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    Warning: Egregious munchkinnery!

    Can you imagine how annoying an ordinary party of adventurers would find hanging out with an int 21 pc? Delicious. I would make an incrediably low int Duck beserker to counter them.
  2. So, let's carry on my old thread from over on the Glorantha.com forum. The Long Nose Tribe, gone, perhaps hidden. Were they connected to Teshnos in some way? Have they vanished there perhaps? When did they vanish, in the Second Age, the Dawn? And the Plains Elk, not really something I'd have expected in a place like Prax. Did it get to hot for them?
  3. Iskallor

    Where to start in Glorantha

    A copy of RQII and Apple Lane. Ignore everything else until you have played the 2 adventures. Nothing will make sense but believe me it will be heaps of fun. What ever happens in those will be your Glorantha. Then buy some other books, cherry pick what you like and then spend the rest of your life arguing over whether or not Lunars wear sandals or boots when visiting their grandmother.
  4. Iskallor

    Does meteoric iron still exist in Glorantha?

    Chalkline posted a random encounter over on rpgnet once where the 'meteorite' was an iron helmet. Presumably a hero's or a god's.
  5. Iskallor

    7th Edition Shotgun Era Clarification

    The unspeakable oath issue 4 had a good article on shotguns.
  6. Are your games always in America and always in Arkham or are you more European centric or somewhere else? Do your pc's have a base of operations? A shared house, office or mansion? I'm starting a campaign where the pcs all met in 1916 in the American armed forces and then a decade later use a speakeasy as their meeting place. I'm European based but due to playing online find that the majority of my players are American. Something I have noticed and is in no way a fault, that Europeans find playing in America far easier than the other way around. Due I think to growing up with American media and travelling more. Obviously this is just my opinion.
  7. Iskallor

    Where are your games based usually?

    I have no problem with setting a CoC game in modern times. I love the idea of tech savvy cultists. That said it seems that most I play in are set in the Delta Green Verse.
  8. Iskallor

    Where are your games based usually?

    Don't forget BullDog Drummond, gentleman adventurer! Yesterday I bought the first book from Amazon for under €2 for the kindle version.
  9. Iskallor

    Yinkin - Hero Wars Feats as Rune Magic

    I love Yinkin. One pc in a game i ran went on the Hill of Gold Heroquest and managed to woo Inora with the result of a new breed of snow Alynx appearing.
  10. Iskallor

    Pavis GTA for a RuneQuest GM?

    I thought every Praxian brave was living the grand theft life everyday. It's adventurer 1.1 Kill, take stuff, repeat. The book is well worth it for the scenarios as mentioned, as are the sensible price lists. Like Soltakss i have been running heroquests with RQ for a while. His advice is always good! My advice is make it all up, its your world and nothing is wrong and freeform it when needed...
  11. Iskallor

    Where are your games based usually?

    The internet certainly was a game changer. I played so much CoC in the 1980s and relied purely on books. I was lucky to have close relatives in the States so spent many fun holidays there. I must admit the game influenced my travel locations all through the 1990s. Middle East I am looking at you!
  12. Iskallor


    Classics Pavis Book Broad Sword 75L Riding Bison 142L War Zebra 1560L p67 but on p46 one costs 426L. The higher price must be the one for tourists HQ Pavis book Sword 50L Riding Bison 30L War Zebra 210L RQG Broadsword 50L (that was surprisingly difficult to find) Riding Bison 30L War Zebra 210L The fact that weapon prices in RQG are not listed in the equipment section or next to their stats is a bit strange.
  13. Iskallor


    The Heroquest edition. The prices have come waaaay down from previous editions and RQG has sensibly followed suit.
  14. Iskallor


    HQ and RQ price lists seem to make more sense and be in sync these days. The best price list I have seen was in the last Pavis and the Big Rubble book. No more war horses that cost more than my pc has saved in twenty years of killing things and taking their stuff...
  15. Iskallor

    The Zin letters

    Look what i found in my local library! I love their work and must admit I am a sucker for fan Glorantha. Eastern Far Place special and Orlanthi Heroquests.
  16. Iskallor


    There's a fewTruestone threads somewhere dealing with heroquest. Will go and find them. https://www.glorantha.com/forums/topic/truestone/ So am i getting this right, with RQG truestone is now something totally different to what it was before?
  17. Iskallor

    Runequest video game

    I got an email from chaosium saying that there will be a RQG video game made by Black Shamrock. Cant find anything they have done before. Anyone know what kind of game and when it will be set? Im praying that it wont be some sort of resource management game. No game is better than a bad game...
  18. Iskallor

    The Zin letters

    They have a fair sized role playing section and of course they have the Zin Letters because Finland and Runequest...
  19. Iskallor

    Runequest video game

    Seriously, the Upland Marsh as a Sandbox to explore with your band of trusty, heroic Ducks would rock my shallow draft boat. Clearing out Duck Tower, becoming vampires and getting Delecti to help your people to over throw the hated Sartarites is just awesome orange sauce. DLC could be the bogs of the Zola Fel, where you play Duck Bandits, who capture Raus and slow roast the annoying bastard over a soggy fire. Then take part in the assassination of Argrath as he takes his cradle cruise past their hideout...
  20. https://forum.rpg.net/index.php?threads/runequest-roleplaying-in-glorantha-example-of-play-detailing-combat.843151/ Perhaps folks can help over there?
  21. Iskallor

    Runequest video game

    Im hoping it will be just about Ducks and their adventures in the marsh. Anything else will be a major disappointment...
  22. Iskallor

    Puns we know and love

    There was a thread somewhere where we came up with who and what the Zaxs were. Could probably tie in with the current migratory animal thread
  23. Iskallor

    List of dead characters

    I use this
  24. Iskallor

    Puns we know and love

    Prax comes from a Doctor Seuss book.
  25. Iskallor

    Runequest video game

    So what type of game is it going to be?