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  1. I am now imagining the Twilight story, but with ogres.
  2. I've got a similar impression. It's present in both worlds and that's just how it works. EDIT: Changed "10 km away" to "10 km up in the air", had a brain fart there.
  3. I've had arguments with Flat-Earthers about this sort of thing, and Akhorahil is, to the best of my knowledge, right. If you're a 1000 km. away from something, even a small hill will be able to cover the line of sight to something that's 10km high in the air. I would argue that both the Red Moon and Kero Fin are magical locuses, and therefore either pluripresent, or deviate from simple Eucledian geometry. It's sort of like in a video game where the objective marker is always visible even if you can't see the objective yet. And Kero Fin is of course in the Sky World because they Sky isn't even a part of the Inner World.
  4. Holy crap. That Sevening must be pretty reliable.
  5. How many thousands are we talking about here?
  6. If possible, making the text vector-based would help with avoiding graphical artifacting for a potential poster - but I know dick all about graphical design, so I wouldn't know how to do that, or even if I'm correct. Anyway, that dude looks pretty good for a "pittance" conscript. What the background on them?
  7. I wouldn't know about how the rules are set up, but I guess that makes sense. Wouldn't it be possible to do some clever combining and syncretism, though?
  8. Trolls have a good deal or mixed theism and shamanism, don't they? I guess Arkat Kingtroll would be the most plausible angle of approach.
  9. Child tattoos might not be added until a child has survived a few years. I know of a number of cases were infants are not seen as having souls or a mind of their own until they reach a certain age, for example. It can be seen as psychological coping mechanism for infant mortality rates (I won't comment on whether it's effective or not). This absence of a soul/spirit (local emic terms apply) is also something that makes them extra vulnerable to spirit assaults, and hence is partially explaining the infant mortality rate to begin with). This is also why in some cultures a naming day (or one of several) is not shortly after birth, but at the time of the first teething, or after weaning, or other similar threshold. Fathers tattooing to mark their children reminded me of the (sometimes) Arab practice of taking on names after the (firstborn) child (kunya). "Umm Ali" (Ali's Mother), "Abu Mazen" (Mazen's Father). It's not that I expect Orlanthi to practice this, but the tattooing functions similarly. There are probably parallels in polynesian cultures (given the prevalence of genealogical significance in tatau), but I don't know any specific examples. Apropos of nothing, do bloodlines have their own tattoos, or only clans, btw?
  10. Well, there's always the point about how rivers used to run up. It's one of those things that are good to mention to newbies so that they can prepare for the more seriously weird stuff. My favorite, however, which has less to do with how weird it is, and more to do with being a part of the discussion thread where someone finally put it in clear words, is this: in Glorantha, horses are taxonomically birds.* (*Sort of, being descendants of mutilated Hippogriff which was a beaked, feathered, winged sky-animal. Not a bird in the strictest sense, but close enough for me to find it to be a bit of a mindblowing revelation, and pretty funny).
  11. No True Scotsman at work again. "I HAVE meditated upon the Ultimate, and I've decided I'm gonna punch the moon!" "No, that's not, like, REAL enlightenment!"
  12. @EricW Your summary, and quote, seems a lot more in line with how I imagine illumination in Glorantha to be myself. Yes, obviously motivation is going to be subjective, but even so, I've noticed that whenever Chaos cultists or monsters are brought up together with Storm Bull PCs, there very often seems to be mentions that one or more of the Chaos folks could be Illuminated. This, at least to me, seems like a very gamey approach to the concept, with it being almost being treated just as a monster buff, as opposed to thinking about how that illumination would come about (it's not exactly a reliable process at the best of times - Sevening seems the most semi-reliable, and even that requires exceptional individuals), nor what it would do to a Chaos entity (would they even feel any attachment to their previous motivations and urges? Possibly, possibly not. Illumination changes you in ways that are impossible to predict.)
  13. In the RW, most practicioners of transcendent practices that seek spiritual enlightenment would probably argue that going into such practices with such selfish goals would preclude them from actually ever achieving enlightenment. Obviously, Glorantha is a game world, and functions by its own internal logic - but how does motives and other such elements affect the chances of Illumination (or, I guess, the TYPE of Illumination one ends up with). This applies not just to Ogres, of course, but all sorts of Chaos entities that might want to remain hidden from Storm Bulls or other anti-Chaos measures. This is all with the caveat that such argument of selfishness (or malevolence, etc) precluding Illumination isn't just one practicioner's "no true Scotsman" argument against fellow practicioners they disagree with.
  14. I think "Bull-Orlanthi" and "Ram-Orlanthi" are just informal ways to describe which groups tend to primarily make their living off cattle or sheep - or maybe it has to do with which animal they associate their highest god with (Heortlings seem to value cattle highest, for example, but tend to view Orlanth with ram-features more than they do bull-features, which is relegated to Urox.) But that's just my interpretation. As for the movement of the missionaries - it was my impression that they came through Maniria (via the Entruli states) and Ralio (via Dorastor) before entering Fronela. Although I don't see why a northern angle might not have occured simultaneously. As for the Tawari - it's less that they were full-on Hsunchen, and more that they were animal-totemic Storm pastoralists (like Praxians, I guess). They may have once been the equivalent of Hsunchen before the Storm Age, even, but at some point they appear to have adopted more clear theistic and Storm-based societes (at least based on the clues we get in sources related to Western Peloria, ie. Bisosae, etc.)
  15. If you have an epidemic going around, or a camp of wounded soldiers, putting some death-delaying spells around might be really valuable. Just giving the actual healers some extra time. Could it be used to delay the decay of foodstuffs? I assume the are already ways to do that with simpler spells, but this could be another. EDIT: This might be stretching it, but could it be used to remove/neutralize poisons or venoms from food as well?
  16. I mean, I *did* manage to follow that, but it was dangerously close to word salad for me. Once Lunar satrapies that don't follow the borders of traditional regions, but may or may not share names with them, and the myriad minor local kingdoms of Peloria come into the picture I feel like I did when I first opened up King of Sartar for the first time.
  17. Very fascinating! I was considering associating the Ram people (although not necessarily the Andam Horde) with Janard Lastralgar and the Lastralgartelli who according to the myths lead a (failed) invasion of Dara Happa, whereupon his tribe split - although the resulting Star Tribes settled on the Upper Oslir, so I discounted them from having anything to do with the Talastarings. This, however, not only makes more sense, but gives them an incredibly interesting backstory. I have a fondness for all those other Storm peoples that got sort of came and went/haven't been covered as well. After looking at the wiki, it seems to say that Visku is their name for Top-of-the-World rather than Orlanth himself, is this correct (I don't have the Guide on my, sadly). Are the Viskuan the same as the Talastarings, or where they ancestral to the West-Pelorian and Fronelan Orlanthi prior to the Darkness or in the Gray Age or something? EDIT: I remember that the story of the raid on Arran included passing through a pass, but I didn't seriously consider current-day Gloranthan geography too seriously in that story, since God Time geography is a bit all over the place. I'll reconsider that attitude. I guess maybe it was Kartolin Pass or nearby, then? Also, is Aggar of Vingkotling provenance, or similarly of another group?
  18. That's the one I gobbled up hungrily a while back when googling wildly for sources on Glorantha. Good stuff.
  19. A fairly quick question: The Talastarings were contacted by the Unity Council around 100 after the Dawn, and maintained relations/joined them after that. They seem to have organized from nine clans to nine tribes? I am not sure if this means that this was the first time they had contact, or whether they had previously been contacted by Lightbringer missionaries. We are also told (by @Jeff if I remember correctly) that the Talastarings fared a lot worse than the Heortlings in the Darkness and did not have any significant survival legends/secrets of their own. In practice, this meant that they took in much of the Lightbringer missions' teachings and effectively became Heortlings. What I am wonder is if what the Talastarings were before the Greater Darkness battered them so low. Were they the last remnant of one of the Vingkotling tribes Are they the amalgamation of the last remnants of several Vingkotling tribes? This seems to me to be the simplest answer, however the map of settlements of the Dawn Age in the Book of Heortling Mythology places them borth of the Penenthelli and the Berenethtelli, which appear to me to be the northernmost actual Vingkotlings. It also means that these tribes were still around, and not battered so badly they ceased to exist. There are arguably Orlanthi even further north, such as the Sylilans (BoHM calls them Sylilings, but same things, I assume), just south of Alkoth, and as far as I know, they are a kind of Storm people devoted to Odayla. I am not sure if they were ever considered a part of the Vingkotling confederation/ethnicity, although there are Heortling myths that state that Odayla was a Thunder Brother, and was granted Sylila by Orlanth, so it would at least seem like they were part of a common cultural area, if nothing else. (Not necessarily in the sense that this myth is literally true, but at least in the sense that Odayla was significant enough for southern Vingkotlings/Heortlings to regularly feature him in their stories, and mention his homeland by name.) So... yeah... them Talastarings, eh? (Answers for other Storm Belt peoples is also welcome, but please keep it specific, as I am woefully uncertain about a lot of the Pelorian Orlanthi, such as Brolia, Charg, etc.)
  20. In the Wooing of Ernalda, at least, she's dealing with Orlanth who is basically being a temperamental, insecure teen.
  21. Yeah, I was thinking that it was just using pseudo-Latin to get across an opposite to enlightenment (which already uses illuminare/illumino from Latin.)
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