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  1. Thanks for all the responses. I have picked up Bloodtide, which seems pretty good for what I want (more horror-themed). But it really could have done with some proof-reding (I'd say better proof-readingexcept I cannot believe it had any. The table of contents if in alphabetic instead of page number order - I mean come on! That is simply awful. And what do game companies have against including indices!. I won;t get started on the missing rules as other threads cover this). I like the look of Mythras, so I'll probably try to pick that up if I can find it in the UK in physical form, and look at the Constantinople book, but my setting is exploration of ther New World, so probably not ideal for this game, but for spoudns good for doing an earlier mediaeval game which I expect to get round to at some point.
  2. Thanks for the info guys. I'll have a look at the Mythras intro pdf you mentioned.
  3. Thanks for the responses everyone - I'll have a look at these.
  4. I have just dug out my old RQ stuff - apparently I have 3rd Edition basic & advanced (I am sure I had a campaign setting or adventure thingy once upon a time, but if so it is buried somewhere). I see we are now up to 6th edition - has much changed? What benefits would I get for 6th Ed vs advanced 3rd?
  5. I'm looking to run an age of exploration game - is there a good BRP game or supplement that covers this? It needs to have musket-level firearms & cannons, and a less armoured feel to work well - 3 musketeers/pirates of the caribbean style. Not worried about magic, so long as it is not crucial to the setting. Any thoughts?
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