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  1. I thought it was done by magic, where you capture the wind as it blows through the blue sky and use it to create pictures on skin. It's what granddad told me anyways.
  2. The only map I shall ever use from now on...
  3. This rings a bell.... Oh yes!
  4. When I first started playing RQ our parties consisted of Dwarves, Elves, trolls and everything in between. This can still happen easily if folk want. Who cares if someone says they cant. Glorantha can be a totally unnecessary pain in the arse sometimes. Elves who leave their forests are probably insane, Dwarves who leave their homes outcasts and Uz probably just hungry. Sounds like a great bunch of adventurers to me, especially if it's a Baboon shaman keeping them all in line. There's far more bizarre stuff walking their world...
  5. This thread is a pretty good example of why the RQ and Glorantha forums are so painful at the moment. Arguementative, borderline rudness with a bunch of highbrow stuff thrown in that makes it personally unreadable.
  6. Noita

    Pavis map

    Thanks. Building Old Town out of Lego
  7. A party of Orlanthi Morokanths, Ducks and Trolls is doable and they could involve a few other cults without a problem. Ive gm'd a party of Baboons and Morokanths. A heroquest drawing together a bunch of similar cult elder races would be fun.
  8. Obviously not in the same party. Im just throwing out suggestions.
  9. Noita

    Pavis map

    Is there a map which shows which buildings are two stories?
  10. Being in the same cult is reason enough for me. Yelmalio elves, Orlanthi trolls, Stormbull morokanth etc. Joined by a heroquest. Secret is not to over think it.
  11. There used to be two Sword Sages in Pavis. My Sword Sage pc Deep Derrik was exiled recently. Bastards. He was taught at the Hevduran school in Nochet, where he learned various scorcery spells, combat magic and skills , like how to debate whilst stabbing argumentative Sartarites in the foot. Sword Sages were mentioned in Cults of Prax.
  12. Noita

    CoC PBP

    Does anyone here play CoC PBP games? I'm currently running one over on rpgnet which is just winding down and will run another possibly in July. Based in Arkham 1925 with the pcs using a speakeasy as a base of operations. I would be be looking for a few extra players who can post frequently. My current players served together in Mexico 1916 as US cavalry troopers.
  13. As a gm i'm pretty relaxed when it comes to languages (my family are bilingual from birth) and im surrounded by people who speak multiple languages everyday. Because of this I feel the rules are unnecesarily tough on characters who want to speak multiple languages, so I allow, depending on backstory, several languages based on Edu. Folks want to have fun.
  14. Your material in my view captures everything I love about Glorantha and always hits the spot.
  15. I agree with this and have pretty much lost interest in playing in Glorantha now. HQ for sure I will still play, but I just cant get motivated with the new Runequest. That said I've moved on and found/rediscovered other games and am having a blast.
  16. Noita


    A complete mini-campaign set in the Lunar Dara Happan city of Serris, a tough independent city which lies in the shadow of the Red Moon. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/150736/Gloranthan-Adventures-2-Red-Sun-Rising
  17. You'd think most cultures would want to do it. Who would pass up the chance to get great granny's jam recipe?
  18. All my Orlanthi wear tutus. Because Iskallor.
  19. Thanks very much. Done and dusted.
  20. Your character is about to get his cheeky arse kicked by a certain Priestess so watch it! The list is getting way to long....
  21. Tain Bo Cuailnge.
  22. Okay i want to know how much a healing potion would cost. A 2pt, 3pt up to a 6pt. Doesnt matter who from. What I want to avoid is a big discussion about the whys and the cant's and how it is not possible to buy them on clayday without wearing a tutu. This is for old school RQ2 set in New Pavis. Bound to cost a fair bit yes? I could come up with number myself but Im nackered after work and have been measuring stuff all day. Numbers arrrrgh. Thanks very much.
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