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  1. I found the seminar on YouTube. It contained quite a few interesting tidbits I have never heard of before or since.
  2. Sandy Petersen spoke at Kraken a few years back and described various Gloranthan events. Are these canon? I was particularly interested in two troll actions in the Dragon Pass region that take place during the Hero Wars. The first is flooding the DP region with a hoard of gold, thereby crashing the economy. The second was expelling all the trollkin from troll lands to overrun the human settlements.
  3. My order status says “Awaiting shipment “. How soon after order is placed is your book shipped? I ordered on 21st.
  4. By all means let your players add visual or auditory effects to their spells. A disrupt spell could look like a spectral fanged snake striking a victim when cast by an earth cultist, or a spectral claw striking when cast by a beast worshipping cultist.
  5. Your fetch protecting your body while you discorporate does get the benefit of spirit armor. Yes?
  6. If a shaman has a spirit armor tattoo and goes discorporite, do they still get the benefit of the enchantment? I’m guessing not.
  7. What would be the target of the spirit armor enchantment? Could it be an object like a ring, necklace or cloak, or can it be cast on the body itself(tattoo)? The rune spell says “the enchantment imbues the object with the equivalent of 1D3 points of spiritual armor.” Is it common to attack an object with a sprit attack, or does a person holding the item get the protection?
  8. Looking through the book, which chapter does it mention “Rune Point caps”? For CHA it says it limits how much Rune magic can potentially cast.
  9. Never played a shaman in RQ2/3, but the new addition of Shamanic abilities really add a lot. The process of adding abilities seems a lot like self tapping.
  10. Question may have already been asked, but can I use the pdf discount with my local game retailer?
  11. @Sunwolfe, I am new to this forum, I am looking for Gloranthan background to support a RQG campaign. What I love about this addition is that the game system and world are the same. If there is a more appropriate forum, please let me know.
  12. Thanks for the feedback everyone. I will incorporate that source material. @David, that was the picture that gave me the idea for the pack’s home range. @Iskallor, love the colorful background. This type of flavor makes playing RQ baboons, ducks and trolls so much fun. This will be the first time I’ve DMed RQ since RQ 2/3 days. I love the idea of each character starting with a rich history, it just means a lot of background work for GM. This will be the first shaman player character ever played. Since Gloranthan baboon history isn’t as voluminous as other races, I thought it important to come up some interesting ancestors for an ancestor worshipping shaman baboon.
  13. I have a large amount of Glorantha source materials, but am having difficulty finding the details I want for the first Battle of Moonbroth. I remember reading something years ago that described how the Lunar magicians bested the Praxian shamans, but can’t seem to locate it now. Can anyone point me to a good source? Trying to develop a family background for a player character baboon shaman. His troop has their ancestral origins in the Monkey Ruins. Since Oakfeed also has a connection to these ruins, I thought it would be cool if one of his ancestors was one of the Oakfeed shamans that died during the battle.
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