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  1. I have an idea to warp the adventurers to Second Age Pavis with some strange magic from Puzzle Canal... And make them play good scenarios of Pavis Rises. Has anyone else done something similar? And what are good scenarios in Pavis Rises book? We play RQG, but I quess scenarios are easily modified.
  2. Caras


    Where are elementals found? I know for example Undines are found in rivers and oceans, but are there elementals in Spirit Plane? Is is possible for a shaman to bind elemental from Spirit World?
  3. Are there many durulz in Upland Marsh actually Vivamort Lay Members? Is that the reason Delecti lets them stay and nest?
  4. Besides Runemagic do Haragalans use Sprit Magic at all? Do they use Dream Magic or Sorcery instead? Is Dream Magic or Mystisism canonical in RQG, even thou there are no rules for that?
  5. I made up the spells of this Hensarava. Vele Unnikanan may be a Captain (Priest) of this pirate cult. This is the list of spells I decided. If you have better ideas, i would like to know? Hensarava Divination, Extension, Heal Wound, Sanctify, Find Enemy, Dismiss Magic, Command Cult Spirit, Soul Sight, Spirit Block ,Warding Float, Precision Bow (Hobimarong), Hold Course (Lumavoxoran), Living Blade (Tsankth), Breath Air/Water (Iphryanta), Increase/Decrease Wind (Veldru) Open Seas (Dormal)
  6. "Vele Unnikanan, Queen of Fereva: This ambitious young queen has already earned a reputation as a shrewd merchant and a pirate. She is closely allied with Trader Jadilulo. " Says Guide... I want this character to be in our RQG-campaign... Does anyone have any good ideas of what gods does she worship... And what magic she has? If she only worships Dormal and local Island God, does the Island God give her Runemagic? Should this worship something similar to Tsangth or similar to Issaries? Or both? Or some powerful Spirit Cult of the Fereva Island with Dream Magic?
  7. Is it possible to cross the boundary of the Wind Stop? And what is happening just in the borders? Some kind of hurricane? Does it destroy places? Is it possible for my adventurers to inside from outside during Great Winter?
  8. (SPOILERS) During Great Winter... How does it affect areas outside the circle? If our adventurers are sailing the seas. How does it affect their Runemagic? Ernalda and Orlanth adventurers are onboard.
  9. Caras

    Hate Chaos

    Should basicly every heortling have a passion Hate Chaos? Of course everybody hates chaotic monsters, but I mean less acutely leathal chaos. If adventurers find Krarsht Shrine for example... Do they have passion to destroy it? So do they hate chaos even without this specific Passion? (In our scenario Lanbril thief, Lankhor Mhy Sage, Maran Gor initiate, Kolat shaman and Orlanth Lay Members found a Krarsht Shrine... So they are not Storm Bull cultists or so.)
  10. Does Yanafal Tarnils have a spell Kopis Trance or Scimitar Trance? I quess it has very much similar runespells as Humakt.. But Sever Spirit only One-Use. But how about Trance spell?
  11. Caras


    So women can be initiates of Orlanth Thunderous... And they don´t have to have red hair then? This is great news. Is it possible for a woman to be initiate in both, Ernalda and Orlanth? Lay member status, of course, but an initiate?
  12. Caras


    Thank you all for answers... So basicly there are no restrictions for Vinga characters... Not anymore than Orlanth Adventurous worshiping men have. They are still women and can get pregnant. They just worship Vinga.
  13. Caras


    There are many Vingas described in Glorantha publications... Cinsina Queen Ivartha The Skinner, Colymar Queen Leika Black-Spear, Kallyr Starbrow, Inganna Konchensdottir (rebel), Enastara The Red (Maboder rebel), Erinina Copper-Axe (Champion of Orlmarth Clan). I would very much like to understand this subcult of Orlanth better... Can Vinga for example get pregnant? We have played so that he can, but then she becomes woman and loses power from Orlanth. We have also played so that he won´t get pregnant if his hair is coloured in henna. But if he for some reason can´t color it, he can get pregnant.
  14. Do Vingans get pregnant? I remember reading that they don´t, if their hair is coloured red... But is it true?
  15. Let´s say your group of adventurers are patrolling their own clan lands. They find out that there are bandits, who have just killed a caravan of Etyries merchant. Adventurers fight the bandits and win. They take multiple prisoners. One of the prisoners says, that there is big ramsom of him to be collected, if they do not give them to Lunar officials fo judgement... And to get crucified. What should the adventurers do in this situation? Do they take all the "treasure" to tribal king to be desided? Do the adventurers get to take whatever they want from bandits and their victims? What is the rigth orlanthi-way? And what if they don´t do that? Is there some customary amount , that they should get from this "treasure"?
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