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  1. I read that other discussion, and without bringing the heat again, I'd say it all balances out pretty well considering the rules are a toolkit and the options available. You can push a roll that's not specifically an opposed roll, so your chance of winning at Chess with 90% skill vs a 50% skill person increase a lot. Also, you only roll when it helps the drama. In a general non-dramatic situation, the 90% chess player should beat the 50% chess player because it doesn't matter. The rules also state to go ahead and use Opposed rolls for whatever you feel it makes sense for (once you're familiar
  2. I really like the 7e Cthulhu rules, but if there is one thing that seems weird to me it's that attributes don't affect your ability with a skill at all. I wonder what the reason for that design decision was? Seems like if you have a high STR and DEX you should be naturally better at athletic stuff. I mean, I guess with the way skill points are calculated in character creation some attributes do matter when it comes to skills.
  3. Good question, which brings up another question for me. I'm not at home right now, but does Dual Wielding add a penalty die to each shot? If so, I'd say that it adds 2 penalty die when combined with muli-shot, and now I'm wondering if there would still be a single penalty die on each shot if combined with Rapid Fire due to dual wield. (In which case I'd definitely allow the combo)
  4. Without an official ruling, I'd probably allow it as it simulates characters like The Shadow and The Spider well. I do worry a little that it overpowers the Talent.
  5. Thanks! I finally got an order to go through.
  6. Thanks! I don't have Facebook so I rarely check anything there.
  7. I'm trying to buy the Cthulhu Invictus 7e book, but Golden Goblin's website totally sucks and won't let me make the purchase on any browser or my phone. Does anyone have any contact info for them?
  8. Yeah, that's the thing I'm noticing. I see all kinds of cool stuff, but the names don't stand out. Another reason I wish sources were listed for each write-up. Great books though. And ooooh, those were the monsters from the movie "Lifeforce" and the book by Colin Wilson that inspired the movie! Nice find!
  9. Any hidden gems in here I should check out? I had heard that John Carpenter's "The Thing" was in the book, but now I'm thinking that it's not, as I haven't been able to find it.
  10. Ordered from Chaosium! Hopefully comes sooner than the other store would have. Spent more, but nice to have supported Chaosium, and less stress about books being packaged well (from what I have heard.) Looking at the PDF, it's great stuff so far. One minor complaint... I really wish the creatures and their quotes listed a source like most previous Cthulhu editions. If I don't know a particular being in the books I like to look up the story and read it. Those source notes went a long way towards this.
  11. Of all the pulp avengers, The Spider is definitely my favorite. If you ever want to read some of his exploits, I highly suggest The Spider vs The Empire State. I'll probably revisit the write-up, as I already see things I don't like. He served in WWI, so his rifle skill should be higher. He probably doesn't need listen skill. He should probably have some crime scene skills. I'm assuming Spot Hidden is the main "detective" skill.
  12. I'm in IL. As long as they are shipping new orders when they get them currently, I may change my order. Looks like the place I have a preorder in at won't be shipping until Feb. (But it is considerably cheaper there.)
  13. How is US shipping on these books currently? I was thinking of ordering direct and cancelling my pre-order from another store to better support Chaosium (and possibly get the books sooner.)
  14. In Pulp Cthulhu, does the Rapid Fire Talent apply to the Dual-Wielding rules for handguns?
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