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  1. Valyar

    Masks Slipcase is now available

    I don't argue about the benefits of ordering from Chaosium. This is how I got the core books slipcase and i plan to purchase all in this way... except when sometimes the price is too good from Amazon to skip it. Shipping costs are plague Some publishers such as Modiphius offer you free PDF is you show the invoice of the hardback, quite awesome. Anyway, I am unable to fins the new slipcase on amazon.co.uk even when I use UK address. Everything listed in the old version. Quite weird.
  2. Valyar

    Looking for Fantasy Grounds Players

    I am playing Call of Cthulhu exclusively on Fantasy Grounds. What kind of games you plan - short or long runs, published or homebrew? I probably will have time starting from January.
  3. Yes, because of the hearing aids that modern-timers can use
  4. Valyar

    Masks Slipcase is now available

    Will this product be available on Amazon.co.uk?
  5. Oh my... this product is gorgeous...
  6. Valyar

    Cthulhu Dark Ages cancelled?

  7. I am interested in the answer to this question as well - I just ordered one.