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  1. Caras

    Wyrmghost Ruins

    This was played in GenCon a few years back... Has it been published later anywhere?
  2. Caras

    Leika's Runepool

    In GM Screen Pack Leika has two Runepools. One for Orlanth Adventurous/ Orlanth Rex. And it has 16 Runepoints. But she has other for Vinga. And that has 12 points. Is this ok? Ain't Vinga and Adventurous the same thing? Those should be in same pool? Or what? Or is it just an error in the book?
  3. There are three elemental runes a character starts with. But how can a character gain the starting skills on remaining runes? Or is it even possible?
  4. Caras

    Life/Death Rune

    Does high Fertility show in fysical appearence? Is a female character more curvaceus? Or are runic powers just inner strengths?