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  1. Donated and purchased the game, but there seems to be an issue with the game board download. The art and concept seem like a lot of fun. Best of luck and looking forward to hearing how folks are playing.
  2. Online character management was one of the use cases for the Cradle of Heroes. You can create, manage update characters, track equipment, combat damage, take notes and GMs can use original or community content to create encounters very easily.
  3. Fantastic. Is there a GitHub repo I could check out?
  4. I put together the Cradle of Heroes. LMK if you have any questions. @lordabdul - Do we know who did the family history generator? That is awesome and something I stayed away from due to the amount of work needed. Would be great to have an API connection.
  5. Hey all, Just a quick update to celebrate that the Cradle of Heroes now has more than 1100 heroes created by more than 600 members of the Runequest community! I've also made a few small updates over the past few weeks: Update the root view to only show user-created or modified characters as these tend to be more interesting than pure random characters Update sign-on so that if you get to the site from rq-web.herokuapp.com, you can still sign in or register with a Google account Extra validation to keep out spam bots A reminder that the search function is now much more powerful. A single text search now returns results in: Name Description Creator name Homeland Occupation Cult Cheers and hope you're enjoying the tool! C
  6. Hi @Puckohue - not yet. Email notifications are still on the to-do list. I'll reset your password and DM you the new one.
  7. Hi folks! The correct URL is https://www.cradleofheroes.net The link above hits the same application, but as noted above, won't let you login or register with Google account due to redirects. @DerKrieger Happy to answer any questions and thanks for the shout out @MOB!
  8. I've been running the events in 1625 following the Dragonrise in my game. The heroes have been sent on a secret mission by Kallyr to rescue Ostling Spotted-Fur and return him to his grandfather to secure the Telmori's aid in the Lightbearers' heroquest. I've statted up a bunch of the NPCs from the 11 Lights for the game in the Cradle of Heroes: Jomes Hostralos Lunar Soldier Border Wulf Peltast Lunar Priest / Priestess Tatoukal Blackbeard Khelban of Prax Willandring the Giant Telmori Wolf-Brother Kostajor Wolf-Champion Dire Wolf Jagar Sog Ostling Spotted-Fur Yrsa Nightbeam (Torkani Queen) Ivvar Quickstep Ivartha the Skinner Vastyr Bloody-Shirt Leikorl the Shadow I've also created a few factions (groupings of characters ready for a combat encounter or play): Ivartha's Entourage Lunar Patrol (Border Wulf Peltasts + captain) Wulfsland Lunars Telmori Warband You can use any characters from the Cradle directly, duplicate them from your own use or chose the text export and copy / paste. Ex: ** Ivartha the Skinner ** Runes: Air Movement Illusion Homeland: Sartar, Occupation: Noble, Initiate of Cult: Orlanth Adventurous STR: 19, CON: 17, SIZ: 13, DEX: 17, INT: 15, POW: 16, CHA: 18, Derived Stats: Damage Bonus: +1D4, Hit Points: 18, Magic Points: 16, Movement- Ground: 8, HP: -1 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Passions: Reputation 30%, Hate (Chaos) 80%, Love (Family) 75%, Loyalty (Clan) 90%, Loyalty (Tribe) 90%, Loyalty (Kallyr) 60%, Cults: Orlanth Adventurous - Initiate - Rune Points: 8 Runes: Air 100%, Earth 70%, Darkness 60%, Illusion 95%, Movement 95%, Mastery 50%, Skills: Medium Shield 120%, Broadsword 115%, Jump 106%, Orate 105%, Sing 100%, Climb 95%, Dodge 89%, Javelin 85%, Manage Household 80%, Spirit Combat 76%, Fist 70%, Large Shield 70%, Dagger 70%, Crossbows 70% Spirit Magic: Mobility (1pts), Strength (2pts), Bladesharp (3pts), Disruption (1pts), Fanaticism (1pts), Detect Enemies (1pts) Rune Spells: Dismiss Elemental (1pts), Leap (1pts), Shield (1pts), Dark Walk (1pts), Lightning (1pts), Mist Cloud (1pts), Earth Shield (3pts), Summon Elemental (1pts) Spirits & Matrices: Mygoch Stormfriend - Pow: 35, Cha: 16, Int: 12, MP: 35 Spells: Strength (2pts), Protection (5pts), Countermagic (6pts), Vigor (2pts) Wolfbiter - Pow: 17, Cha: 15, Int: 13, MP: 17 Spells: Detect Magic (1pts), Second Sight (3pts), Binding Enchantment (1pts) Attacks: Dagger 70% 1D4+2+1D4 SR 7 6/6 HP Broadsword 115% 1D8+1+1D4 SR 5 12/12 HP Medium Shield 120% 1D4+1D4 SR 6 12/12 HP Wolfbiter (Iron Sword) 115% 1d8+2+1D4 SR 6 18/18 HP Light Crossbow 70% 2D4+2 SR 1 6/6 HP Rng 100 Thrown Javelin 85% 1D10+1D2 SR 1 8/8 HP Rng 20 Hit Locations: (19-20) - Head Armor: 6 6/6 HP (16-18) - L Arm Armor: 6 5/5 HP (13-15) - R Arm Armor: 6 5/5 HP (12) - Chest Armor: 6 7/7 HP (9-11) - Abdomen Armor: 6 6/6 HP (5-8) - L Leg Armor: 6 6/6 HP (1-4) - R Leg Armor: 6 6/6 HP Equipment: Bronze cuirass (6pts), Bronze greaves (6pts), Closed helmet (5pts), cultural weapons, two riding animals, noble clothing (60L), 200 L in coing, 450 L in jewelry, vessels and luxury goods,
  9. Interesting. I read it the other way (add bonuses to the Cult skills that get bonuses in the character creation chapter). Was this clarified somewhere?
  10. Another update: Character notes A few players asked for the ability to add game notes and history to characters. You can reach them from the "Notes" button from view characters. You can add and edit notes from your own characters and view any notes on open characters. Notes are in full markdown and are organized by the game calendar, with most recent events first. Cheers! C
  11. Hey @Crel - I'd be happy to playtest for you and provide feedback. I'm finishing up a story arc in Dark season with the battle of Dangerford and the heroes will then be returning to Apple Lane. I've got 3 players with about 4 seasons of advances. Cheers! C
  12. Hi folks, I realized most people couldn't use the text export without adjusting their browser settings, so I updated the app to go to a separate page where folks can copy full character exports or summary statblocks. You can get to this view by clicking the "Text" button on a character. E.g., : Ostling Spotted-Fur Images below. Cheers! C
  13. A few more updates just went live: Removed the 3(!) different search functions and replaced them with the standard text search Set the search function as primary on all index pages (lists of heroes) Added links to open user rosters from all index pages - so anyone can click on a user's name and see all of their open characters Auto-add author name to search from an open user roster page or personal user roster page Fixes to pagination everywhere Lots of back-end changes and optimizations - smaller page sizes and faster page loads Nothing super sexy here, but should make the overall experience much better when people are looking for useful content. I also used the app to prepare the Cinsina leadership NPCs (Ivartha the Skinner, Vastyr Blood-Shirt, Leikorl the Shadow and Ostling Spotted-Fur) for my game and it went really well. I used the random character generation for Epic (for Ivartha) and Heroic (for the rest) characters and then edited them, adding and tweaking magic and skills as needed. Honestly it probably cut character creation time down to 3-4 minutes per character, which is awesome. Cheers! C
  14. Hi folks, Another small series of updates is live: Improvements to search Pagination across random heroes, user heroes and crafted heroes Added cultural names for lunar tarsh, grazelands and balazaring homelands - roots taken from the amazing Back to Balazar tool. Fixes to personal skills for heroic scale random characters (they weren't generating properly) Ability to see other user's open heroes (link from their name on hero cards) Fixes to faction & encounter views Other small fixes and UI tweaks. Cheers & enjoy, C
  15. Hi folks, Another fairly big update: full text search is now live on Cradle of Heroes and is available from the top navigation bar. Search covers all characters in the following in descending order: Name Description Author's name Homeland Occupation Cult If there's a desire, it is easy to add other fields and weigh them appropriately. I was thinking the ability to search by runes might be handy. With this in place, I'll remove the instant search over the next few days. As there are now almost a thousand characters on the app, search and pagination should provide folks with all the characters they need. Right now, search only covers open characters, but I'll update it to work from your personal rosters as well. Example below. Cheers! C
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