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  1. You know how sometimes it can be invigorating to take a nice refreshing dip in a cool mountain lake? This ain't that kinda lake.
  2. Probably either TOME's Arkham Evil or Grenadier's Horrible Secret of Monhegan Island.
  3. Redbubble now has a bunch of Apocthulhu-related merchandise for sale, notably including a really boss map of William Hope Hodgson's Night Land. You can also get neat Apocthulhu logo gear and items with art from the cover of the Quickstart rules. Did I mention the Night Land map is really boss? https://www.redbubble.com/i/poster/William-Hope-Hodgson-s-The-Night-Land-by-CReborn/56117238.LVTDI
  4. There's a new interview with one of the contributors (moi) over at Cthulhu Reborn regarding the Night Land chapter and future plans for that setting.
  5. I'll have to look, but I think I did a write-up for this at one point. It was either for the as-yet-unreleased Colonial Lovecraft Country sourcebook's Providence chapter, or as part of a short digital expansion for the Raiders of R'lyeh project Kickstarted some years back.
  6. Well, it's taken its time, but a near-final version of The Dare has been released to backers in PDF. Looks pretty good too. Love the faux-VHS box covers. Gobs of new material. It'll be nice to see this out in the wilds again after 25-ish years or so (talking about the original appearance, not how long the Kickstarter has taken...).
  7. I like how you can wear the Yellow Sign mask with the design either side up and still be right (technically).
  8. I think this is more of a case of "Thank you Moon Design".
  9. While I agree this project is GROSSLY, even RIDICULOUSLY overdue, I'm not sure what more you could want from SHP beyond a refund. At least he's willing to do that much.
  10. Caveat: I haven't read much of King for decades, but for awhile there I was an ardent follower (basically until people stopped editing him and his books got bloated and painful to read -- maybe he got better). Anyway, Pet Sematary was pretty dark and disturbing, and for awhile was my favorite King novel. Salem's Lot and Shining are also good. You might also try some of the short stories from books like Night Shift and Skeleton Crew. As others have suggested, I'd avoid tackling things like The Stand and the Dark Tower series, as they are pretty long treks, and if you've gotten through
  11. Evidently YSDC is only open to applications for new memberships on Mondays. No, I'm not kidding. No, I don't know why. So next Monday try stopping by setting up an account. No, I don't know how you do that. And no, this doesn't seem like a very rational way to host an allegedly important arena for discussion of Lovecraftian games and fiction. https://www.yog-sothoth.com/
  12. Please DO NOT encourage further delay of this project. I've been waiting ten $#@!ing years already, and I'll probably be $#@!ing dead if it gets delayed that much longer. My advice is, since they are actually two VERY different settings, that someone should do the Puritan era on its own. It would certainly make for a nice book, covering all of Lovecraft Co in the Witch Scare years. Or take it back to the early settlement years, and/or cover the rest of the country being settled. Hell, go further than that, and you could cover the Spanish settlement of Mexico and So America. There's no rea
  13. And damned if Mike M didn't ninja me on that reply.
  14. Someday (maybe) there will be a published version of Colonial Lovecraft Country, written and submitted to Sixtystone Press several years ago. It's set in the 1750s rather than the Puritan era, so as to make use of a number of important events in the fictional Lovecraft Country timeline which culminates in the raid on Joseph Curwen's farm in the 1770s. The line consists of a sourcebook, adventure anthology, and a campaign dealing with the actions of Curwen and his confederates.
  15. Sorry, not able to take/post pics. Basically, the test printings were exactly the same thing as the final versions, but printed on cheaper paper; even the cover was just a normal weight. Plus I think they had a notice at the bottom of the contents page that this was a test printing for contributors in a total of X copies. I think those test runs were less than 20 copies or so.
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