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  1. And what is Questworlds? I have missed this.
  2. Best ones? Characters with a good mix to be honest, they are all useful at some stage but... Depends on the type of pc you play and the type of game. Library use for research Psychology Dodge Other language for texts Credit rating Persuade/fast talk Spot hidden/listen.
  3. Bevara the combat medic could be a good choice. I played one once and she was badass.
  4. 1/Baboons 2/Uz 3/Ducks 4/ Morokanth 5/ Humans: Lunars first, then Praxians. Somewhere far away Orlanthi.
  5. I have my troll religious/magical texts written on lead sheets.
  6. Your pcs create all the next year's problems... all of them.
  7. Fan projects are far more fun in my view. Less Mostali canons to worry about. Can't wait!
  8. The picture of the chariot could represent movement, the serpents water and fertilty. Its all just stories. Perhaps he had an actual chariot with which he harnessed the river spirits. There's far wierder stuff out there...
  9. Iconography can have hidden, secret meanings. After several days of digging at the rumoured site of Ronance's chariot a spade hits wood... "Fuck me it's a boat!" "Well in Praxian their word for chariot is the same as that of boat" says the learned party's sage with an all knowing, annoying smile.
  10. I have always imagined that the serpents pulling his chariot are the serpents of Prax, so the rivers and that's how he travelled. On or in the rivers.
  11. I'd give it a chance that he summons something else too. Flock of geese, pack of dogs or a pile of sausages for example.
  12. My first ever pc was a male Mistress race troll, because I was ten and the stats were freaking awesome. We played Apple Lane.
  13. Our ship was statted up using the 100 word description and was treated like a character. I might have it somewhere so will go look after work.
  14. The ship could have it's own hero points.
  15. I played in a Firefly HQ2 game a long while back and there were no changes made.
  16. 4 Awesome! My game's pcs are accumulating rubble runner familiars. Nothing but trouble
  17. Careless with a cigar. Ducks, there's no educating them really.
  18. The fire in your hearth is Mahome, so it wont be burning down your house. It is those pesky nomads squating the tenement next door yer gotta be careful of. One of my players recently burnt half the Zola Fel valley to a crisp. Sun Town doesnt even register on a fire spirit's spectrum, just burns right past...Worshipping Yelmalio has to have some benefits ya?
  19. All those riverside houses will have water spirits living in their reed thatched roofs, ancient fire dousing sprites and the ghosts of long dead fire hating fish... Cooking done in bakeries and not at home. Constant watchfulness for sparks and those doing the watching keeping captive darkness spirits in sacks. Stone houses blessed with Mostali mason charms and the latest Lunar tricks... What wood there is, is unburnable Aldryami holy wood. Pavis had it covered, he knew what he was doing.
  20. Will Chaosium have a presence there this year?
  21. Can you imagine how annoying an ordinary party of adventurers would find hanging out with an int 21 pc? Delicious. I would make an incrediably low int Duck beserker to counter them.
  22. A copy of RQII and Apple Lane. Ignore everything else until you have played the 2 adventures. Nothing will make sense but believe me it will be heaps of fun. What ever happens in those will be your Glorantha. Then buy some other books, cherry pick what you like and then spend the rest of your life arguing over whether or not Lunars wear sandals or boots when visiting their grandmother.
  23. Chalkline posted a random encounter over on rpgnet once where the 'meteorite' was an iron helmet. Presumably a hero's or a god's.
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