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  1. This is many times the problem. In my campaign too. Players are making Maboder rise, but I don´t as GM have any source that says, what there is canonically happening. What canonically happens after Dragonrise? What happen to Wulfsland in canonical future. I do like to keep things in order that canon is as much as possible untouched.
  2. I remenberred incorrecly I see. I have always thought that he worshipped same as his kinsman Darsten Black-Oak. But it doesn´t say so. We have played a lot with this wrong knowledge.
  3. Thanks. Will do that. Getting some last Tribal Regalias back? And making peace with Red Cow.
  4. Maboder is not Malani Tribe. Maboder is matriarcal Tribe as I have understood. Tribe that was wiped out by Telmori and eventually Jomes Hostralos. Now, in our campaign this tribe is being raised back by Daughters of Mabodh. But there was later a rival, who even became the king of Colymar, Kangharl Blackmoor. What did he do to gain kingdom of Colymar. An he wasn´t even Orlanth Rex, but Doburdan.
  5. Okey. So not even Orendara is actually "King", but a Queen of Earth Temple?
  6. I would like to know more about Crown Tests in general, but even more for a future queen of Maboder Tribe. What happens in crown test? Do I understand correctly that Maboder Queen should be Ernalda Rex, not Orlanth Rex? Do both qualify? Leika undertook an old‑fashioned journey to destroy Chaos in its own lair at Snakepipe Hollow. She succeeded a harrowing invasion of a mad poet's test, and was acclaimed Queen by her joyous people, without any preliminary legal preparation, despite the other rivals. What if there are rivals?
  7. Is it prohibited to make a book, that is basicly NPC Statting of Coming Storm and Eleven Lights HQG-books? We have though of maybe doing RQG-conversion book of that great campaign. All NPC:s, Monsters etc. This is just a plan. But if it is prohibited, then that`s it.
  8. In Adventure Book of GM Screen Pack, there is "Nameless", who is Runelord of Humakt and initiate of Orlanth. She still doesn´t have runepool or runespells of Orlanth. Is this the way these can be merged? You don´t get runespells from Orlanth, but you can worship it still. Or is this just an error in the book?
  9. Caras

    The Maboder

    Is there something canonical written for the future of these lands, after 1625? Will Maboder rise?
  10. Here is monster that terrorizes Red Cow Lands during Great Winter in my Eleven Lights Campaign. What have you created for yours? Nemelphe Nymph of Freeze High Priestess of Himile Characteristics STR 10 CON 10 SIZ 9 INT 21 DEX 17 POW 25 CHA 24 Hit Points: 14 Move: 9 DEX SR: 1 SIZ SR: 2 Runes: Cold 100%, Fertility 100%, Darkness 100%. Rune Points: 31 (Himile) Rune Spells: All Common Runespells, Chill, Command Ice Demon, Decrease Temperature, Form Ice, Increase Temperature, Command Shade, Snow, Create Hollri, Dismiss Fire Elemental (small, medium), Dismiss Water Elemental (small, medium), Resurrection, Silence Sphere, Summon Darkness Elemental (Large), Alluring Song Spirit Magic: Befuddle (2 pt.), Detect Life, Extinguish, Heal 6, Vigor (2 pt.), Disruption, Extinquish Magic Powers: Second Sight ability, no magic point expenditure required. Additionally, she can leave her land for up to one week once a year. She can form (or dissipate) her body from the snow or ice at will. She may initiate spirit combat when discorporate, and for 1 magic point, she can command any incomplete creature born in her land. The creature cannot resist this charm, which lasts for an hour. Each melee round, in addition to its normal attacks, Nemelphe can match its POW vs. that of a foe. If the victim is overcome, they are frozen in place and helpless until Nemelphe dies or the effect is dispelled. The Freeze ability acts as a 1-point Rune magic spell for purposes of dispelling or blocking. This exotic talent does not cost any magic points to use. Nemelphe can control live victims equal in number to half its POW at once. Nemelphe can voluntarily release a victim. Once frozen the victin loses 1 HP each melee round, until completely frozen and dead. Alluring Song... All hearing the song must roll under POWx5 to not be hypnotized, by her singing. She must be discorporate when singing. (2 RP) Magic Points: 63 (with allied spirit) Spirit Combat Damage: 3D6+4 Passions: Hate (Fire) 90%, Love (Cold) 90% Skills: Conceal 80%, Hide 120%, Homeland Lore (Rockwood Mountains) 120%, Listen 80%, Move Quietly 120%, Search 80%, Spirit Combat 165%, Track 90%. Languages: Speak Aldryami 90%, Speak Auld Wyrmish 50%, Speak Darktongue 100%, Speak Spiritspeech 60%, Speak Heortling 60%, Speak Tradetalk 60%, Read/Write Auld Wyrmish 50%.
  11. So let me get this strait: 1) Humakt initiate can become also initiate of Orlanth, if an adventurer is humakti before initiation to the other cult. But not the other way around. (I don´t know what to think about this one.) 2) Maran Gor can be merged with Babeester Gor. (I agree, but Babeester Gor is not easy to fit to my campaigns adventures... So not in my campaign.) 3) Maran Gor can be merged with Ernalda also. Even thou they are somewhat opposites. (I don´t agree.) 4) Eurmal can not be merged with anyone. (I will change the one npc in my campaign that has Eurmal/Orlanth. I agree that this is better rule. So I agree.) 5) Ernalda initiate can not be merged normally with her own husband protector cult. (There may be some exeptions. I remember Jeff saying somewhere of a possibility of Ernalda/Orlanth.) (I agree.) 6) Storm Bull? Can you be Storm Bull/Waha? Storm Bull/Orlanth? (I don´t know what to think.)
  12. Can there be an adventurer who is initiate of both Maran Gor and Babeester Gor? Can there be Humakt/Orlanth? Eurmal/Orlanth? Maran Gor/Ernalda? Yelmalio/Ernalda? These are the cults I would most like to know. I am aware of possibility of Orlanth and Issaries for example. But what about cults that are named as severed in HQG rules? Humakt, Storm Bull, Eurmal and Babeester Gor?
  13. Is there , will there be in upcoming Cults Book, some sort of list of cults that can be merged to one adventurer? I don´t mean on illiminated person... For example... Can Eurmal, Humakt, Bageester Gor merge with any other cult? Can there be an adventurer who is initiate of both Maran Gor and Babeester Gor? Can there be Humakt/Orlanth? Eurmal/Orlanth? Maran Gor/Ernalda? Yelmalio/Ernalda?
  14. Is there some sort of King´s Castle of Moirades and/or Pharandros in Furthest? Near it? Or where is Pharandros and Moirades usually? Is this possible King´s Castle within the walls of the city of Furhest or outside? (I already found the answer... To answer my own question. Yes there is Royal Palace in Furthest. King Pharadros is there.)
  15. What are the most common spirits to face, when traveling in Spirit World? Is it most likely to meet animal spirits, passion spirits, spell spirits or what?
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