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    Started playing rpgs in 1982 with D&D, went on to college and moved to Call of Cthulhu, Rolemaster, Runequest and lots of other games which continues to this day.
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    Play games over short run mini-seasons, so get to play a lot and even run a bit. Currently planning a Cthulhu in 1920s London game.
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  1. I think that is a bit too non-realistic in all except decent sized towns. In the 20s something like 1 in 10 households had a phone in the US (even though in scenarios it seems like everyone does) and I guess that the poorer areas of town are likely to be lower than that. Also police response in very rural areas is likely to be quite a bit slower than that. Although a single rural policeman confronting a gun-happy PC group might be interesting. Even if there is no immediate confrontation there is likely to be a much higher police presence in the area after a dead body is found and the police
  2. +1d4 not +4 for existing skills. 1d10+1 for new skills. It is about learning and improving skills when travelling (for example on an ocean liner between the US and England). See Appendix A in the Masks books.
  3. Yep generally it is a spiral - and it is a feature not something to work against. Also scared and traumatized aren't the only result - they might become manic, convinced that they should usher in the monsters etc. I also think that re-reading "Getting Used to the Awfulness" in the Keeper's Rulebook will help - as repeated exposures to the same monster doesn't have the same effect. Also none of the investigators should be starting out with a high Cthulhu Mythos skill (of course their starting SAN could be fairly low though).
  4. Well I am sure there were plenty of NPCs for the Krarshtkids to have a go at first so that they could get untangled a bit. For me at least most dancers aren't going to be fully armed anyway. Yes there may be some cults that may have a ritualised dance with a weapon but in general most dances are not going to be with weapons. Which might have delayed the dancing PCs somewhat.
  5. Yep but not everything is combat. Trying an augment when you are doing something social would seem pretty safe. I find it difficult to see how a failed dance or sing or orate could lead to immediate death. I think if I had players who were resistant to augments I would start by suggesting them outside combat.
  6. Well I would certainly narrate how the target feels drained as he loses 18 POW unexpectedly in an instant. Does it have a physical effect? Maybe it does? I wouldn't argue against narrating how the target starts sinking to their knees before catching themselves. Or then again maybe it doesn't - using Elder Sign costs 10 POW, I wouldn't expect that to cause physical effects to the caster. Of course as the target gets closer to 0 POW you can narrate them being affected even more adversely.
  7. How does that work for us who got the old style Bits & Mortar download links and so have nothing in our Bits & Mortar account (indeed until today didn't have a Bits & Mortar account)?
  8. Some players will try to burn stuff down, of blow stuff up all the time. I think the skill for the bombadier was a good call. For arson I don't think you really need a roll if they are unobserved and have loads of time and some accelerant.
  9. Yep heavily themed around the Mayan civilisation so ruins are the setting for a lot of it.
  10. A Time For Sacrifice has a number of scenarios set in the Yucatan.
  11. Stopping the horror may be finding and dealing with the cultists before they complete the ritual to bring the really bad monsters to the party. It may be finding and destroying (or hiding) some ancient artifact. As well as cultists there are a number of things that a group of investigators could possibly survive attacking and killing (although nothing is ever safe or easy), but there are a lot that they cannot. Knowing which is which is key. Remember as Keeper you are in control of them and one of the key things is to intensify the horror and not just to kill the investigators as quickly
  12. Yep. The character concept is OK "witch student of the occult" - although witches tend to go to the bad side doing magic and making pact with things that should be shunned. Which should be pointed out to the player (although of course you can run your games with 'white witches' if you want). However the skill of 80% does not tally with being a student. 80% is expert level knowledge of the subject (see the table on page 54).
  13. I play CoC. ISTR Build is for fighting maneuvers. It shouldn't change the attack roll for ranged weapons or even proper weapons like swords. It is more for things like grappling, and throws, and pinning - basically something other than inflicting damage. In Call of Cthulhu fighting maneuvers can give you (or your buddies) a bonus on their next action, or might push/throw the monster/cultist off a cliff or something like that. The combat flow can go a bit like you say - PC attacks NPC. NPC then decides to fight back or dodge. The difference is that if both PC and NPC get the same suc
  14. No. If the creature attacks the head you only have 5 points of armour. If it attacks the body you have 12 points. Yep it is still a lot of armour - but then I don't run military campaigns (this sort of stuff isn't available to civvies, or if it is it isn't stuff you walk around in - the cops get nervous). If you know you are going to have a military campaign then you choose your mythos creatures accordingly. Don't go for frontal assaults but use spells and special attacks. A Byakhee draining your blood doesn't care about armour. A Fire Vampire doesn't care about your guns and its dam
  15. World of Cthulhu has a rpggeek page - https://rpggeek.com/rpgitem/97659/world-cthulhu and it can also be found at http://mrgone.rocksolidshells.com/fanbooks.html
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