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  1. Your assessment of the original Shadows is pretty much spot-on: it IS rougher, with super-short scenarios compared to modern ones (fewer than 10 pages as opposed to 20 or more for new ones). It's also a hideously difficult mother too, with scenes in virtually every scenario that could lead to TPKs, monsters that can't be harmed by weapons, and incredibly powerful sorcerers, to say nothing of the effing murder-chapter. Still, there are lots of good scenes and characters and so forth, so it's worth revisiting just to see how the very first CoC supplement looked way way way back when. The original SOYS, BTW, is only about 80 pages, not 180. Like I said, they wrote 'em SHORT back then. And there is indeed an updated/revised/expanded version of Shadows in the works, so the Classic reprint won't be an exact duplication by any means .
  2. Nice. Brings back a lot of memories, there. Still have all of my copies of these, though much abused in the past few decades.
  3. My unpublished Xyserdon sword and sorcery setting for MW had rules for spell-casting that included chance of success, calamities that occurred on fumbled rolls, and physical and mental corruption when using particularly "evil" or "inhuman" or "sadistic/cruel" spells.
  4. I don't know if OLOS ever received an "official" PDF release other than as a possible stretch goal reward as part of the Punktown Kickstarter project. No, wait, it might have also been released as part of one of the Humble Bundles several years back. Other than those two possibilities, I don't think it was ever available electronically (that I know of, anyway).
  5. I wondered if that was what you were talking about. I'm glad you liked it. OLOS has always been one of my favorite books of those I've written. It's certainly the scariest, I reckon. I should also mention that Our Ladies of Sorrow is due to be reprinted with new layout and art by Stygian Fox at some point in the future (probably not soon, though I don't know for sure). I'm kind of fond of the original art, myself, and I doubt ANYONE will EVER top the FANTASTIC cover Santiago Caruso did for the book. I don't know where Keith Herber first saw Santiago's art, but I think MRP was one of the first US publishers to use him for book covers (initially on New Tales of the Miskatonic Valley, then OLOS, then More Adventures in Arkham Country).
  6. There's also Our Ladies of Sorrow, out of print from the late lamented Miskatonic River Press. Good luck finding one, let alone at a reasonable price. It's more blatantly supernatural horror rather than cosmic HPLian horror. And as someone mentioned either here or on a similar thread on YSDC, there's a fair bit of J-horror inspiration involved (along with the DeQuincey and nominal Argento/Leiber-isms).
  7. If you're in the US, I can put you in touch with a local game/comic shop that has the London box AND Curse of Nineveh, both brand new in shrink.
  8. DDT was always intended to be usable as a non-supernatural "straight" western if you wanted to downplay or ignore the weird western elements.
  9. I wholeheartedly share your enthusiasm for further DDT supplements.
  10. If that version has 48 pages, I've bought a couple copies from Amazon over the years. Dunno if it's legit, but it's still available from them ($11.95).
  11. Wow. Everything looks so... PRISTINE. All of mine show every bit of their age.
  12. Uh. Yeah. That certainly could have been worded better. The art. I was talking about the art. 😳
  13. I'd still like to see and art/history book for the game a la the Arts & Arcana book for D&D, showing the development of the game through the years. Fill it with art, photos, memorabilia, and so forth. I've got lots of scans of preliminary art sketches, including some censored stuff (did you know the totem-creature in "The Hills Rise Wild" originally had 'nads?). That's what I wanna see.
  14. Could this have been something done for one of the black and white horror comic zines from the era (Creepy, Eerie, Vampirella, Psycho, etc.), or even Savage Sword of Conan or the like? Did Day have any credits from those mags?
  15. I was particularly amused when, in episode 6, Holy War, about 16 minutes in they very briefly used a very famous Yellow Sign in the background of a couple of scenes. Yes I did jump up and shout. Yes I did record it and rewatch it several times to verify. I enjoyed the heck out of this show but felt it went off the rails a bit in the last couple of episodes (notably including what looked to be a very key figure from CoC lore). Up to then it was very creepy and very reminiscent of a good CoC game.
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