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  1. Valyar

    Derelict in....Space!

    This is awesome idea... :)
  2. Valyar

    Devs & Dice actual play "The Haunting"

    When I was preparing to run my first CoC game, I watched your play on the "The Haunting" to see how other people run it. Your one was one of the good and I actually borrowed your german doctor for the sanitarium and used him to later introduce an investigator organization to the players. You should put more Cthulhu stuff and drop this D&D
  3. Valyar

    Down Darker Trails- Anyone Keeping or Playing?

    I have the book and plan to convert “The Haunting” into Wild West style of adventure.
  4. Valyar

    Question regarding the character sheet

    During a chase your speed might be adjusted after s CON roll. I think those are to record your current speed. We don’t use it though, the temporary values we record on scratch paper.
  5. I see there is new category in the supplement section for music and sounds: Link I am using various sources for ambient music, sounds and effects and this new additions looks interesting. Are there samples I can listen to before purchase?
  6. Yes, in the Keeper Rulebook there are a lot of additional rules for combat and optional rules. Quite rich for narrative system.
  7. That is correct. Characters can attempt to dodge and fight back subsequent attacks after their initial reaction, but the opponents will have bonus die to their rolls. Also don't forget the important rule when it comes to characters or enemies with multiple attacks:
  8. If Chaosium plan update on PDFs, the most beneficial one will be to allow background layer to be hidden for toner-saving printing. Currently it is single layer for everything (at least for the PDFs I own), which is not very useful. I often print adventures as PDFs are far from the convenience of printed material.
  9. Depending how their InDesign master files are set, it might be easy or not that easy to put the new style into use. But even if it was something possible - why? : ) I find the Investigator Handbook and Keeper Rulebook designs superior to the new one, because they are unique. It would have been awesome if each supplement had its own special style, but this has extra costs. Also we should not forget the fact that those books are offered as hardcovers, which has another set of complications
  10. I see what you mean. The supplements have indeed similar style, but as far as the two core books are concerned - that’s the idea IMHO. I love how the books differ and convey different feelings when you open them.
  11. Valyar

    Beyond the Mts of Madness

    After I completed the Mountain of Madness story, I am anxious to run my players through this campaign. I love the snow settings and the forgotten and distant horrors that the group will experience. I heard this campaign, along with the masks is quite daunting for the Keeper and I plan to print the PDF out to be able to write and mark things down.
  12. Valyar

    Masks Slipcase is now available

    I don't argue about the benefits of ordering from Chaosium. This is how I got the core books slipcase and i plan to purchase all in this way... except when sometimes the price is too good from Amazon to skip it. Shipping costs are plague Some publishers such as Modiphius offer you free PDF is you show the invoice of the hardback, quite awesome. Anyway, I am unable to fins the new slipcase on amazon.co.uk even when I use UK address. Everything listed in the old version. Quite weird.