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  1. I first encountered Greg's work with Runequest 1st edition in 1979, at a time when I was having serious health issues at University. Playing it helped me cope both psychologically and physically between stints in hospital. Too young, darnit! The world is a poorer place now he's no longer here, but my goodness, he enriched it so much before then I feel churlish complaining. My condolences to his family and friends. Other friends, I should say, as though I never met him in person, I did through his magnum opus, Glorantha. That remains, and I think will rank with the worlds of Tolkein, Swift, Lewis and Barker as an immortal work of imagination.
  2. Page 8 of GM summary - in addition to error in augmentation table, page number is missing from bottom left corner.
  3. Ducks and other Adventurers and a Gorp below the Big Rubble.
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