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  1. 1920s, yes And it's written as Classic, but does have Pulp stat blocks for major NPCs if you prefer more two-fisted action. L.
  2. One playtest group managed it in 8 sessions (one per chapter), but their Keeper is ruthlessly organised and very efficient. I would expect most groups to take 2 sessions per chapter on average (if not more if you follow up on all the optional encounters). Chapter 1 is a pretty short introduction, but that's balanced by longer later chapters. Depending on what the investigators do, you could - technically - finish it in 6 sessions, but I'd expect that to be the exception rather than the norm. L.
  3. I'd say about 60 (adventure)/40 (setting), with more adventure if you add in all the optional encounters. L.
  4. Morning! There will be nine chapters (an introduction, plus eight location-specific ones), plus seven appendices (glossary, NPCs, handouts, pre-gens, etc.) It's a biggy! L.
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