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  1. In CoC "standard" Investigator = Player. So you could just as well call it "The Player's Handbook".
  2. I wouldn't be against an 8th edition. Or a 7.5. This is what I'd like to see in one: Just one Core book instead of two Updated to the new (and really nice) layout Remove the 20s as the main setting. Mention all the important settings in the same length, or do not go into setting details and make a 20s book (as we have Pulp and Western) I know it's really subjective but I prefer the 30s, the 80s and the modern (2000-2020) to the 20s. Regardless of the previous point, include all the mechanical information for all settings (skills, weapons, etc)
  3. It's not about who you target. It's that there is a mismatch between marketing and the actual content. I really like this art. I also like the A Cold Fire Within art. But that is a Pulp Cthulhu product, and this is (probably) not. People might buy this expecting something completely different. Something lighter, pulpy or scooby-dooy. New players (coming from D&D) are more in danger here as they don't know what to look for, but we do. Maybe these are lighter pulpy adventures, who knows. Then there is no problem. What is really important that the art should be in line with the content.
  4. I like the cover, but it's not horror. It's a pulp cover. If the adventures are Pulp Cthulhu adventures then there is no problem. If they are "standard 1920" adventures, than they do not really fit. I hope they have at least Pulp options / suggestions like some of the later Chaosium products.
  5. I prefer 21st century to 20s. 30s / Pulp is a bit more interesting because it reminds me of Indiana Jones and is really fun to play. I cannot relate to the 20s, I have absolutely no connection to that time period. The 80s are interesting as well because of Stranger Things, and the lack of the Internet and mobile phones might make investigations more interesting. There are some great 21st century modules around (Petersen's Abominations for example) although there is no setting book that I know of. Not that you really need it, but it wouldn't hurt of course. Delta Green seems too military / police centric for me, and I am not really interested in the sanity issues that are supposed to be a big part of the game between sessions (I haven't played it yet).
  6. Is this a promotion for an/the upcoming Cthulhu by Gaslight release?
  7. Without having bought the the scenario I can say that I am generally interested in one on one scenarios. Not just CoC, but any system.
  8. I like the completely different art style. I like that you go in different directions. Will the interior art also be like this?
  9. Chris Spivey's BRP Sci-Fi game might be similar and as it is BRP I guess you can combine it with CoC if you want to. I hope we'll hear more about it soon. https://www.chaosium.com/blogchris-spivey-to-develop-scifi-rpg-game-setting-for-chaosium/
  10. Exactly. Not that I need physical stuff other than books, but if I were into something like this, I would prefer a cheap plastic version.
  11. That's great! If it's feasible for you to have two in the region, that's the best solution.
  12. Are there any plans moving your warehouse to Ireland or another country that will stay in the EU? Other companies have done similarly. It would make life of everyone else easier.
  13. Will this be uploaded to YouTube?
  14. Don't get me wrong, I completely understand that for this amount of money you can't make it hardcover, and that a starter set needs to be cheap. (On the other hand, I would probably buy these as a hardcover for more if you'd released it, in this form, or combined with other things). I asked this because I wanted to know whether others already did something with it.
  15. I am not really a sitting at the table while reading person, I like to do it on the couch. I really like the content though, so it's a shame for this to stay in the box. I probably should look for something like this, without the red corners: https://www.amazon.de/Herlitz-50014743-Buchhülle-cover-Stück/dp/B079CDJS2J
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