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  1. That looks like the default Roll20 roll template. As far as I am aware the Chaosium Runequest Sandbox is a game set up by @StephenMcG were they setup macros. I am talking about the actual source code of the RQ:Glorantha Roll20 Community Sheet.
  2. The Roll20 source is on github if you have a pro account you can create a custom sheet and make any changes you want.
  3. As per SDLeary and the knockdown part is the more important part not the throwing people around the room part.
  4. I should be able to put a button in there. Accept an issue with making this a button is what happens with common spells and others that are marked with an R. Also what about a spell that has more than one rune attached like healing trance which has fertility and harmony?
  5. Something like this. But if you are wanting to click the rune and have drop down with graphics that's a different story.
  6. Actually, since the last time I looked at something like this for the Heroquest sheet there have been changes that are already on the live server that could make this a lot easier. But whatever the solution the there is only so much room and I will have to shorten the spell name.
  7. Graphics cannot be added to <select> dropdowns on chrome. The only other way to do it requires a lot of work. There is something on the Roll20 test server that might make it easier at some point in the future .
  8. Great advice Bill. Luckily, this is probably going to be a one shot so to simplify things I will play it from the RQ3 Troll assault point of view and have NPCs guarding the back and side doors and have wave that as you advise. Olag will be out front yelling advice.
  9. Has any of you ran Munchrooms from Trollpak?. I offered to run this but the prep for it has made me think I may have bit off a lot more than I can chew.
  10. No problem. I thought I had failed my Read English roll.
  11. In RQ 3 it does not have to be a special any damage that goes over the target's SIZ creates a knock back. For each 5 pts of damage or fraction thereof the target is knocked back 1m and make a Dex x5 to stay standing pg 49 of the boxed set players book. With smashing and slashing weapons on special the target is knocked back 1m per 5pts of damage, SIZ is not a factor pg 56 of the Box set players book .
  12. I had a dig through Griffin Island can't seem to find the reference.
  13. I added turn order buttons for spells on the magic tab. The sorcery and rune spell sections have one button. Aall rune spells go on SR 1 + boosting mps. Sorcery spells have minimum intensities but most of the MP cost / SR modifiers seem to come from the manipulation so rather than having a a button each spell I saved some space so that the spell name has more room. The spirit magic spells have a button for each spell. When pressed a prompt will show DSR+pts listed for the spell this can changed for variable spells or boosting.
  14. Then you have the utter nonsense of games like Alien were skateboarders are also ace fighter pilots. There are already plenty of games that do this. This an issue of using generic character sheets instead of specific sheets .
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