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  1. Added a download link to the first post. Just contains Homelands at the minute.
  2. Anzugud


    Version 0.1


    A fan based character creation guide for Ralios. Currently only includes Homelands. Version History 0.1 Homelands initial pass done.
  3. When we say a disease spirit causes diseases in Glorantha, we're not lacking understanding in germ theory... We're just talking Glorantha terms.
  4. Ralios is temperate to warm (Balkan-esque). Seshnela is pretty obviously above that in terms of temperature even if it still falls with the temperate bounds (lower Mediterranean / Northern African). Ralios doesn't even have a path to the glacier in terms of wind currents and they would more likely be drawn through Lunar lands. Considering how close Ralios is to the Windstop, the winds would likely be very wild. Anyway, YGWV. A good part of this is to give interesting history / flavour to players and DMs.
  5. In Ralios, he's wounded. Perhaps he's trying to free himself from Seshnelan interference, perhaps it's the result of a loss of control, who knows? I'm sure Gloranthans will have lots of explanations for it.
  6. Hot and cold air converging is pretty much the primary cause of tornadoes, especially with Ralios acting like a funnel for it. The primarily Orlanthi areas of Vesmonstran and East Wilds would likely be the worst hit.
  7. I completely understand that. Eleven Lights pg 114 (thanks Morgan!) actually states that Orlanthi priests all over Glorantha know that their god has been wounded, and that local threats are used to justify it. You're right that the winter is probably localised to Dragon Pass, so it might be the case that it's known as the Years of Confused Wind which is a year of starvation, tornadoes and weakened Orlanthi magic. Yeah, in this case it'd be a sneaking force. It'd be particularly good since it's the last year your character's parent can be adventuring, so it's possible they were a member of the force that went there before being killed. I quite like the generic term "sect" for Malkioni "churches". Malkionism in the new Glorantha seems to be heavily influenced by Hinduism / Jainism in terms of design and appearance, if not in actual functional worship, and that's how we tend to divide them in English. Of course, it's not like it matters since "it's been translated into the closest English approximation for ease of reading".
  8. Anzugud

    House Rules

    Yeah, RuneQuest isn't D&D. If you're just running into fights then you're going to end up on crutches very fast. Basically, sorcery is assumed to have mastery of the rune to the point where you're able to manipulate it, but the rules don't quite match up to that. Let's say we have a situation where a flight of arrows is hurtling towards an individual. A sorceror could, say, COMBINE STASIS AIR to stop the air dead preventing the arrows from coming down, but for a lot of MP cost. It just allows flexibility for a system that feels very stale in the base rules.
  9. Cults Anything in italics is already extant and so doesn't need to be made. Ancient Beast Society Argan Argar Arkat (Sorcery Schools) Babeester Gor Chalana Arroy Ernalda (aka Great Green Lady) Eurmal Humakt Arkat Humaktson Issaries Lhankor Mhy Malkioni Hrestoli Cult of Lightning Sect Stygianism Maran Gor Odayla Orlanth Orlanth Thunderous Orlanth Adventurous Siglolf Cloudcrusher, Hero Cult Retter the Stalker, Hero Cult Storm Bull Telmor Yelm / Yu-Kargzant (aka Ehilm) Yelmalio Yelmalio Orlanth-Friend (aka the Yelmalio of Delela) Yelorna Yinkin Basmol Zorak Zoran Zorakarkat
  10. Ralian Homelands On Homeland design: I've mostly used the stuff from the Guide as well as the default homelands in the RQG core book to build these. Bold = Unlikely to change without criticism, Italic = Uncertain Safelstran Estali League Cultural Skills Bargain +5% Boat +5% Intrigue +10% Fast Talk +5% Farm +25% Ride +15% Spirit Combat +15% Speak Other Language (Tradetalk) +20% Speak Own Language (Ralian) (50) Customs (Estali) (25) Cultural Weapons 1H Spear +15% OR 2H Spear +15% Rapier +10% OR Dagger +10% Grapple +10% OR Self Bow +10% Javelin +5% OR Sling +5% Small Shield +15% OR Medium Shield +15% Naskorion Cultural Skills Bargain +10% Farm +20% Herd +10% Ride +15% Sing +15% Spirit Combat +15% Speak Other Language (Darktongue) +10% Speak Other Language (Tradetalk) +15% Speak Own Language (Ralian) (50) Customs (Naskorioni) (25) Cultural Weapons 1H Mace +20% OR 1H Spear +20% 2H Mace +15% OR 2H Spear +15% Dagger +10% OR Broadsword +10% Sling +5% OR Javelin +5% Large Shield +15% OR Medium Shield +15% Sentanos Other Vesmostran Lankst Otkorion Telmori East Wilds Delela & Saug Cultural Skills Dance +5% Sing +10% Farm +15% Herd +15% Spirit Combat +15% Speak Other Language (Tradetalk) +10% Speak Own Language (Theyalan) (50) Customs (East Wilds) (25) Cultural Weapons 1H Spear +20% Broadsword +15% Dagger +10% Battle Axe +10% Self Bow +10% or Sling +10% Javelin +15% Medium Shield +15% Large Shield +10% Keanos & Basmol Cultural Skills Dance +5% Sing +10% Track +15% Survival +15% Spirit Combat +15% Speak Other Language (Tradetalk) +10% Speak Own Language (Theyalan) (50) Customs (East Wilds) (25) Cultural Weapons 1H Spear +20% Broadsword +15% Dagger +10% Battle Axe +10% Self Bow +10% or Sling +10% Javelin +15% Small Shield +15% Medium Shield +10%
  11. Ralian History Anything in italics is invented by me to fill gaps / add some interesting dynamic. This history goes from when grandparents are at adulthood until the adulthood of the player characters. 1582 - Marost is seized by Naskorion. 15?? - Something happens between Tinaros and Partan. 1597 - Fleet of Jorglaban is sunken and the ruler of Tinaros is lost at the bottom of Lake Felster along with his regalia. His widow sacrifices her three children to get revenge. Soon, Argin Terror (Chaotic Ruler of Tinaros) is born. 159? - Fleet of Partan is sunken. 1600 - Partan is razed by the Estali League 1605 - Surantyr the Non-Heretic overcomes magical ordeals atop Top of the World Mountains and experiences the Chariot of Lightning revelations. 1608 - Surantyr becomes master of Valantia. 1610 - Jarabolos is conquered by the Duke of Naskorion. 1611 - Surantyr conquers Fiesive and unifies Otkorion. 1613 - Kadesos (a city known for the quality of its kafl leaf) is conquered by the Duke of Naskorion. 1615 - Seshnela controls Dangim after the count is killed and replaced with a rival member of his family by the King of Seshnela. 1616 - Utorost is conquered by Naskorion 1617 - The Guild of Chaos Monks began their uprising in Dainmol. 1619 - The city of Dainmol is retaken by the Prince. 1619 - The army of Sentanos is destroyed by Surantyr's forces after the Hero Garundyer of the Seven Storms liberates Siglolf Cloudcrusher. This battle is thereafter known as the Battle of Falling Stones. 1621 - Meime the Tournament King marries Ingye the Queen of Galin. Scandalously, they are actually in love. 1621 - The Seventh Malkioni Council occurs. Surantyr the Non-Heretic is amongst those summoned and is severely injured before making his escape. At the same time, the Dangans perform a ritual to bind / harm Orlanth at Hreler Amali. One or both of these events causes Orlanth's magic to become greatly weakened in Ralios. Great Winter, Year One 1622 - The trolls of Guhan complete a magical ceremony generations in the making. They move across Ralios with the help of the Argan Argar Chain although they are helped and hindered by humans all along the way. 1622 - Great Winter, Year Two. It is broken by a small group performing the Lightbringer ritual at Hreler Amali. 1623(?) - King Guilmarn invades Safelster to eliminate all Arkati. 1624(?) - Broo invasion from Dorastor into Karia. Hezel Darong is a new(?) Chaos deity worshipped by their powerful shaman.
  12. Download Link Hello everyone! I've been putting together a Ralios campaign for my players and I'll be posting in here as I go along to make sure I haven't missed anything in particular. Why Play in Ralios? Ralios offers both the vibrant lowland lakeside cities of Safelster, alive with intrigue and Arkati cults, and the rugged Orlanthi and elder race infested highlands, full of ancient secrets and wild adventure. In Ralios, sorcery bumps shoulders with rune magic and shamanic tradition, worshipped and despised in equal measure. The Hill Orlanthi are hired as mercenaries and bodyguards by Ernaldan priestesses seeking to assasinate Arkati sorcerers in order to curry favour with the Ancient Beasts Society. Ralios provides plenty of foes for players to contend with. The Invisible God worshipping Seshnelans seeks to conquer Safelster and potentially will without the player's intervention. Tinaros looks to be a hive of Chaos worship and dark sorcery, headed by its master Argin Terror. The Guild of Chaos Monks, defeated in their recent rebellion, still survive and linger beneath the surface, awaiting the chance to strike again. Karia has been invaded by a Chaotic force worshipping a new Chaos god (or perhaps a new face on an old one). And these are merely the most clear cut threats. There are the Boristi, the Ancient Beasts Society, the Arkati, and many other groups who the players may help or hinder. Version History 0.1 Homelands initial pass done.
  13. Anzugud

    House Rules

    What house rules are you guys using or are considering using? So far, I've put in: Only You Can Stop Unnecessary Dead Relatives - If your grandparent / parent survives to the character's full age (18) then you can get a +5% skill boost off them in any skill that their profession can do. I'm considering: Sorcerous Sorcery - Sorcerers can use their runes on the fly for double the MP cost of the spell. This allows for sorcery that is benefitted by quick thinking, as well as having their standard repertoire of spells to hand.
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