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  1. You mean Lewis Carroll, don't you? 😉
  2. Well, I have reasons to want to be Colonialed, but I'm not holdin' me effin' breath.
  3. I would add good visually interesting scenes to that list, though I know sometimes scenarios run the danger of becoming just a string of scenes (my own included). A good mystery and intriguingly different clues are almost a must, as far as I'm concerned. Unfortunately, over the years I found some of my own pieces lacking in certain other areas (I was never one to go overboard on handouts, for instance). I also liked to make my plots plausible, hopefully devoid of coincidence and over-the-top elements: I grounded my stuff as much as possible. I think things like roleplaying in particular are the business of the GM and players. My philosophy was to come up with a good story, good clues, some killer scenes, and a likely conclusion (or two). I left the roleplaying and how the Keeper incorporated the scenario into his/her individual campaign to them. I think every single scenario requires some work by the Keeper, especially if he's trying to work his player characters into the story somehow. I figured my job wasn't to try and anticipate every type of PC that might be used in the scenario, that the Keeper would handle that. Same goes for scenario hooks. People are always bitching about how this or that scenario's hook is "lame". Well, they're hard to do, especially if you're trying to think of something generic enough for most GMs and PCs to use. Another thing all good scenarios need is a solid, informative precis of the scenario, up front, within a page or so of the beginning. A good Keeper's Info section should cover enough bases for the GM to see what happened before, what's happening now, and what is likely to happen in the course of the adventure. Hopefully without omitting some important NPC, event, or creature that shows up out of nowhere in the text that is crucial to the story. My 2 cents anyway.
  4. If the DragonMeet panel "announcement" is true, this is amazingly wonderfully great news.
  5. Don't remember much in the way of details, and my book is not at hand, but I'm pretty sure one of the scenarios in Fearful Passages dealt with the use of a diving suit or suits.
  6. And I still think it would have been a good idea to release a BRP Essentials book, with just the basic rules pared down to where casual and/or DIY folks could convert or create their own games/genres.
  7. I think Chaosium are MUCH better at marketing than they ever have been. It's just a shame that the BRP line has been allowed to molder in favor of hawking CoC7, RQG, and the newer acquisitions of KAP and 7th Sea and the like. (Don't get me wrong, those lines needed to be advertised and sold, it's just that I wish they had allowed the BRP line to develop alongside the proven properties.) I think the current company is much more capable of marketing a BRP line than their predecessors -- and that was one of many things that kept games like Magic World from getting the attention it deserved.
  8. Dunno about the pulp Cthulhu superhero game, but his Haunted West weird west RPG just came on Kickstarter today.
  9. It's actually spelled "mosey", and the new mini-sandbox setting is Stonegarden not Stonehaven (unless it was changed in editorial?). (I stand corrected, I guess mozy is an alternate spelling, albeit an obscure one.)
  10. I'd also recommend Magic World, for many of the same reasons as svensson. I also find the Major Wounds rules to be preferable and simpler than separate hit locations used by other D100 systems (plus I think it kinda covers the same ground as specific locations, albeit in more of a shorthand manner). I think you'll also find Magic World's character creation is quicker, since skills are distributed in specified chunks. You can always supplement creatures, spells, and spot rules with elements from the BRP rules or CoC, RQ, or whatever else you have at hand.
  11. I'd recommend a look at Magic World, or maybe including elements from the BRP Gold Book.
  12. I always preferred the method of rolling X number of characteristics and then distributing them as you see fit (which I'm pretty sure is an option in both MW and BRP Gold). That way if a player has a certain type of character in mind (e.g. Cugel) he isn't saddled with characteristics for, say Conan or Frodo; he still may have to make some compromises with what he rolled, but basically he can build a character more in mind with what he wants to play, rather than what the Dice Gods gave him.
  13. I'm having the same problem with all threads in the Basic RolePlaying Forum, but my error code is 2S136/Q.
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