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  1. This looks very nice prop. I would love to have it on a shelf in the nerd corner if I had one.
  2. Thanks for this suggestion, I was not aware of this! I will definitely check it. Do you know if the investigators can be with different than student occupation?
  3. This is for sure a pain to paint and see on the tabletop :)
  4. Is there official supplement that has good list of services, wages and other non-equipment related prices? The lists in the reference sections in Keeper Rulebook and Investigator Handbook are not having what we are looking for.
  5. The attributes are taken into calculation of the occupation and personal skill points only during character creation and skill points that are not used are lost. Therefore, increase of EDU from age and increasing the skill points respectively only matter during character creation phase, not during play. In addition, selecting Age in the creation flow happens before you pick your occupation. So... increasing Age during play does not increase skill points, as the skill points are lost after the character is created. The effect is that your character has higher chances to succeed on any roll related to Know, which is quite good benefit. The only re-calculations that happen when you age during play are the attributes that are derivative of the main ones.
  6. All Call of Cthulhu games I run are in Fantasy Grounds... The Kickstarter was funded in no time and we are now into the stretched goals.
  7. He sold indirectly quite a lot of your products... this included
  8. Congratulations! Looking at the unboxing videos and reviews on various media platforms I think it is well deserved award! Now do some sales on the physical copy to celebrate
  9. Wow, so many systems... This is insane.
  10. 100 bucks for second hand module is a bridge too far. I will stick to what is available today in digital or in print. Thanks for the suggestion so far.
  11. Thanks for the suggestion. There is no condition to be something from the list, therefore I will try to check it and see where it is available. Indeed you are right on the meat-grinder that is "The Worm that Walks", it is even stated in the introduction that few should die and I was a bit surprised.
  12. I would like to have Beyond the Mountain of Madness converted to 7e and with updated art and style.
  13. Thanks to Seth Skorkowski and utterly boring business trips and living abroad, I discovered the magic of Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game and since then I was lucky enough to have a group where I introduced the game. The system perfectly fit the spirit of the game and we had great success with the short adventures I ran for them: The Haunting, The Derelict, Missed Dues, Blackwater Creek, Dead Light and Amidst the Ancient Trees. I also played in few very old, from the ancient days such as Uncle Timothy's Will. Everything was a blast! I also linked few of those together, so some players carried over their investigators (or to be more precise - gangsters ). Now, the group (we play online in FG only) wants me to run something longer than adventure or two. They want a campaign and I have no more room to maneuver. I also want to introduce the game to my second face to face group, but condition applies there: there are people who don't want to play one-shots or short adventures, and the only way to introduce and hook them is by having something longer. Having said that, I am looking for recommendation from more experienced with CoC campaigns community members. I want to run a single campaign for both groups... I did my research and I can outline the following campaigns that seem commercially successful and can deliver longer playtime. I didn't put the "Two-Headed Serpent", as my plans for Pulp is to introduce it after we are done with this and the players are eager to test something new. Shadows of Yog-Sothoth Beyond the Mountains of Madness Masks of Nyarlathotep (the new one) Horrors of the Orient Express People suggest to start with "Shadows of Yog-Sothoth" as it is light compared to BtMoM and MoN. They recommend to prepare the stage for this campaign by connecting "Edge of Darkness" to it my making Merriweather member of the Lodge or even use "The Haunting" (Mr. Clerk as the lawyer who sends the investigators to Corbitt's House). Other suggest me to ignore those and go for the loosely connected adventures in "The Trail of Tsathogghua" or "The House of R'lyeh". The overall feeling is that HotOE and MoN require significant efforts from the Keeper, due to the huge cast and also capital investment, which I prefer to avoid at the moment. Also I will have a lot of things to add to Fantasy Grounds, as those are non-existent as modules. I really don't have physical time to read every suggestion, watch every stream on YouTube and most importantly - purchase everything just to check it, so any recommendation, advises are welcomed.
  14. You can also get Peterson’s Abomination, that includes several modern-day scenarios. “The Derelict” is the one I like quite a lot.
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