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  1. womble

    How are Traits and Passions Working Out for People?

    My biggest problem with KAP Passions was the character-killing consequences of failure to succeed at Inspiration. RAW, RQG goes some way to reducing this, by making failure 'just' a mid-sized negative, with fumbles needed to really mess your day up. I'm personally still not comfortable with that level, and have toned down the consequences of failure a bit. The players seem to have grokked that high Passions and Runes have an effect on their Character's character, and are so far playing 'to type' (near breach of Hospitality when someone spoke dismissively of the 80 Loyalty Character's Tribe), and one of the players extremely conscious of potential divided Loyalties coming up. I'm also expecting to be much more liberal than the RAW says with frequency of Rune and Passion, and especially Skill Augments.
  2. I'm keeping track of my players' skill level separate from their 'skill plus category modifier' (effective). I'd say if the skill level of one 'similar weapon' is more than double the skill level of the other, you can use half the skill level of the better as the base, for everything from training to determining your effective level by adding your modifier to it. You shouldn't be able to 'double dip' the skills category modifier. Don't weapons use Manipulation rather than Agility? For my interpretation, the Culture bonus is part of the current Skill level. I also rule that they apply as a blanket add to all the skills in their group. The character isn't going to get much in the way of overwhelming benefit from having those few extra points; they'll almost certainly specialise in one or other to the point where the extras are largely irrelevant.
  3. womble

    Best Rules for Comparing Successful Rolls

    That will depend very much on the contest, the format and the environment. Sometimes both failing might mean both have to try again, or just a 'no-contest'.
  4. womble

    Humakt Gift+True Sword

    Because they occur at different times in the damage resolution process. Still, you're saying different bonuses don't stack, which simply isn't true. They stack, just not geometrically: they don't work on each other. They do all work on the original damage value. "Not stacking" means you would only get the benefit of one. Frankly, if your pre-armour doubles are ruled to combine geometrically, how you treat post-armour damage is going to matter pretty much never. I don't see the disparity. And I have game prep to do, so I'm not going to wrack my brain about how to explain it. Our Gloranthas will evidently vary. Note that there are very few geometric progressions in the rules.
  5. womble

    Hykim and Mikyh : Flying totem animal

    Taking Yinkin and Odayala as examples, they'd have a couple or three spells that let them change certain aspects of themselves to match their animal halves, and then one spell to 'properly' turn into the beast when combined with the others. If one of those spells were 'sprout wings', I'd be reluctant to let that allone permit them flight: glide, for sure, and augment jumps and such, but once full transformation was effected, sure, "Fly, my pretties!" But the wings would be their arms, not sprouting from their backs as extra limbs; six limbs is for Chaos, dragons and 'EWF origin' beastmen.
  6. womble

    Best Rules for Comparing Successful Rolls

    And any starting character with access to Multispell and Disruption can fire off a 3d3 shot every round at DEX SR. Demoralise drops the Humakti's chance to hit (by how much depends on your GM's interpretation of what gets halved, when). Dispelling the magics would let the wind out of his sails some: 3 points of Rune Magic Dispel gets rid of the Truesword and the Bladesharp, both. Slow the Humakt, and make it a running fight until some of the magic wears off. Or Befuddle him and leave well alone. Speedarted Heavy Crossbow: which location would you like to stop using, with that 2-hander (I'm assuming roughly RAW stats: with a d6 damage bonus, he'll be lucky to have superhuman HP)? The Sword Trance trick can't be pulled off every fight, neither can the Inspiration, RAW. If the Humakti elects to preserve all his resources for the 'last fight', he might be at risk of not making it to that last fight. As a ref, I've been verrrry liberal with the MP resources my players have available; this is intended to give them greater stamina, with the potential to chuck the odd situation-changing wad, and allow them to actually use all their lovely tools rather than fretting about not having them available because they burned all their POW's worth of MP in the first fight they got a bit nervous in. Edit: and give them 'permission' to use their non-combat spells, as they'll still have the MP to do that by the time it gets to a fight. But, even if you're going to the 'one big shot, baseline the rest of the time' model, a party can do something to stop your Humakti's evil reflection scything through them like so much barley, similarly, the NPCs will have to refrain from just going head-to-head with the bloke. Which is probably the best course of action even if he hasn't got his threshing machine rolling. Certainly, the system starts to break down at 200-plus. When my lot get there, the higher skill will only be reduced by enough to have the matching reduction of the lower skill take the lower skill to 5%. In fact, if at any point their over-100 would take the opposed skill to less than 5 if reduced to 100, the lower will go to 5 and the higher be reduced by the same, leaving the vastly more skillful character with improved (though not full) Special/Crit chances.
  7. womble

    Humakt Gift+True Sword

    Er, both. Like logic would dictate? And like I said in the post you're trying to pick holes in. One doubles the damage before armour, the other doubles what's left after the armour's taken off that first double damage. So the (2 doubled to) 4d8 greatsword rolls (or it rolls 9 and you double it to) 18, add the d4 damage bonus for 3 more, makes 21. Minus a notional 12 points of armour and other protections on the location struck, and you get 9 through, doubled to 18 HP of damage. Easy. And probably dropping the troll. If your Humakti had 'double damage' as their Geas, that initial hit would be 6d8 (not 8d8) or 2d8 tripled (not quadrupled), under my scheme. So 30 hitting the armour, and 18 gets through doubled to 36 damage to the troll.
  8. womble

    Battle of Hender's Ruins

    But those 'limbs', from a distance (which truly is the only way you ever want to see them!), seem to operate more like legs (from the description of its means of locomotion) than arms...
  9. womble

    Battle of Hender's Ruins

    ARg. You're right. I read the previous page where it describes "Tom [and Dick and Harry]'s Claw" . So no, Cwim doesn't fit the Sourcebook description very well at all.
  10. womble

    Battle of Hender's Ruins

    The description of Cwim in the Bestiary gives it 3 arms and 3 claws. So it does 'kinda' have 2 and an extra. Though the hit location table refers to each body having a left and a right arm... So maybe it doesn't. Or maybe "It's Chaos, innit?" Also, the battle has a lot (like 25% because it's a +5 to a D20 roll unless you're Lunar Tarsh, and the result comes up on a 20+) of the PCs who survive driven mad by Lunar demons, so Cwim was backed up by some serious 'sendings', which might actually have decreased the casualties Cwim inflicted... I am also interested in what "demon that had many sharp mouths" was "let out of its skin" to do for Broyan and company.
  11. womble

    Humakt Gift+True Sword

    Then you're not reading what I wrote because 'not stacking' means you only get the one multiplier: "Two applicable damage multipliers? Sorry bud, only one counts" That's 'not stacking'. Like anyone needs quadruple damage. Or it should be easy to get.
  12. womble

    Living Up to Mythic Aspirations

    In RQ3 you could, with the application of POW, in the form of Strengthening Enchantments, have locational HP that were proportionate to your protection levels, if you chose (and had enough POW). We've not seen Strengthening and Armouring Enchatments yet in RQG...
  13. womble

    Living Up to Mythic Aspirations

    Yeah. I 'converted' some DnD characters for a 'shared GM' group once. They were pretty tough, by RQ3 standards with high armour and Damage Restistance (?) Sorcery, so when they got hailed with javelins and one of them went down with one through their leg (and they couldn't heal it without removing the stuck javelin), they were pretty taken aback.
  14. womble

    2 cults at the creation

    Haven't heard of that one; I'll give it a look while I've got some downtime! While I can agree that getting new players immersed in the dense background of Glorantha is important, I think that could have been done just as well as part of a more "character building", as you describe it previous experience system. The current version, for a number of reasons, feels like it was hashed out on the back of an envelope over lunch. One of the two major disappointments, I think, that I'm finding as I get more of the system internalised.
  15. womble

    Gloranthan Slang.

    As well as the extra double meaning for the load horses leave behind them, I'll warrant.