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  1. Thanks man. It's actually a great community here. Many happy adventures!
  2. Nope, I mean their stance of saying nothing is wrong because they have sold a lot of copies and basically calling me and the others grumbling whiners. I appreciate that an official answers thread was opened. It's too bad that disrespect to us consumers had to come first. Answers were really all I was looking for in this thread.
  3. I really appreciate the offer! I've already been contacted by Chaosium about the refund however. If it doesn't work out I'll definitely sell it to you.
  4. I'm writing to Chaosium for a refund. That seems totally fair to me, as long as it works out. I don't want to troll the forums just because I don't feel satisfied with the current state of the rules. It doesn't change my opinion of the current rules, but now nobody has to hear me constantly complain about them. As someone who came into the game excited, I am very much put off by the company stance on this, and won't spend any more money at Chaosium.
  5. No, it says that the weapon takes twice the damage it normally would. Chart mentions nothing of this.
  6. Adding agreement that this complaint is not about typos. I could honestly care less about typos when I'm trying to figure out how major components of the game work. What is the function of a rule book if not to provide, clearly, the rules the game? This book is the equivalent of a video game company releasing a beta build and expecting the consumers to fix it. How exactly does limb damage work? Nobody knows! Why is the critical hits vs normal parry text so wildly different than the chart? How do attacks per round work? Why does one area say you can only move half and take action, but another mentions taking your whole move and acting? Why is Augmenting with another skill worse that just using one skill if the Augmenting skill is less than 50%? Why does Meditating seem like such a bad option? Do skills over 100% act like as described in the Skills section or as described in the Combat section? How exactly, step by step through the normal character process, do you make a centaur PC? This is a $55 book man, and we spent that $55 to have the rules to play the game. I wish game companies offered returns for refunds from dissatisfied customers like most other companies do, because I sure wasted $55 on a product that doesn't work as advertised.
  7. I'll post all the examples of contradictory rules tomorrow when I'm not at work. It's bad form to say anyone who has a legit complaint is just grumbling. I was put off by the poor editing, but still excited to play. Now I'm considering eBay.
  8. A place to go for fixes and known problems with options would be a huge help at this point. A really good example of combat would also be a huge help, but the examples in the book have errors in them too, which makes me dubious a combat example wouldn't also be error filled.
  9. Honestly, it's just muddling through the errors and inconsistencies that is making me think twice about the system. I've been roleplaying since the late 70's, and owned the 2nd edition Runequest box (and still own the 1st edition Call of Cthulhu box.) I don't find the rules all that overly complex, I'm just disgruntled at having to decide between two different versions of a rule in the same book, or rules that clearly contradict themselves. It makes reading and learning the material a chore. Luckily there are many helpful fans here on the forums.
  10. I'm a bit disappointed in my reading of the Core book. I wish all the glowing review I read before purchase had mentioned all the errors and rule contradictions. It's a very difficult book for a Runequest newcomer to get through. I'm currently reading the Combat chapter, and the limb damage is difficult to decipher, the Parry chart and the section on Critical Parry differ completely, the example of using Runes has a -10% penalty for failure instead of -20% mentioned earlier, combat with skills greater than 100% is different in the combat chapter than it is in the skills chapter. That's just half of the combat chapter. Is the Bestiary and GM Kit this full of errata and contradictions? I'm having a little buyers remorse for a $55 book.
  11. Did you use a culture template for skills, or skip that part since they get the centaur base skills? So, for instance, Sartar skills, etc.
  12. This is actually how I was considering playing it. Less bookkeeping overall and still accomplishes the same thing.
  13. I thought I'd make threads about my Runequest Glorantha noob group's progress through the game. We are new to Glorantha, fairly new to Runequest (I owned the original 2e, and ran some 6e), but we aren't new to RPG's (I've been playing since late 70's) Tonight we made characters. It took forever! The background part was really fun, but too most of the time. My wife decided to play a death knight sort of undead hunter character rather than a necromancer like she originally wanted. My brother in law made a human thief from Pavis instead of the duck he was thinking about. My sister made a Lhankor Mhy from Sartar, and my friend made a centaur hunter. We didn't finish the centaur. The Bestiary says that you can make non-humans with it, but it gives pretty crap advice for doing such. I didn't know what to include and what not to. High Characteristics for the centaur seemed to heavily outweigh any negatives for being a centaur. I allowed him to run through the background rolls with the rest of the group, because we figured his family could have been mercenaries in Sartar or something. In the end I had to tell him I'll research the rules more to figure out what he gets. The thief seemed happy but wanted to be from Pavis, which feels like it should be separate from the other Prax tribes/clans. I ended up allowing him to mostly use Sartar as a base since that's where the book says Pavis original population came from. I don't think the Lhankor Mhy philosopher player is going to be happy with sorcery. The spells begin with very low percentages. The undead hunting Humakt heavy infantry warrior worked out well, even though it took some effort to get a decent Greatsword skill level. We didn't pick spells yet, and a couple other things need to be double checked. It late now, I'll write more tomorrow if I think of anything else.
  14. How can one small and very important section be so full of questions. Personally, I don't see how going into negative HP is worth tracking, unless it's in the tracking of individual wounds I guess. Actually, the way that section is worded makes it sound like if a limb goes to -3X even with multiple hits it is severed.
  15. These are the kind of examples I need! Thanks for the explanation. So, what if first attack arm takes 5 damage. Arm is at 0 and now useless. HP is at 9. Arm now takes 8 damage. Arm is still at zero, HP is at 1, character falls unconscious due to 1 HP, but would also be incapacitated due to arm taking double HP if general HP was still above 2?
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