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  1. I was wondering this too. Either way is cool I guess.
  2. Here's the link to the announcement in case someone hasn't seen it. (And now I also notice that it answers my questions at the bottom of the article) https://www.chaosium.com/blogcults-of-cthulhu-is-coming-this-halloween/
  3. Looking forward to this book. So the pdf is available on Oct 31, with the book coming later? And is the full price of the PDF discounted from the book purchase later? (I haven't used this option before.) I really like things that can be dropped right into a campaign, and this book sounds packed with material like that. Also, the three time spanning scenarios sounds cool too. (Might also pick up A Time to Harvest while I'm at it.)
  4. Thanks guys! Logging in with my email seems to have solved it!
  5. Why aren't the errata updates in the errata thread available for viewing? Is there a list for each book available somewhere? I like to print out errata and keep it with my hard copy books.
  6. I no longer own them, but I'd like to see the Necronomicon that is available in book stores (barely related to Lovecraft, but iirc contained 2 or 3 "spells"), and the Satanic Bible. I need to check the rules for non Mythos magic again, as there are several books that I'd like to stat that would qualify.
  7. Great topic! I'd love a list of more real occult books in CoC terms. I'll add the books I actually own when more sober. :P
  8. Congrats! How many copies does Copper mean?
  9. Not an official answer, but that's definitely how I use them. We've used Animal Handling a few times at 5% base.
  10. Still have my first edition, and never knew that the alternate character generation from the 1920's book wasn't reprinted in 2nd, etc. I always used that previous experience method back in the day.
  11. I'll back it to replace the original map that I drew on in the 80's.
  12. Errors in RPGs are worse than errors in other literature in my opinion because they muddy rules mechanics. Chaosium seems particularly bad at spotting them for some reason, as does Modiphius. This is coming from someone who bought all the Cthulhu 7e Core and setting books last year and am a huge fan of this edition. I purchased and then returned all the Core Runequest books upon release a couple years ago because of errors that made the rules (in my opinion) unintelligible. I'm not really satisfied hearing "we'll update the PDF", because I buy physical copies of all RPGs because I dislike PDFs. I really think Chaosium needs to take a hard look at their editors/proofreaders, because companies like Arc Dream are much smaller and yet put out books with much fewer errors. It's disappointing to have errors in a $100 box set. I love the books, but man, the errors are a downer.
  13. It's a fumble because it represents that someone sealed the threat away with an elder sign, but then some other bozo came around and tried to extra seal it away with another elder sign. Everyone knows you can't extra elder sign something, and that a second elder sign cancels out the original one, so the threat rises again.
  14. Page 84-85 describes how to use the skill in combat (you'll also want Throw skill). Basically you'd be hurling things you carried for that purpose (like the ball bearings), or you would be to tossing things like candlesticks, etc., that happened to be on the scene. Small objects do 1d4, and medium objects do 1d6. Moving larger objects is described, but it's not too great, needing an extreme success and only slowly pushing the object a small ways. I personally feel it should be slightly more powerful. I would allow things like moving a table to knock someone down, or pushing someone out a window with a bed (if they were standing at the window) with an expenditure of 2 or 3 magic points and treating it as a Fighting Maneuver, using Telekinesis and Fighting in the roll (just like the roll to throw things using Telekinesis and Throw.) I would only use the Extreme success rule when doing things like moving cars, etc. I like the built in shield ability as well.
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