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  1. It should be possible, with a little work on your part. Many of the areas mentioned are just as difficult to access now as they were in the 1920s - for example, there are a whole host of restrictions when it comes to Tibet (https://www.chinahighlights.com/tibet/travel-restrictions.htm), and the mountains around the Pakistan/India border are also dangerous due to border disputes. My advice: check on the areas the investigators are likely to travel through to see what extra hurdles might be imposed on them in the modern era. Then consider how badly those hurdles might interrupt play and whe
  2. Thank you for your kind words and suggestions. I am proud of the book, but am mostly relieved that it's finally out there!
  3. Thank you for all of your comments so far, they've been really helpful and I'm glad you're enjoying reading through the campaign. I just wanted to pop in and follow up on this point in particular. It is a *vast* area, which is why we recommend red lining most of it, apart from dropping out to play through a few small encounters along the way. But, just to be on the safe side, I went back and double-checked over all the maps this morning to make sure we hadn't missed anything important out. It's worth bearing in mind that you may need to look at more than one map at a time to see all of th
  4. Hopefully the print copy should be available in 3-4 months.
  5. Page 14: Knowing they did not have the strength or resources to openly take on Shambhala or reopen the way to Agartha at that point in time, the three generals instead decided to play the long game. And so, they set about stacking the odds in Agartha’s favor for the day when the Gates would swing open once again. Although their lives extended far beyond those of mortal men, the King of Fear’s generals knew they would not live long enough to see the way to Agartha reopened. Determined to ensure that their plan to defeat their hated rivals would bear fruit, they founded a cult of followers devot
  6. Good morning, Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The free packs on the main Chaosium web page are in the process of being updated; all of the map packs that come with the pdf purchase are up to date. There are currently two versions of the Investigator Handouts and Maps pack on Itch - the old one and the new one; the old one is at the top of the list and we are in the process of removing it - it should be gone by the time I post this. The Keeper Map Pack on Itch will be updated to v1.3 shortly (see following). Pemako is a region rather than a specific place, so d
  7. The files on Itch have been updated, and thank you again for spotting this.
  8. We're updating it. (Apologies, I originally misread and assumed it the dot west of Kashgar, not Darjeeling)
  9. 1920s, yes And it's written as Classic, but does have Pulp stat blocks for major NPCs if you prefer more two-fisted action. L.
  10. One playtest group managed it in 8 sessions (one per chapter), but their Keeper is ruthlessly organised and very efficient. I would expect most groups to take 2 sessions per chapter on average (if not more if you follow up on all the optional encounters). Chapter 1 is a pretty short introduction, but that's balanced by longer later chapters. Depending on what the investigators do, you could - technically - finish it in 6 sessions, but I'd expect that to be the exception rather than the norm. L.
  11. I'd say about 60 (adventure)/40 (setting), with more adventure if you add in all the optional encounters. L.
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