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  1. Caras


    Is the mention of Vampire Kingdom neighboring Lunar Empire (Tales 19) canonical or just fanfiction?
  2. Caras


    In bestiary it says that vampires are Runemasters of Vivamort Cult... But I like to have also different kind of vampires... Like in Tales 19... Lesser Vampires... Many different kind of vampires. Vampires that are creation from other sources, such as Delecti.
  3. Caras


    Vampires seem to change most in every edition of Runequest... How do you handle these creatures? In 2ed scenarios you can meet vampires with POW and load of Spirit Magic... In 3 ed you face a very powerful Vampire that has loads of Rune magic... If you change those creatures to RQG version of Vampire, whole scenarios may start to suck. (I don´t say names of the scenarios to not spoil anyones games, but you may know what scenarios I mean.) And in recent gameplay Trouble at Greydog´s Inn a vampire turned to wolf... Is it meant in RQG, that vampire in wolf form is a simple wolf or more
  4. This brings to my mind a new question? Do any other cult have minor holy days, other than Ernalda? It is only one in corebook that says of having them.
  5. So basicly Worship should always be automatic success and players don´t even throw it... Unless it is important part of the scenario?
  6. I know. But I like the style of play that Jeff uses in Youtube campaign better. I like players sacrificing things and animals, not magic points.
  7. 1 MP gives +1% bonus is better.
  8. Jeff don´t seem to use it in White Bull Campaign... I don´t use it. It is too easy.
  9. Oh wow!! If only we would have had these when we played Stealing of the Hands.
  10. Caras


    There is Lightbringers Temple in Clearwine, so there is also a Chalana Arroy Shrine in there. Does the tender of that shrine need to be a god-talker? Corebook does not mention Chalana Arroy having God-talkers... Is the shrine tended by an initiate of that cult or by a priest? Can an Initiate tend a shine?
  11. In my Glorantha I would make Estal Donge a worshipper of Hon-Eel or subcult of that goddess and she would have Charisma-spell... And spells not listed in Godlearner Books.
  12. Caras


    Player characters usually have gained many very powerful magical things, weapons, armour and so on... Maybe even an object of companions wyter... It is also very common, that when a PC has to surrender, then all of the PC:s have to do the same... That may mean A LOT of loot for the enemy... PC:s don´t like to lose their things, but I guess that just is the case. They lose everything else, but their lives in ransom.
  13. Caras


    How does Ransoms get collected/traded? Let´s say our adventuring party has captured dark troll hunter, trying to steal cows. Who pays the ransom and how do players go get it? Troll clan pays? So they need to go to Troll Woods from where the troll is from? Is the captured hunter troll with them.. and so on?
  14. Are Ernalsulva and Entarios the Supporter Orlevings? Or is the Earth Temple apart from Malani Tribe or Clans surrounding it?
  15. We have an initiate of Chalana Arroy in our Six Seasons group. I was wondering, is it possible for him to become also a shaman of White Hart? Is spirit combat violation of CA code?
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