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  1. I am thinking of doing a source/campaign book for a group of islands in East Isles. Is there some legal issues that I have to think of? Can I use 3ed Gods Book as reference for Island Gods and spells for example?
  2. Is worshipping Seven Mothers somewhat same as worshipping Lightbringers as a group? Can you worship Lightbringers in same way, as a group? There seem to be very much similarities in them also, Lightbrigers following Orlanth and Seven Mothers following Red Goddess.
  3. Borderlands is a fantastic introduction to Glorantha. That or Six Seasons in Sartar are the best way to introduce Glorantha to new players.
  4. This is from Guide. Balazar “I am a hunter of the (X) clan of the (Y) tribe. Why do you pass through our lands?”
  5. Do you mean the white squares? Is that what they are... I thought of "tribes" as of what clans are associated to specific citadel.
  6. Has anyone made a clan/tribe map of Balazar? It would be useful.
  7. Caras


    Can Vampires Touch be parried? And if it can be parried, it cancels all effects, right? Or can only dodge be used against it?
  8. Caras

    Queen Samastina

    These are all VERY useful and interesting informations. Thank you very much.
  9. Caras

    Queen Samastina

    Start of year 1622 and Windstop is on. Our group are allies of Queen Samastina, from a help gained from her in the past. Our group consists of a princess of Greenstone Ernalsulva as leader of the group (NPC). Windlord thane of Greenstone (gained from Colymar Campaign), young vingan, Lankhor Mhy ally of Minaryth Purple called Jorjera Latish (NPC), Storm Voice of Orlmarth clan and Issaries trader... I am trying to make them somehow part of something intresting in this conflict.
  10. Caras

    Queen Samastina

    I would like to know more of what happened in war against Red-Earth faction? What are the major key points? What did Samastina gain from Gragspider? How big forces fought on either side and where did the big fights happen? Who were commanding warriors on both sides? These informations would be great in our campaign right now. But if there is not informmation about it anywhere, I have to just make it up.
  11. RQG Adventure Book has an Adventure Seed ... The Baboon Crystal. Might interest you, if you haven´t noticed.
  12. I think this is a bit of a overstatement... So far, almost none of the published scenarios have had any of these superheroes present, or them having anything really to do with RQG or RQ 2ed and 3ed scenarios in general. So, it is very possible that you can play almost all RQG scenarios as they are, still. It don´t matter if Harrek is alive or dead. That may change in the future, but that has been the way so far.
  13. Not that. But our players have fought against Khorr´rahk Mantroll from Tradetalk 12, who is said to be son of Androgeus.
  14. I love this element in that. Malovar Patroma also and many others. This is just the way I also like to present Glorantha to the players. I mean, what is the point hiding these great charachters from the players. I don´t let palyers read all Glorantha material, I present it to them in game. If they never meet Prince Temertain, Kallyr, Harrek and whoever, it is very much meaningles to them they even exist. But if they somehow interact with these great npc:s they become memorable, their deeds become intresting and so on. And Glorantha has loads of great npc:s to show them. On more rec
  15. I like to put npc:s from published materials in hard use. I would like to hear what characters from canonical, or otherwise published materials, have had a big impact in your campaign... Our games are often very much "soap operas", so love affairs are also a big thing. One of our campaign happens on a wolfpirate ship, lead by now my charachter Queen of Fereva Vele Unnikanan, now also a wife of Harrek The Berserk. Ship crew include likes of Pinfeather, Darsten Black-Oak (now rivar of Kangharl), and robbers Halko and Pundia Carliotti (From Seapolis adventure.) Also of course characters not
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