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  1. So Im going to be running a game for my partner. Who never grew up playing these games like I did, but I played DnD and Starwars d6, not call of Cthulhu. Im more comfortable building a game for RQ or Pendragon, but spouse pointed at CoC. So any one got some guidance, and alternate methods of developing characters ie increasing attributes. Really want to run a great game, or some great adventures.
  2. The Empire is North East, past the Copper Mountains on the other side of the Carmenel Pass, seasonal caravans trek through past the Towers of Nobleswatch. The Towers form a bastion, that first guarded the Empire of Irwan during the previous fey incursion. The Empire is only the current incarnation of the known world, like a great tide the Fey come and go, each time devouring the old world returning it to chaos. Often the calcified remains of the Fey dot the land leaving behind sleeping horrors. The Empire does have hope, for at its heart is the Grand Cathedral. It stood t
  3. To me trippy any thing goes is less Tolkien and more other stuff. Glorantha is very trippy. Okay so why not work on expanding Southern Reaches. We have this empire, now the question comes where is the Empire. Now Instead of a lozenge or a round world, the world is more like a tapestry or islands of order floating on the sea of otherness. Champions of Light/Law are dont just rule a new town but pull this new section of wilderness from the raw material of the multiverse expanding the world.
  4. Honestly, I was thinking of using MW for a Kings of War RPG, divide the various spells amongst the allegiances. But how would a trippy fantasy work?
  5. Thats where modifiers for tasks comes in. In hackmaster and aces and eights a raw skill check was hard, and normal checks were like +20 and easy checks were +40.
  6. So let's build a community setting. Now we have the bronze age mythology infused setting of glorantha, magic world has a different. The game almost wants to drive towards a darker setting, especially the parts on the alien fey existing just outside reality as mentioned in the Southern Reaches primer.
  7. Honestly Rather than doing a massive rewrite of the rules, a refinement might be needed for awkward wording. And maybe a reworking of Champion of Light. As the current version is meh. To correct me if I am wrong but the difference between say what a Law Champion does and what a normal conquer does, is a conquer takes land that already exist. But a Light Champion wrestles a new part of the world into being. The ruins they discover are merely rememnants of a cycle that happend prior to the current incarnation of the world. This builds on the fact that Light creates. And divorcing
  8. Remember that in MW int and pow are not capped at 21, and the spell brazier of power can be cast multiple times to stack allowing the casting of massive magic.
  9. I can definitely see chases being added, and maybe the wounds ala can't die until you take a major wound.
  10. To be fair Magic World would be getting a second edition, and would be an evolution of its current rules set, or what came from Elric!
  11. Also look what came in. I found advance sorcery on Amazon too.
  12. Its good to watch history, to seek to learn from it, even better to learn from others follies. To say that you guys avoided some of the same follies if the previous version of chaosium is a massive understatement
  13. Give me some time to read and chew on the book. Btw when can we expect a fan works section for BRP ala miskatonic repository?
  14. I never would never blame it on the newer management. By the time they took over MW was on hospice, the company was in dire straits. So they did make the best possible choice. Its just a shame a neato game didn't make its child survival rolls.
  15. As Jeff said, it is a game that suffered death by a perfect storm of death by a thousand cuts. Its a shame too, the magic systems in advance sorcery, the ship rules, the foundation was as solid as you could ask, but it was a house made of straw. Would I use the game, yes. I do plan on running it.
  16. I just ordered it, and have been skimming the book., I saw it for sale and picked it up for a steal. Honestly trying to pass it off as a generic game, while at the same time failing to push it, hurt the games chances. Despite being another fantasy game, it fills a different niche than runequest. Honestly I can't wait for Chaosium to open the BRP repository/ Jonestown library equivalent.
  17. Looking at it, it seems to be a solid rules set, but, the art is from a earlier time frame, ie the 90s and early 2000s. Also the name is awful. This game is what 6th Edition Stormbringer was suppose to be. Unfortunately the product was thrown together during the near death of chaosium, and was givin a terrible name. That said im liking what I'm seeing so far.
  18. I think it matters for two reasons, one if you are fighting with spears on the charge, your lance can break on odd damage. Also if you run into a named NPC such as a Saxon, Pict thane or Chief or a enemy knight damage is important for ransom reasons.
  19. As far as LGBTQ, historically you married someone not out of love but to continue the line. Who you loved was something else. The other was a responsibility. Knock it out the way, then pursue the fun. Honestly, I would love to see the Ladies fully developed, especially with magic options. While on one hand I get the idea of the pursuit of inclusivity. I also firmly believe that it kind of detracts from the key concepts of emulating the genre and the point. KAP is explicitly set in a different culture, a culture that is very alien to ours. It is one that sees violence as a viable soluti
  20. Some people on RPG.net have commented on how there needs some clarification on tests with scores greater than 20, how in one spot it says 20+x score. But yeah, the female knight threw me off, I mean we all allow it, but with the understanding that in the context of Arthurian legend its not a thing. I say keep the gendered roles, but expand on the Lady "class", it helps maintain the "alien" culture of the setting.
  21. so here is a few questions, what to do when changing Occupations. One of my players started as a Herder but due to experience rolls and great role play has managed to become the top hunter in the party and on his way to becoming an Initiate in the Found Child Cult, we are using a fusion of 2nd Edition and Role-playing in Glorantha for my Balazar Campaign. So the idea im tossing around is, that during Sacred Time people have an opertunity to change thier role in society and the way they generate income. The other question is, characters generally only start with a guaranteed points in 3 eleme
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