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  1. Parry mods and multiple defenses No functionality has been added to this yet. The parry button will automatically apply modifiers based on the previous defenses value which will also be applied to dodge. The players will have to reset this to zero themselves as it would be nightmare to try and get it to reset based on the modified skill being less than 5% or something. There is a tooltip on the parry button. I have to reduce the size of the melee weapon and skill used inputs.
  2. That's another kettle of fish and would mean they need to reset every turn and mean even more time before they can get to back to the Cheetos or scrolling on their phones.
  3. I have been thinking about adding a separate parry modifier and parry button
  4. Examples? I was a database programmer but my programming skills have long decayed. The vast majority of sheet creators are amateurs usually learning JavaScript, html and CSS as they go and add to that learning how do this on Roll20 VTT framework and using Github to release sheets. Very few have any graphical skills and that is why paper sheets get get used as base anything else would mean considerably more time . Sheets with any serious automation take hundreds of hours. Expecting more is the realm of paid professionals, all of who will want to get paid a not too inconsiderable amount of money and there is likely to be zero portability between VTTs. If you are looking to turn it into near video game levels of "computer assist" this an order of magnitude greater. This will all be tied the VTT operator and if they go out of business or take a dislike to you say goodbye to your VTT game rulebooks/compendiums. Also most TTRPG publishers are physical book publishers. If full automation is available why buy a physical book. Another thing to add to this is the push to mobile which will mean more design input and more than likely simplification of sheets.
  5. Regarding weapon skills over 100% one thing that has come to mind is there a lot swapping in and out of modifiers when one character is using a single weapon skill for attack and parry against someone who has an a lower skill in their attacking weapon and a higher skill in their parrying weapon skill?
  6. Thanks Morien that gets my scattered thoughts into line. How do you normally handle the background marriages. I have one PK with 9 children.
  7. I have been digging around the various books Rulebook, Knights and Ladies, Book of Entourage, Book of Manor and Book of Estate trying to find information on marriages of PK children and found nothing. Did I miss something? Regarding marriage there seems to be a discrepancy between who actually does the looking for a wife. In the rulebook it assumes the PK is doing the searching and then asks the liege's permission and Book of Entourage states the liege selects the wife.
  8. Sharing macros with players GM side. https://youtu.be/QLMPm277sYE Sharing macros with players player side. https://youtu.be/J1iDRna8BEk
  9. They will not see any dragged buttons or macros on your toolbar. When you edit a macro you have to set the macro to be visible to the players and they have to go to their collections tab and check the "In Bar" checkbox all of which is explained in David Scott's post previously.
  10. Adding markers for Occupation and Cult skills. Currently in the test game for Agility, Magic and Melee Weapon skills.
  11. Even with pita updates which log you out I prefer Skype especially with players on multiple continents. The small popup when it is minimised is handy when can't put a voice to a character. I only use voice not video. Sometimes I get brow beaten into using Discord and as a player it is mostly Discord which usually has a tendency of at least one person roboting at some point.
  12. I have never used the built in AV since they ditched the third party service. Everyone in your group must be on decent fibre broadband.
  13. This is an issue on Chrome only and effects handouts and character sheets that have been popped out. It was reported to Roll20 back in October and they have yet to acknowledge it in any meaningful manner never mind actually resolving it.
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