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  1. This cover art style is fantastic. I wished all pulp books were having this vibe.
  2. Looking forward to the finished product.
  3. I play CoC online using the fantastic ruleset for Fantasy Grounds.
  4. Good videos with well presented fundamentals Seems quite new channel with not a lot of content to pop up here or there.
  5. I would use Demolition to set up an explosive, as BigJackBrass explained, but allow Electrical Repair with one higher difficulty to disarm explosive with electrical components as part of group check.
  6. I would like to see something similar to the monster creation section in D&D 3.5 Monster Manual - excellent guidance on every aspect of monster creation process with supporting tables and ideas. I.e. option 3 with more of 1 than 2
  7. The Cthulhu Icarus mini setting can be used for that. The recent video from Seth inspired me to get the supplement and check it out.
  8. You can use the creature's dexterity or dodge instead of luck. Depending on the source of the fire, I would rule that a hard or extreme success is required on this roll. Or as klecser said - just roll with the automatic Bun on the creature.
  9. There is no problem to have multiple languages. I work with the players to discuss how they envision the character. I don't go into dialects of a language, as it gets too much detailed and we find it unnecessary, but we decide based on the backstory what kind of language points must be spend so the character looks appropriate. For example, I had player that wanted to play french professor (lived his early twenties in France) that moved to USA. I asked him to use French as Language Own skill and because of the story and the way he wanted to play to put the necessary Skill points into Language - English. This makes a lot of sense as this is often what people must do when they are expats - learn the new language if different. In your case because of the story, you should ask the player to invest personal or occupational skill points (if available) to the extra languages. In the rulebook there is table that shows what points you need to be flient, native and etc.
  10. Single item I think. This is not D&D type of game with numerous attacks and action economy.
  11. Common sense helps as well in the long run
  12. This looks very nice prop. I would love to have it on a shelf in the nerd corner if I had one.
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