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  1. I came into contact with Greg’s creations a long time before I ever met him. When I discovered Pendragon, still in high school, I was stunned by its innovative approach to roleplaying and the masterful way in which the game adapts the Arthurian legends into a game that is exciting and easy to play while still being epic in scope. Although I never really became a big Glorantha gamer, the RQ/BRP rules system in its many flavors has always been my favorite system, and I always enjoyed hearing the stories about Glorantha and other people’s RQ and HQ campaigns set in that wonderfully unique world.
  2. The Mythic Iceland 2nd ed. manuscript has indeed been handed over to Chaosium and it’s now going through editing and art direction. It’s been wonderful to be given the chance to work on this new edition and to improve on the original book. I’m very excited about Mythic Iceland 2n ed. being standalone game, and about all the new content that I have used in my own games over the years and I am now able to share with everyone else. Below is a brief summary of what’s new. Complete rules included, based on new RuneQuest rules (with many changes). More character creation option
  3. I have been busy working on a Mythic Iceland Companion book that will contain three new adventures as well as new rules and new setting detail. It's hard to say when it's going to come out, but I'm trying to finish the manuscript this year, so it will probably get published by Chaosium some time in 2015. Another project I have been working on is a long campaign book for Mythic Iceland that will take the player characters to a few different countries in the Viking world. It's a tale of intrigue and tragedy in the style of the best of the old Icelandic Sagas, which should span at least a doze
  4. I just learned that my book Mythic Iceland has been nominated in the Best Setting category at this year's ENnie Awards! Voting begins next week. 2013 ENnie Awards Nominees | ENnie Awards
  5. What soltakss said is basically correct. The dreki was less well-suited to crossing the open ocean, so it would have been a rare sight in Iceland. Still, it was definitely capable of making the crossing between Iceland and the lands to the south, even if it meant a more difficult journey, and a penalty to the Pilot Boat skill roll. It was mainly aboard the knörr that Icelanders traveled back and forth to Scandinavia to seek fame and fortune, not only because of it being better suited for ocean travelling, but also because of its cargo capacity. Icelanders did a lot of trade at Scandinavi
  6. I'm proud to announce that Mythic Iceland won Diehard GameFAN’s 2012 Tabletop Gaming Award for Best Campaign Setting! Diehard GameFAN | Diehard GameFAN’s 2012 Tabletop Gaming Awards!
  7. The color map can be downloaded for free from Chaosium, even if you don't buy Mythic Iceland via their website.
  8. A Cold Death, a Mythic Iceland scenario by Mark Morrison (co-author of Chaosium's Horror on the Orient Express), is now out as a FREE download. You can grab it via the link below. A Cold Death Chaosium Inc.
  9. The content is basically the same on both the GenCon 2011 pre-publication edition and the current incarnation of Mythic Iceland, save for some layout changes and a few typos having been corrected. Also, the new edition has got a beautiful new cover, and a color fold-out map.
  10. Alex Lucard over at Diehard GameFan has written an in-depth (and positive!) review of Mythic Iceland: Diehard GameFAN | Tabletop Review: Mythic Iceland (Chaosium Basic Roleplaying/Cthulhu Dark Ages)
  11. The Mythic Iceland character sheet is now available as a free download from Basic Roleplaying Central: Mythic Iceland character sheet - Downloads - Basic Roleplaying Central
  12. 406 downloads

    Complete, 2-page, character sheet for BRP Mythic Iceland. (fillable and savable) UPDATE 12 Aug 2012: Fixed saving form data
  13. I will be there, and will be running a game of Mythic Iceland.
  14. Rune Magic is covered in great detail in Mythic Iceland, with a new and very flexible magic system based on how rune magic is described in the Sagas. Spá magic is covered in two ways; there are rules for player characters to introduce their own prophecies to the game, and there is also guidance on how the GM might make use of a völva (seeress) as a NPC who introduces important clues about the future. Seiðr is not covered.
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