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  1. I never use the BRP forum so will not see any messages you attempt to send me on here. I can be reached on FB or twitter @EllieInIndy. 

  2. @Morien all of those are wonderful storytelling! And man those parting words in the first one. Brutal.
  3. I'd love to run a game where the woman sees her husband cut down so she takes up is cause and rides out in his name. In fact my newly created female knight might take up a similar backstory and motivation now. I think she saw her father and older brothers killed in combat and took up being a squire. Revenge always makes for easy motivation.
  4. The death in childbirth table has me thinking. For those who have had a player's wife die how did you and the table deal with this? Did they just move on and get a new one? Did you act out her funeral rights? I would love to hear how people have handled this (or not) from an RP perspective.
  5. Thanks everyone. We had a great first game and will be creating proper characters this Friday to start a running game.
  6. Thanks everyone! Lots of great suggestions. Looking over the intro scenario, it seems like a good way to go for a quick out the door one off. I don't think we will be getting into a campaign just yet. I am going to do a few one offs and then we will see.
  7. I am going to run a super lowkey casual game of Pendragon next week. Myself and one of my players have played one game at GenCon. None of us have read the rules but all of us are experienced with RuneQuest so have some idea of the basic mechanisms. I have the rule book, and a copy of Tales of Chivalry and Romance, which I plan to run something out of. (But I have almost every published scenario and am open to anything) We will use pregens and wing most of the rules. Mostly we want to get a feel for the setting. So a few questions for those folks who know the game best: For a green to t
  8. Steward of the Intelligent Word This is a leather scroll case that is carved a simple depiction of the goddess Etyries with the runes of movement, moon, and harmony forming connected designs. Cults Associated: Etyries Friendly: Issaries Knowledge Common History First produced hundreds of years ago, these scroll cases aid travelers, merchants and messengers who find themselves far from the heart of the Lunar Empire. They are mostly used to translate simple communication, documents, and other straightforward writing into something intelligible.
  9. Bruvala's Armband This armband is made of verdigris stained copper and heavily inlaid with emeralds. It has been expertly crafted in the form of a glittering blue-green snake. It looks resplendent but otherwise perfectly mundane. If awakened Bruvala's Armband can move just like a living snake. Cults · Associated: The armband will only listen to followers of an earth goddess, and strongly prefers those who follow Ernalda. · Hostile: The snake will not awaken for anyone who does not follow a female earth deity. Knowledge Cult Secret, One of a Kind
  10. And to be clear, everyone here has always been so very friendly. This is a community to be really proud of. We do not want to tell anyone they can't post passionate tomes about the setting they love. We just want to keep those wonderful academic posts where they can best be appreciated, and make it easier to get started in Glorantha.
  11. Hey all, it's your friendly neighborhood Chaosium convention coordinator. At conventions a lot of my job is talking to new people about Glorantha and introducing them into the world. Helping new people fall in love with Glorantha is a passion of mine but it wasn't that long ago that I knew next to nothing about the setting either. Glorantha has a massive learning curve. The amount of material available is daunting and that means being a newbie to Glorantha is a tough gig. I know first hand! Not only do you have to navigate all the massive amount of both current and out of date settin
  12. https://www.redbubble.com/people/chaosium/This is the best sale RedBubble has had all year and it ends tonight. Don't miss 30% off everything. Looking for the brand new Elder Sign and Yellow Sign items? Click this link! 🐙 https://www.redbubble.com/people/chaosium/collections/1010308-call-of-cthulhu-signs-and-symbols?asc=u
  13. https://www.redbubble.com/people/chaosium/ This is the best sale RedBubble has had all year and it ends tonight. Don't miss 30% off everything. I have added tons of new stuff to the store recently including shirts for ever single god in the upcoming Gods of Glorantha. Sneak peeks of the book text for each god too! Also, brand new this morning is "Sheng Seleris, the Little Angry Prince" by Kalin Kadiev!
  14. Have you seen all the new stuff in our Redbubble store?. Lots of gods going up so you can rep your chosen cult! https://www.redbubble.com/people/chaosium/collections/975143-glorantha-divine-depictions?asc=u New maps from Darya Makarava and Olivier Sanfilipo in the cartography section https://www.redbubble.com/people/chaosium/collections/586570-glorantha-cartography?ref=carousel_collection&asc=u Art from Andrey Fetisov and others also going up. https://www.redbubble.com/people/chaosium/collections/580597-glorantha-assorted-art?asc=u
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