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  1. The most anticipated book from the 7e edition so far! Ordering next week immediately.
  2. The old look is actually the 6E edition ruleset. There is no way to extract the images and desktop code from the pak file, as it is encrypted in the vault I think. It will require the ruleset authors to provide extension with the proper code so you can do it. Haven't explored if there isn't such one in the forums though, as I like the new one more. PS: Just a remark on the "cloud part" - campaigns are still local, even with Unity. nothing is stored in the cloud. The main benefit of Unity is that you use Fantasy Grounds cloud to route the data between client and the host.
  3. Everything that you create as campaign in Fantasy Grounds Classic and Unity is stored locally. Even modules that you export for re-use are stored locally. The cloud "Service" in Unity version is just to solve the port forwarding issues you might have when hosting a game as game master. Aside from that - no cloud storage at all. Everything is locally. The default location is C:\Users\YOURUSERID\AppData\Roaming\SmiteWorks\Fantasy Grounds, but you can move it if necessary and change the data location. Unity installed gives you the option to define it during the install.
  4. Guys, the concepts are very simple when it comes to fantasy grounds version and hosting game: Game master is the HOST. He creates the campaigns and provides the content and keeps all records such as character sheets and etc locally on his computer. He can also share sourcebooks if he/she has them purchased. Which means players don't need ot buy anything. This is how I run my games, I buy all things and share online. Some players chip in money, which is nice, but I don't mandate it. Since he is the host and clients connect to his table, the version that the players need depends on HIS vers
  5. 1) If you have the Ultimate edition (it does not matter if you purchase the perpetual license or the subscription) you will be able to host games for unlimited amount of players. The platform is NOT providing audio and video capabilities. For those you will have to use Discord/Skype/Zoom/whatever. Fantasy Grounds is simply VTT. If you want your VTT to support audio and video, go for Roll20 which has OK charsheet for CoC and modules. Foundry VTT has no CoC support in the form of working charsheet, so don't go there. 2) what do you mean? Fantasy Grounds comes with ruleset with already defin
  6. Fabulous, many thanks! Those are not only great as wallpapers during play, but great way to advertise your game in various ways
  7. Pre-generated characters are simply normal characters created in Fantasy Grounds and exported as pre-gends in custom module using the export function. When I convert modules that contain such pregens I create them as I would create normal player characters. The only thing that is not being exported are the portraits, here I do additional portrait pack. There is export interface in the program, the white/blue arrows in the Character windows.
  8. It also provides good level of automation and combat/chase management via the combat tracker. Attacks, calculations of extreme success and max damage are handed very well.
  9. You can create characters and export to players as xml file sheets in fantasy grounds.
  10. The ruleset comes with the Keeper’s Handbook and it’s content. The adventures from the book are also in as modules. This is fully sufficient to run the game. The investigator book is player module and when shared will give access to wide range of professions to chose from. And of course all the art and extra content for players. If your players chip-in for the book it is definitely worth it.
  11. Got it. I am not familiar with BRP, I guess it is different in Cthulhu since there is no XP for investigator. Our of curiosity I compared the character sheets - true there is checkbox in BRP, and fatigue! PS: What is this XP rule?
  12. When I was reading the paragraph How Sorcerers Get That Way on p.179 I was also wondering the same. Do you have reference that those rolls are done on the investigator improvement phase? I want to be sure I interpreted them the right way. So far my thinking was that POW is special as it is resources, while the skills and other attributes are not. Also skills are only improved after the adventure and attributes don't.
  13. The rules state that a subsequent roll is done after successful opposed check. This means you can do it immediately. Also since POW is not a skill, you don't wait for the improvement phase. This is how I interpret the rule on p.179. It should be applicable to NPC as well.
  14. We are on the same boat But I managed to put my desire to collect the whole line under control... for now. I have full bookcase now with more than 150 books and I am not focused on collecting all Modiphius and Fria Ligan stuffs for the games I play and love. I decided that I will not buy things for games I will not run. And let's admit it - hobbies are money sinks, no way to get those dollars back.
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