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  1. Errors in RPGs are worse than errors in other literature in my opinion because they muddy rules mechanics. Chaosium seems particularly bad at spotting them for some reason, as does Modiphius. This is coming from someone who bought all the Cthulhu 7e Core and setting books last year and am a huge fan of this edition. I purchased and then returned all the Core Runequest books upon release a couple years ago because of errors that made the rules (in my opinion) unintelligible. I'm not really satisfied hearing "we'll update the PDF", because I buy physical copies of all RPGs becau
  2. It's a fumble because it represents that someone sealed the threat away with an elder sign, but then some other bozo came around and tried to extra seal it away with another elder sign. Everyone knows you can't extra elder sign something, and that a second elder sign cancels out the original one, so the threat rises again.
  3. Page 84-85 describes how to use the skill in combat (you'll also want Throw skill). Basically you'd be hurling things you carried for that purpose (like the ball bearings), or you would be to tossing things like candlesticks, etc., that happened to be on the scene. Small objects do 1d4, and medium objects do 1d6. Moving larger objects is described, but it's not too great, needing an extreme success and only slowly pushing the object a small ways. I personally feel it should be slightly more powerful. I would allow things like moving a table to knock someone down, or pushing so
  4. Man, I would love a book entirely focused on tomes and artifacts. 5th edition had a Keeper's guide (or something, I own it but can't remember the name) that listed the tomes and the skill benefits, etc. that went with them. I'd love to see that updated and compiled with artifacts, etc.
  5. Also for those of us who have avoided the Call of Facebook for all these years.
  6. After purchasing a LOT of books for 7e in just a few months time, I'm terrified of the words 8th edition. 😛 I would purchase some sort of 40th Anniversary 7e book though, to be a shelf or Keeper's only copy.
  7. I would definitely narrate it as a feeling of losing something unknown but vital, or some such. I wouldn't make the player make any other rolls or punishment though, as losing the POW is already the punishment.
  8. That would be AMAZING! I store all my Call of Cthulhu 5e stuff in my 1e box (along with my 1e stuff.)
  9. I'm trying to think of what else I would want for a 40th Anniversary product, and besides SOMETHING with that awesome original art (both the box cover and the rules cover), I can't think of much. We have a lot of awesome for 7e already. Maybe a new box set of some type? That would be pretty sweet! Of course I would love a reprint of the original miniatures (or honestly, an updated plastic set of the original minis), but I'm not holding my breath on that one. Regardless of what they do, I hope it includes that nostalgic artwork.
  10. Since it's an anniversary, I hope it's tied into the early edition stuff somehow. Considering the other thread about old artwork, I'm really hoping for an anniversary edition... either a reprint of 1e somehow, or a reprint of 7e Keeper's guide with the original artwork. I'd also love a reprint of the original world map.
  11. Someone on MEWE suggested contacting Sandy Peterson. Would he know?
  12. Agreed. Do we know for a fact this Art Book wasn't the original source of the art? More searching today has turned up nothing. Cross referencing all the sources listed and also image searching.
  13. I used every Google-fu trick I know and nothing. I love that artwork though! I'll try more tomorrow.
  14. I still own my 1st edition box set, and the monster miniature box. They're the pride of my 80's rpg collection. I can't wait to see what is going to be available as 40th Anniversary goodies.
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