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  1. It's good to see Runequest reappear in French. Hoping not to wait too long between the english and the french version
  2. "Characteristic" from CharGen/T1 doesn't translate. I suppose it's because it lacks a final s (characteristics) CharSheet/A1 ("HP") and AN1 ("MP") don't translate in french. I don't know why. Spells lists don't work (in French) for me. There is simply no list. I tried in English, it works fine.
  3. French translation available for the spells, here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_L7LmxTB-145W4H8NTkqKZdc9QCFkcTcdm3HD75sUW0 If line 949 "(arme) de vérité" for "True (Weapon)" is problematic, change "(arme) de vérité" to "Vraie (arme)"
  4. Yes, on the print setting page, you'll have to specify margins to 0.394" (1cm) and activate custom page breaks. this will fix printing scale (maybe you'll have to finish the printing process for these settings to be stored in the app). I didn't found other way to maintain printing margins and scale in the file. I'm on the spells translation process. I try, as much I can, to reuse the names applied in the french RQ3 version. WIP is there (translations tab) : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_L7LmxTB-145W4H8NTkqKZdc9QCFkcTcdm3HD75sUW0
  5. When do the spell selection lists fill up? Because if I only fill the chargen/A column, spells lists are still blank to me on charsheet. Did I miss something ? To translate the spell names, can you put each of them in the translation tab please (I guess you're better than me to filter multiple occurrences of the same spell) ? I come again on the printer friendly charsheet. I still think it's useful. Not for you, not for most English user as there is already character sheets available. But, in the French case, it's, for the moment, the only existing French character sheet. And last but not least, we don't always play with electronic device at hand.
  6. Yep, me too when french character sheet will exist
  7. it would be cool adding another tab containing the CharSheet formated for compatibility with A4 printer I've toyed a little with the charsheet tab and I propose you the following layout : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_L7LmxTB-145W4H8NTkqKZdc9QCFkcTcdm3HD75sUW0/edit?usp=sharing It seems formulas and layout survive to the transfer from on spreadsheet to another one. Édit: and the translate process seems to work fine on this new tab
  8. I've given a try with the compare function from adobe acrobat pro : It just highlights changes and often finds modifications that didn't occured. I didn't found a way to export the result. I've tried diffoscope on linux : I get a 300 Mo text file with, also, a lot of false changes detected. Maybe some parameters in the app have to be ajusted... I finally think a good diff would be more easily done if working on an export in text format of the two native files
  9. here's the corrected sentence : Category modifiers in +5 bands, each 4 points either side of the 9-12 band : +/-5 en modificateur de cat. par tranche de 4 pts inf. à 9 ou sup. à 12
  10. Maybe I answered too quickly. I'll have a look tonight
  11. French translation for new terms : Rule : Règle Implement : Activer Active : Actif Description : Description Deactivates : Désactive RQG Cat Mod Breaks : Mod. de Cat. à la RQG Category modifiers in +5 bands, each 4 points either side of the 9-12 band : Modification par tranche de 5pts au dessous de 9 ou au dessus de 12 RQ3 Cat Mod Breaks : Mod. de Cat. à la RQ3 Category modifiers +/- 1 per characteristic point either side of 10RQG Cat Mod Breaks : Modification +/-1 par pt de caractéristique au dessus ou au dessous de 10
  12. Considering "Parler langue" a pleonasm and the fact that d' is in french only usable before a vowel, I propose some changes for the languages names translation. keep "Parler" for the speak skill and take for: Darktongue Des Ténèbres Earthtongue De la Terre Spiritspeech Des Esprits Boatspeech Marin Stormspeech Des tempête Firepeech Du Feu Beastspeech Des Bêtes Why did you went back to "Conn. Pays natal" for "Homeland lore" ? Previous correction was "Conn. région" and it was perfect. Please, place "Conn. région" as the traslation of "Homeland lore". "Cowbell" is intented to describe a bell around cow's neck ? if yes, "Sonnaille" is OK.
  13. P152, the last sentence of In sight paragraph seems unfinished to my French eyes: The gamemaster may choose to change the time scale from melee rounds to
  14. Greg has brought to many players around the world a lot of happiness by sharing his creations. our thoughts are with his loved ones.
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