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  1. Join us for our first no combat all roleplay episode and discover how truly unbalanced we are. Get answers to the questions of the universe When are free spells not free? What would happen if a Duck entered Glorantha has talent? What is that varied diet krodan eats? Why when asked to roleplay does khaine recite a list of food? All these questions and more answered right now on https://youtu.be/97Qe0jH7dVo
  2. I've written a mini adventure for groups to run over Christmas. its a free download and will fit into any campaign over Christmas. It has lots of Easter eggs and in jokes and humor. please feel free to download and enjoy - i will be uploading our play through to our you tube channel tomorrow in old men play rune quest. https://1drv.ms/b/s!AubIEqZn8Gj8gZE0iRpqaz8ejGqN4g Merry Christmas from the old men
  3. Smokebadger

    RuneQuest Core Rules Questions

    Basic question a starting adventurer has 3 rune points. Sever spirit is a 3 point spell does that take 1 or 3 of his starting rune points. I’d say 3 but the rules seem to indicate 1.
  4. Smokebadger

    Play a game and honor Greg Stafford

    Richard George RL intervenes and the monthly game is put back 2 weeks, However Greg Staffords family asked people to play a game and include the Gregg rune. Honouring someones passing should not only be a solemn affair but should celebrate their life. I know this should be the 10th but we wont be recording again until the 18th. With that in mind the old men present a short 1:30 bonus episode in which I submit to the glorantha influence of Greg one last time. Thank you for 38 years of the old men adventuring in Glorantha Greg, you will be missed. https://youtu.be/EDAaM4nZ6v0