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  1. https://www.enworld.org/threads/call-of-cthulhu-classic-an-interview-with-rick-meints-chaosium.681388/ I don't like leatherettes 😞 Will this come with the new layout?
  2. I still have the "old" Lulu version I think. Has this been updated or is this the same version (content, layout)? Also, is there a considerable difference between that and the new softcover version?
  3. I think we need to make a difference between one-shots and big campaigns. You are absolutely right, you probably won't lose anything if you convert a 20s haunted house scenario to modern. But you'll also not win anything. A great modern example that I've run is Lynne Hardy's Scritch Scratch. The main story would probably work in any time period, but the (modern) pre-gens she created and how they interact with the location, the story and each other, are what makes the story so interesting. You wouldn't get this by moving a 20s one-shot to the present automatically. Big campaigns like Masks of Nyarlathotep or The Children of Fear are different. Moving them to the present might work (at least Masks), but what makes these campaigns so special is the huge amount of background information, some of that time-period dependent. Also travel would be different, maybe even NPC or player backgrounds and motivations. So this would be a lot of work to get the same level that has been done for the original premise. Writing a campaign from scratch and considering the modern time-period while doing so would create a completely different experience. Don't get me wrong, my intention with these kind of posts is not to complain, but to show that there an interest (at least from my side).
  4. I almost exclusively run published adventures / campaigns (and I only back / buy new RPGs is they come with big campaigns), I'm not interested in writing them myself. The 80s is definitely more modern than the 20s 🙂 And as I was born in the 80s, I can relate at least from stories. And also don't forget Stranger Things and a lot of other TV shows with an 80s setting the last couple of years. And then all the movies / shows I watched as a kid are also if not from the 80s, then from the 90s.
  5. I googled and the reviews are not really positive.
  6. Yes, having to go to remote places with no mobile reception is one thing to do this, but not everything can be solved by calling the police. The police doesn't believe in occult things, so if you insist you might end up in a cell or an asylum. Maybe the government is involved, so that's why you don't call them, etc.
  7. Modern (from the 80s onwards) would be my favorite campaign setting for big campaigns. I only buy others because there are no modern ones. If they were available and I had to choose, I'd choose modern. I dislike the 20s and can't relate to it. The 30s I can relate to a bit more, but that's only because I think of Indiana Jones. Modern I can relate to.
  8. I wouldn't be against a 8th edition, but I don't really care what it's called. The most important change for me would be the new layout. I find it great and find the old one ugly, I don't like to look at those. I also don't like the way the two core books are set up. I might be in the minority, but I also dislike the 20s, I cannot relate to it. So what I would like is a Core book that is not 20s focused. Either setting-less, or all the settings included at the same amount. But anyway, an update to the new layout alone would make me buy them.
  9. Exactly, A Cold Fire Within is the sweet spot length-wise for me, but it's too USA centric in the beginning and then gets too weird for my tastes. The Two Headed Serpent on the other hand is too long and too complex (again for my tastes) but I like the pulpiness and the globe-trotting.
  10. I'd love to see that translated and / or similar original ones released. That would be a dream come true. You don't know how long I've been waiting for something like that. It doesn't even have to be mini one 🙂 Something in the length of A Cold Fire Within would be perfect.
  11. Same question here, will this be released in print? By the way, any chance the third scenario (mentioned above) will get released?
  12. I was (am always) thinking about the same topic lately. Then I've seen Seth Skorkowsky's video. He has good points but it's not exactly how I would do it. I'm thinking about making the hero stronger and more versatile and the enemies less powerful. Unfortunately even Pulp Cthulhu doesn't go far enough for what I need. If you think about it, a lot of novels or movies have a single hero. They are in danger from time to time, sometimes they have to rethink their strategy, sometimes they might have to involve some help, but there is no doubt that they'll succeed in the end. That is what I would like to emulate. Pulp Cthulhu is probably a good start, but with a lot more skill points (they should be competent fighters, but also competent investigators and negotiators), give them more health points, less danger from enemies (make most of them weaker minions), etc. I know that this is not "standard" CoC, not even "standard" Pulp Cthulhu, but this is how I imagine a fun one on one.
  13. Same here. Not really interested in post-apocalyptic USA ,nor airships, nor steampunk, but that cover... And a nun with a gun. I would really like to play this game (with this cover) in the 80s or so. Will probably get it anyway, I might get to like it in the end.
  14. There is much more to readability than just font size. I think the new CoC layout (font, background, colors, line spacing etc) is quite comfortable to read, at least for me, who only has myopia. I could imagine that reading them with reading glasses shouldn't be much of an issue. Or is it? There are much worse ones out there (like the horrible white on black that Modipious did with Star Trek Adventures).
  15. Will this reprint / 2nd printing include Pulp info like all the newer releases? Or will that only be included with the potential "real new release"?
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