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  1. Maybe I'll post a pdf of an obituary if I get the time (and skill) to make one It turned out I had not killed his character after all. I am blaming it on not being fluent in 7th yet, and having to close out the session asap to keep a deadline. I misread the shrivelling spell and thought it was a POW roll, not an opposed POW roll. So we had to turn back the time to the start of the combat at the beginning of the following session. As expected they shot the sorcerer to bits with an elephant gun and a shotgun. poor guy. Also, I think the player who lost his character might have a miserable time after a while in this campaign, seeing as he has a tendency to become overy attached to his characters He once sanctioned a GM due to a campaign end which he didnt feel was up to par with the rest of the campaign (I personally thought that ending was perfect, as it showed how vampires in world of darkness descend into paranoida). He deals with character and campaign deaths like other people deals with breakups 😅
  2. So I am the Keeper of Masks of Nyarlatothep for my local group. And the first character just died. The player is pretty bummed out after getting Shriveled to death instantly by a sorcerer. Im guessing he will get over it, as I have said it is a pretty lethal campaign. Well on to my actual topic: I wanted to make a list of all the dead characters of the campaign, and started wondering if there are already some available on the web. Prefferably one with cause of death, date of death and such.
  3. So I am reading the handout 'Carlyle Papers England #4'. I am wondering if there is any more information around this snippet. Maybe something about this Occult society? Maybe something about the 'incident at sakkara'? In what kind of document was this found? Any info about this howard carter maybe? If there is not any more info on this topic, I might just drop this handout alltogether due to the confusion it might lead to.
  4. Thank you very much! you have been very helpful
  5. "If they bring up the matter directly, Erica may deny it at first, for it occurs to her that the old volumes may well be of considerable value to collectors, and she will want to have them appraised (as well as having the investigators investigated to see just who she’s dealing with). If the investigators have impressed her, she may decide to let them see the books, at the Keeper’s discretion." p.134 Masks of Nyarlathotep If she need the money or not is irrelevant, I just want to find a realistic price for rare collectors items in 1925
  6. SPOILERS FOR MASKS OF NYARLATHOTEP It is mostly about Erica Carlyle who has inherited some of her brothers books. She is interested to get the books appraised, and maybe sell them.
  7. So lets say someone wants to sell a mythos tome to a collector in the 1920s USA. What would be a reasonable price? Any ballpark figures to go by? The Pnakotic Manuscripts, Sélections de Livre D’Ivon, Amongst the Stones, and Life as a God. These are the specifics I am thinking about. is $3500 for Pnakotic Manuscripts unreasonable?
  8. This topic includes spoilers for Masks of Nyarlathotep. You have been warned So, I am reading through the Masks book, and began wondering how M'Weru gets back to Africa. Does she join the Carlyle expedition all the way to the mountain of the black wind, or does she get there in another way? It might just be me who is blind, or it is not hinted as to how she gets there. I like knowing as many details as possible to understand the entirety of the campaign. Thank you for your time
  9. Oh, I genuinely did not know! Then there is good reason for the ambiguity. Thank you very much. You have been a great help!
  10. Ok, thank you very much! I think I will have to make a set date for the execution though, so I can answer the questions of my investigators
  11. Yes, that is the date of the rite, but I am thinking of when Hilton Adams is set to be electocuted.
  12. So there will be spoilers from the Masks of Nyarlathothep in this thread, you have been warned! So I was running the Old Masks of Nyarlathothep for some friends of mine, and we were only two sessions in when the new edition dropped. (great timing I know!) So they are about to stake out the Ju-Ju house. I just got the new book mainly to get better art and portraits to show the players, but I noticed there was more parts to the NY chapter, so I wanted to incorporate it to my adventure without forcing it in. While I was reading about the 'innocent man' I began wondering when he will be executed. This is a questing I am sure the players will be asking. I am sure I can just make up the date without affecting the adevnture, but am I blind for not finding it, and if not, isn't this quite a major oversight? Thank you for your time!
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