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  1. Was the original Red Emperor (Doskalos/Scarlet Warlord) the biological son of the goddess or was he adopted to fulfil the Role of emperor? Were the Egi assembled before the event of the battle at Castle Blue or did Doskalos originally enjoy an existence independent of the Egi?
  2. So, from what I’m reading here, any non-fragmentary fiction projects are unlikely at the moment. That’s fair. Disappointing but fair, if there’s no budget for commissioning fiction from established writers (which seems to be the norm).
  3. I would probably need Jeff to answer this (or at least someone within Chaosium) but the majority of the people who post in this forum are probably aware of the homebound Arkat’s Saga and Harmast’s Saga collections currently listed on eBay, yes? They’re advertised as being akin to Stafford Library books in that they’re mostly fragments. Are these likely to be made public? Do Chaosium have their own copies from Greg or would these have to be privately purchased and then authorisation from the Stafford estate procured before they could be sold online? Or would it make more sense for the
  4. First off, apologies if this topic is verboten - I have created this thread purely out of curiosity, not as a way of hectoring Chaosium staff, who I believe are doing a bang-up (and often thankless) job since the reorganisation a few years back. With that out of the way, I am aware of several incomplete works of Glorantha fiction, all of which sound fascinating. Greg Stafford's Arkat's Saga, Harmast's Saga and Jeff's own Prince of Satar webcomic. While the former will remain incomplete - and the latter on hiatus presumably until at least 2021, given Jeff's dance card - will Chasoium ever
  5. As a newcomer to this setting, I never fail to be baffled by the strength of feeling the Elmal/Yelmalio issue causes. That's absolutely not a criticism, by the way, it is a genuine sense of confusion (and maybe a little alienation) at the level of emotion the subject stirs amongst the learned. Also, as a neophyte, the fact that this hasn't been explored to exhaustion within officially published materials is surprising. An entire campaign focusing on a struggling Elmali clan during the Yemalio takeover seems entirely plausible as a microcosm of the Solar/Storm conflict that underpins Sarta
  6. http://www.glorantha.com/readings/ This might help you, though it’s very much broad strokes.
  7. Well, living in Scotland means the Sun often feels like an absentee father - particularly now the clocks have gone back an hour. It’s an odd thing to revisit this thread, given that it started before Greg’s passing. I would still desperately like to see Harmast’s Saga realised at some point but I wonder if it is more likely that something akin to The History of Middle Earth is a more realistic way of chronicling Greg’s unfinished works.
  8. Goodbye, Greg. I am saddened at your departure but celebrate your journey - I am glad you saw your lifelong vision realised.
  9. All of this is new to me. Is there a way to read any of this material? Did Fabian give up on trying to get a full novel out of Greg? And Jeff Richard has talked about writing his own Harmast novel, too (going by the thread on future products)? I am beginning to find it hard to believe that many of these fiction projects will be completed in the next 5 years, though I’d be thrilled to be proven wrong. I really liked Morden Defends the Camp, which I read for the first time last week on the Glorantha.com site. And it didn’t take me long to read Prince of Sartar to the end of its available ch
  10. Yes, earlier posts stated the earliest Glorantha material was set in what is now known (to us) as the west. Speaking of prose fiction, would anyone be able to explain the development of Harmast’s Saga to me, please? I understand extracts have been read at various cons over the years and that Morden Defends the Camp is or was to be the first chapter. Do we have any more info? I vaguely remember reading that the title “A Pyre for Gods and Heroes” was being considered?
  11. Excellent! Already ordered, though nearly £8.00 for shipping was steeper than I was expecting. Still, the discount voucher for having bought the .pdf took some of the sting away.
  12. Can I get some clarification on the bolded? I don’t think Elmal and Yelmalio are polar opposites but they do owe their loyalties to opposing camps which potentially makes for a stumbling block in their common identification. Not an insurmountable stumbling block but the lack of explicit mythological connective tissue between loyalty to Yelm and loyalty to Orlanth (seemingly in that order) made me wonder if Greg wanted to keep things fuzzy. However, the point could be moot and I could be reading too much into things here. My only reticence for adopting the explanation offered in The Birth
  13. I’m aware that there’s at least a couple of threads on the front page discussing Elmal/Yelmalio but I’d like a bit of real-world context for this (perennial?) topic. Am I correct in saying that Elmal was introduced fairly late in the day, in the early 90s? More subjectively, is it fair to suggest this was done to inject some ambiguity into Gloranthan mythology? By knowingly creating a similar deity to the already established Yelmalio - with the polar opposite loyalties, politically speaking - does this force the audience to look outside of the God Learner mentality, with their neat, tidy
  14. It's excellent, though I'm glad I'd read Dictionary of the Khazars beforehand - without that experience I probably would have insisted it on reading it linearly, like a novel, which would have made for a much more difficult read. Not sure I can be of any help (I don't have any training in literary analysis or practical knowledge of relevant fields like comparative mythology and archaeology) but would certainly like to see more of what you're attempting. Is this project of yours completely fan-sourced or is Chaosium involved in some way?
  15. I'm a fairly new visitor to the world of Glorantha (I've just bought a copy of King of Sartar and am reading it alongside the .pdf of The Glorantha Sourcebook) but I'm just as fascinated with the development of the mythology as I am with the mythology itself. Is there any resource which lists all of the concepts introduced with each Glorantha release? For example, was Argrath introduced in White Bear and Red Moon? Did Arkat exist as a concept before the introduction of Argrath? Is the former a retcon designed to lend more weight to the latter? These are the kind of things I'm interested i
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