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  1. 6) My PCs are refugees (it's 1615 ST). They have had to leave the Red Cow clan in Sartar to a) reduce Lunar repression against the clan, and b) escape personal repercussions of their participation in Starbrow's Revolt. The decision for them to leave for Prax (until the heat is off) was sanctioned by their clan.
  2. We started this session with a few minutes spent on completing the adventurers. Dangsarle had his iron ingot made into plate vambraces and Gaar decided his bronze products also were vambraces. One Orlanthi had to choose subcult (Adventurous) and two adventurers had to make a few adjustments to their characteristics. I also asked the players to think about whether or not their adventurers have wifes and/or children, and decide at the start of next session. Then we were ready to go. I've hidden the campaign journal below as it contains spoilers from the Borderlands campaign. The combat lasted approximately four rounds. I use a running Strike Rank system instead of the RAW turn based, and I think it worked well. What I need to do better is to prepare better stat blocks for the enemies, to mark off hit points and stuff from. But in general, I’ve discovered I’m not as concerned about the details as I was thirty years ago. I feel I am confident in my ability to create a fun and exciting game experience, and to do that I don’t need to know if the Tusk Rider is brought to -4 or -5 hit points in its left foreleg. It’s enough if I pretend to know. We did experience rolls, and one player even succeeded with a POW gain roll, after having cast Disruption. I’m now contemplating how to time the coming scenarios in the campaign. I need to make it possible for the adventurers to attend the holy days in Horn Gate. The room where we play has a big screen behind me. Should I use it? How? I don’t have any immediate ideas - a slideshow of mood images maybe? I’m afraid it would be distracting.
  3. Not sure what you mean. I had two files in my download section, with different file names and sizes, but both containing the same map: When I told customer support, I was emailed the missing pdf named "CHA4029 South Dragon Pass Map.pdf".
  4. I contacted customer support. Jason sent me the correct pdf.
  5. We've just finished our first session ("Scouting the Lands") so there's not really much experience to talk about. Your model for skill point reduction sounds good if you want a lower skill level game. I've also slightly reduced skill levels, although I've kept the "auto-initiation" as I remember missing that aspect of the game when I ran RQ3 way back. I will say though, that reading this thread it's apparent to me that I have a very different perspective on the game than some. For example, I don't really care about the details in the combat system. We ran one combat and there's no way I was following RAW. I simply don't know the rules that well, the players are new to the game, and my main priority was MGF. I'll learn the rules as we go, and ignore the parts that I don't think make sense (or are, in my opinion, too crunchy). I could run RQ3 or RQ:G - I really don't care - but I'll stick to RQ:G as far as possible as it's the current edition. My players lack the rpg experience needed to suggest rule changes, and rely on me telling them what goes and how. As far as they (and I) are having fun, I'm satisfied. I'm thankful other people debate the rules though, as I think that might lead to improvements being posted as house rules, or as official rules errata.
  6. I've recently started a Borderlands-campaign with players who are mostly completely new to tabletop roleplaying. I use the RQ:G rules but have moved back the time to 1615. Blog: https://basicroleplaying.org/blogs/blog/63-red-cows-in-the-borderlands/
  7. Puckohue

    Shaman NPC

    Guess what - just like Carthalo in the Quickstart she's "considered insane". There's this great line at the end of the article: "Leona lives half of her existence on the spirit plane, like all good shamans. This means she often acts in ways that seem insane."
  8. The cult description (p 305) doesn't explicitly state that Storm Khans of Storm Bull have to be male, but it does state that So, are there any female Storm Khans of Storm Bull in your Glorantha?
  9. One of the adventurers in my group received an iron ingot as a family heirloom. How does he get it enchanted? The appendix in the Gamemasters Pack says that (p. 120) but the spell is not listed as a common Rune spell, and none of the cults in the rules have the Rune spell Enchant (metal). The spell description says the Rune used varies with the metal, but I can't find any information on what Rune is associated with iron.
  10. 1600 Participating Homelands: Sartar Modifiers: Noble, Priest +5 1 Killed by random cause. 2-19 A normal year. 20 Witnessed king Terasarin killed by dinosaur. Gain Fear (Dinosaurs)
  11. Puckohue

    Shaman NPC

    Is there a fully statted NPC RQ:G Shaman published anywhere to date?
  12. On the Rune Spell Soul Sight (p. 340): Can the caster also tell what cult a person is initiated into?
  13. You're right, I've always been confused by those terms. I'll correct it.
  14. We now have the protagonists defined: five members of the Saliorson household of the Osmanning bloodline of the Red Cow Clan of the Cinsina Tribe. They all participated in Starbrow’s Revolt and have now fled to Pavis to avoid the repression. The year is 1615. We have the two hunter brothers Gaios and Salion, one an Odayla initiate and the other a Yinkin. Their cousins, the Orlanthi farmer Dangsarle, and his brother the Orlanthi redsmith Gaar. And finally their cousin, the Orlanthi farmer Antip. But let me describe the session from start to finish. After personal presentations (most of us had never met before) the session began with a few general words from me on Glorantha. I then explained the undefined player characters’ general situation and decision to seek employment with a settler duke in Prax. Mercenary Captain Daine then presented his map of Weis Domain and held his briefing. At this point we began the character creation process. Everyone was informed that this would take the entire session. I had prepared a family tree with named grandparents and parents, and ten or so empty spaces where the players could write their names (as the characters were still unnamed). On this family tree they selected their significant ancestors. We then rolled for their histories. I had prepared a few random tables for early years, as my campaign takes place ten years earlier than assumed in the rules. I really enjoy the family history part of the character creation process, but I think it would be even more fun if it had even more impact on the characters. There is a chance of getting a passion or some reputation, but in our case, that only happened to one character. I’d prefer if every character always brought at least one thing from the family history to the character sheet. As I’ve already adjusted the family history process to handle earlier years I might do something about this too. One idea is to make “A normal year.” give +10% to one of the ancestor’s occupational skills. The rest of the character creation process went smoother than expected. We skipped skill category modifiers and other attributes. I’ve added those to the character sheets after the session. The players were a little afraid of making bad choices regarding occupations and cults. I tried to reassure them that as long as they didn’t pick something they really didn’t think sounded fun, it would be alright. Spell choices were also a cause for some worry about picking something they’d come to regret, but I tried to advice them, and offered them the option of changing something after the first sessions when they’ve learnt more about the game. Everyone in the group expressed satisfaction with this session. Some were a bit overwhelmed with all the information they had to take in. I had prepared a leaflet with cultural background information for them to take home, which they did. I stated several times that they did not have to read anything at all in order to be able to play. Everything in between sessions is totally optional. I offered an invite to the Kanka site, and two players have joined so far. Next session we will probably start with questions, finishing up anything left on the character creation, and then continue with Scouting the Lands, the first mission from Duke Raus.
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