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  1. I have to say I find it peculiar to equate "a society without a modern police force" with "a society without law". There were plenty of laws in ancient Rome. But maybe it was just lazy typing.
  2. Session ended in horror after a failed Spirit Travel, a fumbled Spirit Dance, and a Spirit Combat against a ghost that first rolled a Critical and then a Special. The shaman apprentice's possessed body is now gagged and tied to a tree.
  3. Being "confined to the Spirit World" sounds to me like they can't see the Middle World, as the Spirit World is separate. So how would the shaman know when or where to cast visibility? How would the shaman act in order to engage in Spirit Combat with the enemy in the house next door?
  4. I found it when I unpacked my RQ stuff. I probably got it at a convention back in the days. Or Ebay, I can't remember. I bought one of the issues from a Swedish collector this winter.
  5. Many texts describe spirits guarding a place in the Middle World.
  6. I now have a Shaman among the adventurers and need to learn more about spirits, the spirit world etc. Please help me. There are many examples where spirits are encountered in the Middle World. They can engage the adventurers in Spirit Combat. Page 366 of the rules says Spirit Combat can occur "...between a discorporate entity and an embodied entity (such as a human being) in the Middle World." It seems to me there's an overlap of sorts between the Middle World and the Spirit World, where a discorporate person (like a Shaman who's cast Discorporation) is not entirely "gone away" to the Spirit World. Can the discorporate Shaman "hang around" the Middle World (like an invisible ghost), having one foot in each world, so to speak. That's a great spy, only visible to other spirits (or defences against spirits). For MGF I will of course play it the way I want to, but I'm curious to hear how it's intended to work.
  7. This is how her exile was explained to me when I asked about it here. Her failure gave her rivals what they needed to get rid of her.
  8. Unless you use your adventurer's passions and runes as guidelines for roleplay in addition to their mechanical effects.
  9. I'd only enforce a roll if the Passion is at 80% or higher. The one adventurer I had with 80%+ Fear (Dragons) decided to stay outside when the party confronted Yerezum Storn. After seeing the dream dragon defeated he got a chance to lower his fear passion.
  10. From Issue 3 of Windwords I pick the Aldryami sap produced by Uz.
  11. My adventurers are eager to return to Korolstead. There are three obvious targets of exploration they've expressed interest in: 1. The Ernalda temple. I'm considering using the Ernalda temple design from Temples and Towers. But what opposition would they encounter? Spirits obviously? What if they don't bring an Ernalda cultist? Would temple defenses still be active? Would associate cults' initiates be welcome or seen as intruders? Could there be something down there that's dug up from below? 2. The tomb of Korol. Is his spirit still there? What would it look like? Where could I look for inspiration on design, encounters, and treasures? There's some grave with "loot" in the GM Screen Pack I could look at, even though those graves feel too simple. IIRC there's a few tomb designs in Griffin Mountain, but I'm not sure they're appropriate. Again: maybe something came from below? Finding Orgorvale's trapped spirit started a cult - what if the same is possible here? 3. The unfinished temple of Zorak Zoran. Are the troll spirits still there? What does his temples look like? Any other ideas for interesting locations in The Smoking Ruins?
  12. I also use it to decide what happens when the adventurers don’t have the abilities of the players.
  13. What colour would the standard of Tarsh be? Edit: found it (with help) on p. 169 of the Guide to Glorantha.
  14. So, Chernan and the Wild Sages: how would one join this subcult? It is outside of the cult hierarchy, consisting of loners... Do you just decide to send your prayers (and magic points etc) to Chernan, and leave the city to go excavating ruins? I assume it's not possible to become a Sage (Priest) as you've positioned yourself outside of the cult hierarchy, but Is it possible to become a God Talker if a member of this subcult? How?
  15. I use roll20 for maps, handouts, character sheets, combats etc. I use Discord for voice, and lately also video. I use Kanka for lore and background, but my players aren't too interested in logging in there and read. They do keep a game journal on google docs though.
  16. Reminds me of the fact that it seems C7 made the Old World ~60% larger in WFRP 4e by putting "miles" where there used to read "kilometres"...
  17. What duplicity was that? Didn't he fall off a cliff trying to evade a dinosaur? That's what the Storm Voice told me. Quote is from The Smoking Ruin & Other Stories
  18. Chaosium has published free templates for the Jonstown Compendium. There's been a few improvements by writers (some added to the Facebook group). However, not all writers are comfortable using them, which has resulted in the current variety in visual presentation in the JC.
  19. Puckohue

    Item Prices

    Do you have a system for this or do you make it up as you go? How do you determine prices for trade goods? As an example, if they go to Boldhome with 50 ENC of salt, how would you determine the price of salt there?
  20. I'm about to run the convention scenario The Fainting Spirit but there is one thing I need help understanding. The question is a heavy spoiler, so if you think you might want to play it, now is the time to go somewhere else.
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  22. I run a fairly standard RQ:G-campaign on roll20/discord. The adventurers are all from the Ernaldori clan doing standard RQ:G-stuff like defending Apple Lane, going to the Smoking Ruin etc. Now, for my personal enjoyment I’d like to find some people who would like to take on the role of “factions” in my campaign. I’m not really offering to GM anything, I just want some other people telling me what the different clans, great temples, elder races realms, town rings, etc are up to. It’s all very vague I know. It’s on purpose as - again - I don’t want it to sound like I’m offering to GM some kind of faction game. I’m considering making this experiment with external input, and if you think it sounds like fun, please send me a PM and a list of the top three “factions” you’d like to give input on (I don’t even want to call it “play” ). This would be run on discord in a very slow pace.
  23. I don't worry about stats when GMing anymore, but I guess statted NPCs are a way for new players to get a better grip of the system and the setting. They were for me.
  24. Page 7 first sentence after first heading: "The Three Emeralds Temple is carved deep into the rock of Pegasus Plateau and dedicated it to the three different aspects of Ernalda" Change to "The Three Emeralds Temple is carved deep into the rock of the Pegasus Plateau and is dedicated to the three different aspects of Ernalda"
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