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  1. Thanks for the feedback. Having my Orlanthi priest or runelord recite verse before a challenge or encounter adds a since of flair to an encounter.
  2. I like the various blank verse poetry that appears in Cults of Prax. Is there a web link with additional Orlanthi verse?
  3. Any plans on generating RQ stats for 11Lights? Our group is currently playing in Six Seasons and are having a blast.
  4. I remember an advertisement back in the Runequest renaissance days of an upcoming adventure taking place in a salt mine; if memory serves me, it was is Prax. Was this ever published? A little off topic, but I also thought an early advertisement for Strangers in Prax included a character from the East.
  5. Any more release information? I wish I could get a hard copy by Christmas. I am guessing only pdf will be available at first and we’ll have to wait a few months for hardbound copy.
  6. My character just got ahold of an amulet with a spirit binding enchantment. I want to make sure I the have steps down. I’m an Orlanth initiate with 6 rune points. I think my two best options are to summon cult spirit or get assistance from the assistant shaman in our group. I summon cult spirit (1-3 RP), then command cult spirit (2 RP) to go into amulet. I haven’t seen a random table to roll on for what constitutes an Orlanthi cult spirit. I know there’s been discussions about cult Spirits in other threads, I’m hoping the soon to be released cults book will have example cult Spirits for each cult. Getting a Spirit from our assistant shaman is a little more confusing. He summons Spirit, I engage in spirit combat, cast Spirit Binding to bind spirit into amulet.
  7. I was reading through the Argan Argar spell description for Speak with Insects and was wondering what benefit could come from a discussion with a ham beetle. None of the giant arthropods have intelligence scores, so how effective could oratory or fast talk be? Could the beetle tell you how to exit the cavern, or if other humanoids have passed through this cave recently? Same question regarding Speak with Herd Beasts? In the old River of Cradles product, I thought it was so Gloranthan to have Brighteye the Catfish be the Zola Fel priest. I was wondering how common this might be with other animals. Lastly, if animals don’t have intelligence values, how can Animal Spirits have 3D6 INT?
  8. When I first started using a sledge and wedge, I misjudged the arch of my swing hitting with the shaft instead of the steel head. I ended up cracking the shaft.
  9. Where does the Resistance Table come in play?
  10. I want to make sure that I understand the mechanics of Spirit combat. Specifically, what is the role of the Spirit Combat Skill used for? Page 366 states, “The Spirit combat skill is used for both attack and defense in spirit combat.” If a malign spirit were to attack a character in spirit combat, would that spirit have to roll a spirit combat roll to attack, with the character rolling his spirit combat roll in defense? Or, would you just move to rolling against each other using the resistance table like in older versions of RQ? If so, what is the purpose of the Spirit Combat Skill? Most Spirits in the Bestiary do not have a Spirit Combat Skill (example Disease Spirits), while others give Skill as POW x 5% (example Animal Spirit).
  11. The weather was strange even by Dorastor standards. During this dark Sacred Time night, purple lightning balls were falling from the sky and bouncing on the ground before exploding. The rain falling from the sky was a foul smelling oily puss. The Riskland settlers were hold up in their stead praying to Orlanth Adventurous for protection. The door of the farmstead explodes inward in a shower of sparks, smoke and electricity. Coalescing within this mayhem, a spinning fiery golden disc-like creature stops spinning and a face forms out of the side of wheel. A musical feminine voice begs the adventurers to aid her in saving Tobros. “He was poisoned by Bagog and will die if I don’t cleanse him of the Chaos spawn.” If the adventurers help, she leads them to a cave opening recently revealed by a rockslide. The party proceeds down the long cave, warm moist air rhythmically blowing through cave. [Insert special effects here as adventurers enter Heroquest] The mission is to enter Tobros’s body and hunt down Chaos creatures trying to kill him from within. Sort of like the game Snit’s Revenge.
  12. I always thought Londril would make a fun pc cult to role play. Sort of like the uncouth peasant-type who can blend in both the solar and storm cultures. He wouldn’t stick out too much running with a bunch of Storm types like a Yelmalio would. I haven’t seen his RQG cult write up, but if his Lodril rune spell list carries over, he should be able to hold his own in a fight with firespear, enhance gustbran, salamanders and shield (via Yelm).
  13. I don’t have my source material with me. What is the source and age of the crab shell at Crabtown at Skyfall Lake?
  14. I found the seminar on YouTube. It contained quite a few interesting tidbits I have never heard of before or since.
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