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  1. Not meaning to be rude or dismissive about the value of the IP here, but offering some thoughts. At the level of Glorantha's brand awareness, isn't virtually any brand proliferation good proliferation? Even if piracy was 50% of Gloranthan image use (which I very much doubt), wouldn't that help attract people to the world and the (paying) products? The marginal cost of producing digital IP is close to zero, and the costs of producing Pavis material have been recouped many times over. This is when other IP companies like Nintendo (random example) tend to discount heavily. Now, it may
  2. I'm not sure I can manage the time commitment. Is it possible to lurk?
  3. Newt, thanks for a great fanzine! Am still enjoying!
  4. In particular, The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly for the discovery of Foes and The Ecstasy of Gold. I found this particularly evocative of the Zola Fel in the beginning, and then a heroic return. Perfect for a Cradle Defense scenario, or maybe Troubled Waters. I've used Morricone for years to indoctrinate my kids. =) John Zorn's version of the Big Gundown is outstanding for the Rabbit Hat Farm scenario.
  5. Have to agree with you there. Saves lots of time and can still have a combat involving fun decisions and lots of flavor with those simpler 13A rules. There is an intricate beauty to RQ monster design - all the spells, allied spirits and tactics they involve - but I no longer have the time and free INT to play that way. I also love the fact that PC feats are "PC only - no monsters allowed" because it makes the PCs that much more special and heroic. But again, for those who do so much the better. Go to it!
  6. This poster by "Mockman" Jason Thompson rekindled my interest in the early DnD modules: https://dnd.wizards.com/articles/features/vault-drow-walkthrough-poster And yes Gazza there was rivalry between the Kua Toa and Drow. Very funny how one of the PCs in the linked poster is a Kua Toan "Monk" character class (they had martial-artist "Monitors") and one is a cleric of Blibdoolpoolp - both out for revenge against the Drow.
  7. Oh, I get it. Great idea! Thing is, I really like Uz. I don't want them to be the major enemy. It could be an offshoot tribe of course: Cragspider's Chaos double, an unintended consequence of trying to cure the troll kin curse or something. Nothing that can't be hand waved.
  8. Yeah, I hear you. Really. These are just a bunch of crazy ideas. Vault of the Drow turned out to be an amazing city adventure setting for me back in the teenage years and so I was thinking of revisiting that. Probably out of badly thought-out nostalgia. But it would have to be done right. As a hallucinatory dream or something. Otherwise it would wreck Gloranthan verisimilitude. I don't like the whole concept of the Drow very much as presented in D&D (at once special and "better" and evil and dark-skinned), but I could have them be purple fungi-folk developed by an offshoot Aldry
  9. This is great! Thank you very much!
  10. I find class-repurposing (ie changing a D&D4 class to suit Glorantha) much more challenging than adventure-repurposing. That may be a personal preference. Similarly, I have a hard time coming up with plot and characters. I find it very easy to replace the River of Cradles monsters with 13G analogs (heck, I did it with FATE), but I could never in a million years write that scenario. Again, this may be a personal preference. Like you, I would rather see lots of new material for 13G than not. I'm really just trying to encourage you to: 1) plunder existing plots, and 2) enjoy what t
  11. Just skimmed the doc. You did a lot of work! Going to give this some thought ..
  12. Thanks for engaging on this, Gazza. I'm going to try and reply in a way other than "You MUST like 13G!" Reasons to play 13G over RQ: Moar powerrr Faster, simpler combat (of course, many prefer full-on RQ crunch. I get that.) Setting flavor crystals (robust trickster, earth priestess, hell mother classes, for example) If these 3 things are desirable to you, then conversion is simple. You just don't care whether the opposition's sword skill is 100% or 110%; the idea is to provide a similar experience. Reasons to play 13G over D&D: Classes specifically c
  13. Dude, as I've mentioned on another thread, it is dead easy to convert RQ or 13A to 13G. Even I can do this. Just take the classic RQ stuff. Even if your players have been through it, you can use that as "history".
  14. Not going to dispute taste; if you prefer other systems, by all means please enjoy them. I think it would be interesting to debate whether 13A is in fact a heartbreaker or an improvement, but since I haven't played D&D since the '70s, I might be a little biased. [tried to multiquote but failed my Comprehend Systems roll} I also get the strong impression 13AiG is twisting in the wind, which is part of the reason I brought it up. There is so much Gloranthan goodness in the book; the rules on runes, the art, the locations by rune, the hero quest gifts, the Duck Point writeup - the l
  15. If I may plug 13th Age in Glorantha here? It takes the power level up quite a bit from RQ, while keeping lots of crunch. Around 3rd level PCs are comparable to clan champions, and by 9th level they are capable of serious feats of magic like making a Building Wall. Have been playing this for 2-3 years now and I must say it is a deep, robust supplement to Glorantha that we have not exhausted. It is full of fun Glorantha flavor, like the Zorak Zorani power of Embarrass Sun or the Trickster's Fuster Cluck (it is also the only RPG I know of with a viable trickster class). Also, I think sortin
  16. Who is this mysterious Zzabur of which you speak?
  17. Sven, you evil scheming otter (judging by your avatar, =) ), I'm an old grognard myself, but given I haven't played much in the last 35 years, I guess I'm more of a rear echelon m*f*. Do appreciate the deep lore, but also need some help on these rules. It would be a shame if 13G didn't get more recognition; it's a major addition/enhancement to Glorantha RPGs. Try out the Trickster class!
  18. Thanks guys! This is proving to be very helpful. Some Bat Priests met their doom today. So, who's going to control the Bat tomorrow? Hello? Anybody there? Oooops.
  19. The 13G book points out that no PC of any level is capable of taking on the Crimson Bat when it's well-fed. That is as it should be, given the rule structure. But my player is already indicating he is interested in shaping reality in Glorantha the way Harrek or Jar Eel does. Ie, bringing back the Green Age and that sort of thing. Any ideas on how to do play this sort of thing out? I want to avoid a game around politics and rulership, and have it be more personal.
  20. Y there are so many modifiers I need a spreadsheet (especially once you include HQ gifts). To reduce the complexity of having to choose between feats, I just give PCs all the feats for their level. It helps, and it means you immediately get a full heapin' helpin' of Humakti flavor, eg. But if you use the tables for each class (p 170 for the Humakti), you can quickly create a character of any level. I've attached an excel character sheet example. this one is statless, but it is easy to go back to stats Baldi LVL 7 statless Ver01.xlsx
  21. The River of Cradles supplement from back in the day could be a good start. The Troubled Waters adventure could be started with everyone having partial amnesia about where they came from. The adventure does a nice job of introducing different peoples who live along the Zola Fel. I think you can still find pdfs. Borderlands is pretty flexible too. Start in media res (maybe in combat) and then allow players to fill in background as they get more comfortable with the setting.
  22. There will always be niggles, but that won't necessarily stop playing people from buying/playing it. I will! For me, 6 Ages and KoDP are too hard (yes, even on the Easy settings), and I prefer to customize my experience. Like using Worldbuilder in Civ 4. But that didn't keep me from buying the games.
  23. Yeah, I played that game too. Enjoyed it until it the combats. Darn shame the Traveller universe wasn't better represented. It looks like Jeff and MoB have done their homework; that gives me more confidence. As Svensson points out, RPGs are hard to do well. I'm willing to sacrifice some Canon in order to see the Giant Cradle in-game. Or the Bat ... or the City of Wonders ... or Pavis ... the list goes on.
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