lhankor Mhy, 1 Issaries trader, a Storm Bull, a Humakti. He later switched the Humakti for a Humakti duck. I'm so proud! Started using the FATE system and plundering the RQ2 scenarios (Trollpak, Borderlands). Ran River of Cradles/Troubled Waters, which I adore. Although it was awesome for magic (I let characters use runes as skills), It didn't have enough granularity for the combat so I switched to 13AiG when it became available. This is a rollicking combat system! It has that sense of danger and flavor from RQ2, only this time the PCs are truly heroic. Would love to do Snakepipe Hollow with 13AiG but the PCs are too busy beating up Lunars. !Holy ship! moment when the duck took out the Greater Jackobear at Rabbit Hat Farm in one round. (350 HP) Was necessary, because the Storm Bull had been Harmonized. The Humakti are deadly but brittle, while the Storm Bull has different berserker powers every round and generally gets the most beat up of all the characters, only to shrug it all off at the end of the combat. We also tested out a trickster, and are trying out a troll Hombobobom devotee. These are loads of fun. My son particularly liked the Fustercluck power (he has no idea) and he really got into the roleplaying by having the trickster run around in a panic for most of the combat. The Trickster class is IMHO a major contribution to Gloranthan roleplaying. Highly recommended. IF you can stand having a trickster in your party.... Trying to remain within the Canon, will probably have to handwave some dates. Avoiding major commitments by starting out with isolated scenarios. Now that I have a better sense of what we can both handle, am ready to integrate more firmly into Canon. I also struggled with starting out. 7 year olds are not interested in reading a lot of background material and I don't have a lot of time for prep. In this sense, Troubled Waters, combined with Borderlands, is a very good starting point. Minimize the background stuff; say the characters are on the run and perhaps partly amnesiac, and have them get to know the world and the communities as they travel upriver. Now the party is planning to rescue Kallyr from a Lunar Hell (not Canon, obviously) and I plan to use that to shoehorn them into parts of the Colymar campaign from the Sartar Companion etc books. Tie them into a community etc.
  8. Quackerjack

    Prince of Sartar on eBay

    There was an actual printing? I thought the Patreon backers would get a piece of that.