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  1. If you're going to expend magic to improve your ploughing capacity, it's probably more cost-effective to yoke a few Talosi. Dem Earth Elementals can plow gud!
  2. Issaries doesn't need to give His worshippers Shield: they have Spell Trading to get it (one use...) from their friends...
  3. The pregen characters have some pretty handy stat rolls, but otherwise aren't very exceptional. It's not that easy to produce a Rune Master level character at start: the first hurdle to Rune Priest level is the 18 POW plus 5 Rune Points (meaning you have to generate a 20POW character and sac 2 points for RP). You have to get lucky if your GM wants any randomness in stat rolls. Rune Lords are pretty hard. 5 relevant skills at 90 is, I think, pretty much impossible at-start and then you have to have CHA 18 as well. And for most cults you have to have been an Initiate for more years than your ch
  4. Whatever. Yes. Cheat. You see the poor rules that make no sense and use them to make otherwise unexceptional foes dangerous. Exploiting poorly designed rules isn't big or clever. How does it make any sense that a 100% grapple vs 100% weapon parry skill the usual result will be the grappler succeeding in seizing the limb of the parrying weapon without being harmed? That's not making an abstraction for ease, that's just cobblers. Exactly. However, it is no less 'realistic' to run a game where nobody grapples than it is to run a game where grappling is so much more
  5. That's exactly how I'd see them, too. And the Tuskers of the half-trolls would pretty uniformly be war-trained mounts.
  6. I'd reckon the presence of Alchemy as a craft/art/knowledge increases the probability of 'proof liquor' being a commodity in Glorantha. Whether Dwarven or from the humans who know the techniques... I don't see why they wouldn't exist... There's a decent (and increased, I imagine, after the Opening) trade around the world. All the nightshade-relatives have a place, I reckon, and would have been propagated widely. "Don't drink plain water! That stuff'll kill ya!" Even if the yeast wasn't strong enough to sterilise water itself, dirty water often won't support yeasty brewing
  7. It's in the thoroughly inadequate "Runequest Core Rules Questions" thread. I think. It came up out of a looooong thread about Countermagic. Believe me or not. I could care very little less. If you're an Examining Priest, checking whether someone is fit to join the Cult, you absoulutely would, since your allotment of divine spells is greater than 'tiny', you can get them back pretty often and you may well not know Detect Enemies, no matter how economical. If you knew DetEn, sure, you'd consider using that instead, since it does the same thing. Magic is visible, not just the cast
  8. I really wouldn't encourage the use of grapple rules. Not in any RPG I've ever played. The problem is, grappling against weapons isn't easy, or simple, and requires fine judgement of something that most combat rulesets for RPGs don't handle in any detail, if at all: fighting distance. As a result, grappling rules are largely oversimplified and hence... lacking in verisimilitude. For example, in the RQG RAW on grapples, "...a parry with a weapon means the weapon arm was caught instead..."; similarly with shield parry. So the only defense is Dodge, or hope the grappler misses (or you roll a
  9. Given the presence of both, I'm a bit surprised by the absence of Zola Fel, given her Cult has an extant deep writeup (and impact on the player experience) in 'the canon'.
  10. Ah. It was RQ2 that had Multispell as a Divine spell, and that was what I was remembering: the only way to combine Spirit Magic casts 'on the fly'.
  11. On an Enchantment, yes I think it should be read that way. But Multispells are not an Enchantment. Nor are their 'payloads'. As I remember RQ3's Multispell, it specifically treated Disruption as separate spells with separate rolls for location affected, which makes the difference explicitly stated in RQG that multispelled Disruptions stack their damage into one location a significant one.
  12. Can you tease some more on the Scenario book and the Starter box's content? Pretty please? With sprinkles on top?
  13. Given that d3 average 2 per die, and 6 points is most human locations taken out, you need to worry about Multispell-2, which is within the reach of all starting characters, and any Initiate NPC with 2 Rune Points or more. Of course, Countermagic-3 or Shield-1 will stop an un-boosted volley and be there to interfere with the next one. The buff sequence for Korgo was at least 7 rounds of casting in RHW's post. But sure, most actual fights don't last 7 rounds. You aren't going to be doing much 'buff-then-sneak' maneuvering in those few moments, though. That's how I read RQG's m
  14. Just in case that's an export from the chapters list of the manuscript, thought I'd point out the typo... But more great news, Jeff. Thanks.
  15. Woohoo! Hurrah! Caloo! Calay!
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