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  1. Caras

    Queens of Holay

    There are three Queens mentioned of being a Queen of Holay... Queen Phirgia, Queen Inrana and Queen Inkarne. Is Phirgia Inrana´s mother? What do we know of them? Inrana´s Daughter is probably Inkarne, who is courted by King Argrath.
  2. Is there anything official written about Ernalda Temple in Jonstown? Who is the High Priestess for example?
  3. In Bestiary it says "Disembodied spirits can increase their POW by successful use of it, but their POW gain roll is only 5%."... So the same goes for Allied Spirit?
  4. Caras

    Horse Armor

    Do horses have armor in Glorantha? And if they do, what are they like?
  5. Caras

    Clan Chief

    Broddi is a Storm Voice of Orlanth, and the priest of Ulanin the Rider for the Red Cow. And Initiate of Barntar and Initiate of Orlanth Rex. (Is there an error here?)
  6. Caras

    Clan Chief

    Does Orlanth Rex initiate have to be a priest? And if it is a priest, is it Storm Voice and from Thunderous side of Orlanth? Leika is Vinga Adventurous and high priest of Orlanth Rex. Is this priesthood needed for a clan chief. Or is it ok to be just Wind Lord and initiate of Orlanth Rex?
  7. (Descended from Esrolian Queens, Orsta Trade-with-Trolls has a commanding presence. Her ancestors visit her in her dreams — and speak of her daughter’s destiny.) What have you thought of this? What could be Saroosa Darkwyrds destiny? Is she releted to Samastina? And how is that possible?
  8. What could happen to Darna Longcoat, when she in a rush of jealousy stabbs with dagger Kangharl Black-Brow in the back? And she is also caught with adultery with Kangharl? How does sartarite culture and Ernalda cult judge her? Losing seat in Clan Ring? Losing her place as High Priestess of Ernalda in Red Cow? Or even casting her as outlaw?
  9. Has anyone made somekind of RQG conversions on the magical gifts given by Ernalsulva? These are The Red Hands of Hofstaring, Hawthorn Bough and Indrodar´s Sword "Wrath".
  10. In my campaign these are: The Bronze-and-Silver Statue is Votenevra the Earth Healer. Statue can be used as regalia of a shrine. The Metallic Leaf, is sacred to Aldrya? I haven´t desided yet. But, it can be touched safely only by that pantheons worshippers. The Stone-Rod is of Maran Gor. Only a runestatus worshipper can use and hold the object safely. Otherwise it will make earthquakes that collapse the caves.
  11. Does anyone have any good ideas about the magic treasures of The Old Hiding Place? What goddess (or sub-cult of Ernalda) is the Bronze-and-Silver Statue meant to be? What is the Metallic Leaf? And is there some other meaning for the Stone Rod? Other than to collapse the caves?
  12. Caras

    Wyrmghost Ruins

    This was played in GenCon a few years back... Has it been published later anywhere?
  13. In GM Screen Pack Leika has two Runepools. One for Orlanth Adventurous/ Orlanth Rex. And it has 16 Runepoints. But she has other for Vinga. And that has 12 points. Is this ok? Ain't Vinga and Adventurous the same thing? Those should be in same pool? Or what? Or is it just an error in the book?
  14. There are three elemental runes a character starts with. But how can a character gain the starting skills on remaining runes? Or is it even possible?
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