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    Well, I began to play rpg in 1982 or 83, suffering two inglorious deaths during the first hour. Since then I never stopped. I mainly played Basic-based games, but on personal settings and with custom made Basic-based rules. Incredibly I discovered Glorantha only recently through the Sartar/Pavis Heroquest books. I contributed to RPG fanzines and a couple of professional products in France, but always little things.
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    CoC, WWII setting; Glorantha, Basic-based home rules, but considering trying the new RQG. Basic-based home rules in GRR Martin GoT world.
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    Well, as a matter of fact, Blurb could be my middle name...

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  1. The Ambassador will Brooke no disloyalty to the JC! Congrats!!
  2. In countries were land ownership is a thing, considering how underpopulated most areas are, it should be pretty easy to do it as long as you want to clear new lands. Buying already well-developed land is another matter. Most probably you will have something akin to emphyteutic leases from some powerful institution (temple, aristocratic family); so in the end something not so different from the Sartarite situation.
  3. I am not sure that it will help but in the Early Middle Ages, in the East, one considered that the owner of a land would make an annual profit of 4.16% of the value of the land (net profit all things paid). This is for land they did not cultivate themselves but rented. So a good parallel for thane's land given to cottars for instance. I could check for small land-holders cultivating the land directly. So, yes, if a typical hide of land produces 80L/year, then its ideal cost would be ca. 1900 L, or 24 years of revenue. Since the exemple comes from the Eastern Roman Empire, it could help for the
  4. Hi, In a merry green vale is slowly amassing sales like a sacred beetle and I was wondering if anyone saw some important topic I did not address in the book, something that as a game master would be useful for you. If anyone spots such a blind spot, let me know, I will write the necessary complement and update the current version.
  5. @coffeemancer Sorry, I did not understand! In fact, I realized doing the book that working on the iconography was extremely fun, especially when my wife joined in, that I did not ask any professional help (well, the results would have been better obviously, but the "Maximum Game Fun rule" also apply when working on this kind of project!). So, honestly, I think I will do the same thing for the LSD. But I will be delighted to benefit from your drawings! And I am ready to add one scenario just for the Zorak Zorani Moomin Troll!
  6. @Scorus Thanks for sharing all that! That's both very concise and rich! Very useful to me as "my" Lysangs are neighbours! I especially liked the wyter's powers, well done! I hope you will post some after-play reports!
  7. @coffeemancer That's extremely generous of you! Of course, it would be very nice. The best place would be the Lysang Scenario Deck (I changed from scenario pack as I prefer the resultant acronym) as the layout of the sourcebook is done. I am not sure what is the professional-tier stuff you mention, but thanks nonetheless!
  8. Thanks!! That's actually a great feeling! In my job, I have published thousands of pages but curiously I never felt so excited! I have translated around one-fourth of the scenario pack, so hopefully, by mid-November. And yesterday, the Orthodox metropolitan bishop of Saint-Petersburg "liked" the book on Facebook: Glorantha is reaching ever weirder circles!!😝
  9. I would have them fight wyvern riders. The important point is for them to live an epic fight, changing the tide of the battle is probably beyond the means of a group of PCs considering the heavy weights involved in the event. They could also serve as "Valkyries", swooping to fetch back dead heroes' bodies in order to allow for their later resurrection. This is a very important task, I think.
  10. Hi, thanks to a sleep-deprived but still incredibly efficient Nick Brooke, the Lysang clan/Arfritha Vale Sourcebook, In a Merry Green Vale is now available on DriveThruRPG as a JC product. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/330010/In-a-Merry-Green-Vale?src=newest_community I hope you will enjoy it! Best,
  11. @David Scott I am sure you are right, just saying that I am always confused about who is who and completely lost in the many names of the same gods. BUT I am not complaining about it. I enjoy the ride.
  12. Always thought it was one of Glorantha's best paradox that the Fire pantheon is the most obscure of all.
  13. @blackyinkin Fantastic! That's a real pleasure both to see the map and to know that things are better for you now! Tarsh in Flames is such a fantastic book! So, yes, I fully endorse your profile's blurb!
  14. Ah ok, I thought it was larger than that. But I confess I don't follow you on the easy access part, or were you talking about Two Ridges being easily accessed from east and west sides?
  15. Yelmalio is Pole Star's son? Gods, I knew I was no grognard, but I realize now I am a Marie-Louise... @Jeff So when he swore allegiance to Orlanth (TBoHM, p. 76), he did not joined Orlanth's tribe? Same source p. 159 says "He was one of many warriors who joined the Storm Tribe, happy to have his actions prove his value rather than his blood or parentage". That is interesting to me in relation to the discussion in another thread about how you join another tribe as it could offer a mythic paradigm. So you swore allegiance to the king, join his tribe, but nonetheless you don't b
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