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  1. I was going to mention that this seems like an editorial clean-up/retcon/Gregging to make things more ordered, or maybe in-line with what Greg or others wanted later or something, but I didn't bring it up since, well... discussing sky deities with multiple identities in different pantheons tends to spiral into madness on this site.
  2. No worries! I was just worried I'd missed something, but so long as the issues are mostly cosmetic, it's nothing to stress too much about.
  3. In RW history, historical conversions have usually happened on a group-by-group basis, as far as I know. When your extended family is the basis if your survival, it's extremely difficult to convert alone. There are obviously exceptions, but that's the general norm. So conversions to Lunarism might occur on a clan-by-clan basis (where such groups are applicable), although given some examples of rifts in clans internally, the writers of Glorantha might've taken a more individualistic approach (which might potentially fit with the Orlanthi's penchance for individual semi-henotheism (personal devo
  4. Woah, site looks different! Was there an announcement thread for this? For users, it's business as usual, right?
  5. That'd be really interesting! Hell, throw in stuff like everyday tools that aren't going to be covered under weaponry and the like? Stuff like adzes, hand-quarns, grain flails, etc. and maybe badges of office, like batons, etc. PURELY thinking out loud, Helsdon, not to pester.
  6. This just makes too much sense.
  7. Takes you literally 3 seconds to check and leave the thread.
  8. I always saw him as the Pelorian, somewhat "disarmed" version of Orlanth, or really any Storm God.
  9. That being said, always good to see artists willing to contribute!
  10. If someone aims a javelin or bow at you from below it might be useful, or maybe if you just wanna yoink some stuff from them. Who knows.
  11. A grabby function is probably not too bad to have for a race of flying people.
  12. We've talked about this before, but Occlusion is, iirc, a Lunar term, and one that essentially means "someone Illuminated who reached conclusions that we don't like". It's a religio-political term more than, for lack of a better term, class description, imho. Then again, I do like the idea that Occlusion, in a more generic sense, is Illumination causing people to become solipsists, whereas regular Illuminates are more along pantheist lines. This is obviously arguable, but it's as convenient a division as any.
  13. Aw, dang. I understand your reticence, however. All in all, we did get a really cool illustration out of it, though! Thanks.
  14. Same with the Roman statues and buildings being painted in vivid, "gaudy" colors, for example. (Probably the Greek ones too, but I can't recall a source on that).
  15. Oh, absolutely. I realize that I'm arguing against probably 30+ years of established background, so I'm really just arguing the point now. I dunno, it just feels like someone looked at Zen Buddhism and thought "but how can I gamify this quantitatively?" which is understandable given that Glorantha is literally a game world, but to me it just feels underwhelming. I'm fine with it just being a IMG thing though.
  16. Exactly. Making formalized answers superfluous and frankly counter-productive to begin with.
  17. Except that people can get other, equally enlightening answers as sudden realizations. What does the Riddler do then? Tell them to try again? I always thought it was the tension between the unanswereable and the human drive to search for answers which is meant to be the dichotomy-shattering mechanism of the Riddle, like the koan, for example. The question IS the answer. It is a means to deconstruct the world for the absurd facsimile it is, the filtered-down perceptional prison you've been locked inside by social constructs. Maybe I got the Riddles wrong, maybe they're not koans, or somethi
  18. They have formal answers? Booo!
  19. A puritan "Ænglisc" version could use "ringbyrn(i)e", I suppose. Speaking of (unattainable and probably unwanted*) linguistic purism, here's an introduction to atomic theory written without Romance-language loanwords. It's interesting and amusing if nothing else. (Note that loanwords from other Germanic languages are still used though). https://warwick.ac.uk/fac/cross_fac/complexity/people/students/dtc/students2011/maitland/fun/ (*Although, speaking as non-native speaker of English, there are times when I wish academics would spell things out in plain English instead of pulling out a
  20. Ah, just me not reading sarcasm well in text then, no worries!
  21. I can't tell if these are jokes as well, but the "serial" misinterpretation was made in jest.
  22. "Not just the Grazer men, but the Grazer women and children too!" 😭
  23. English, especially academic English, has a fetish for French.
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