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  1. I'm hearing this in the voice of the woman at Bob's Country Bunker in The Blues Brothers. "We got both kinds - we got hubris, an' fate!"
  2. Me too. The Fate SRD website has the highest level of formatting I'd care for.
  3. A small indie magician some of us are really into. You probably haven't heard of him, he's pretty obscure. (The alternative answer on a blog I read where people go to trolling each other with quotes from and about Slavoj Zizek would be "a Slovenian philosopher", which, really, would be just the shakeup the stodgy peoples of Genertela need.)
  4. Someone may already have brought this up, but if so I missed it, and my apologies. I personally don't like having to choose between in-play use and character development out of the same pool of points, and have long used an idea I saw on RPG Net years ago: once you spend a hero point in play, then it joins a pool of experience points available for use in character development. Since hero points do double duty in this system, you tune awards down.
  5. Very happy to hear about the progress!
  6. *perches like Nipper, cocks head* It's a good thing the world keeps me supplied in shinies while I wait, but just curious: any news of note?
  7. Now there's timing: I just got the first edition this week. But it's so good! I imagine I'll be glad to get the second, too, since it won't happen overnight or anything.
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