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    Well, I began to play rpg in 1982 or 83, suffering two inglorious deaths during the first hour. Since then I never stopped. I mainly played Basic-based games, but on personal settings and with custom made Basic-based rules. Incredibly I discovered Glorantha only recently through the Sartar/Pavis Heroquest books. I contributed to RPG fanzines and a couple of professional products in France, but always little things.
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    CoC, WWII setting; Glorantha, Basic-based home rules, but considering trying the new RQG. Basic-based home rules in GRR Martin GoT world.
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  1. would an Undead Wasp rider become a zombee?
  2. Transmission of names often follow rules more or less strictly; for example, first son named after the paternal grand-father, second after the maternal grand-father, so many cousins, grand-sons of a Vargast, would be called Vargast. I would also expect a cottar receiving land to plow from a thane to name his first son born on this land after his "benefactor", so a thane named Vargast settling many cottars could launch a "naming trend" in the neighborhood. So yes, the "solution" stands in the nicknames because first names are more of a group marker. I also like a lot the status of "named men" in Abercrombie's novels, the first step in a successful warrior's life being the acquisition of a "war nickname". I shall use it in my campaign. Nonetheless, I see Jeorg"s point. 450 Varmandi, so around 220 males, in their early twenties, maybe 25% of that considering that medieval population had often 50% of people less than 20 years old. So it would make 55 people, but to be a leader at this age, he would probably belong to the thane class so 7% in Jeff's table. So 3-4 people are concerned. Still two young war leader called Vargast, son of Vargast are possible, probably close kin as thanes lineages probably have specific name stocks. In our case, my fictional money would be on the herder being a dependent/client of the the family of the mercenary chief.
  3. Minlister


    yes, sorry, I was not clear, I meant I think these are very big cities (and yes, I put aside Boldhome considering its peculiar topography, basically a closed valley occupied by various settlements more than a city) considering the demography of their hinterland (the Lunar empire is around 6.5 MM if I remember well?). So should we also envision most of these cities with huge open spaces inside the walls, like the enclosed hunting grounds of Mesopotamian kings, and enormous temple precinct without inhabitants ? No sarcasm or hidden criticism here, just a question to be able to visualize the type of urban landscape what you have in mind. EDIT: to be clear, I do not consider that the forbidden city for the Red Emperor can be seen as one of those underpopulated area, palatial zones are very densely populated usually considering they are multi-layered.
  4. Minlister


    @Jeff Thank you, yes, I realize that it is a big area; just saying that in my mind, I envisioned it even bigger, because of pasture and hunting area. Constantinople (theodosian landwalls) was ca. 1500 ha, so pretty close. But, yes, it is true that walking from Haghia Sophia to the landwall is quite a stroll. Thanks also a lot for the data on the other Gloranthan cities, although I think some of them seem a little bit out of line with the population numbers but it is a magic world after all, no real issue with that.
  5. Minlister


    @Rick Meints Thanks a lot! Of course, in the end, I always make my own mind when playing at my own table, but I was interested nonetheless, as I have something I would like to translate for the JC and as it would be used by other, I'd rather keep in line with the official line's choice.
  6. Minlister


    @Jeff I have a small question about the new "Pavis and BR book". Are you (or the Chaosium team more broadly) keeping the size of the BR as it was in P:GtA or do you consider adopting the vast scale introduced in Ian Thompson"s companion series? Or a third option? I, personally, am more comfortable with the "big one", considering the amount of places of interest, people and factions, but I was wondering what would be the "canonical" position. Thanks you in advance!
  7. Thanks Martin, but yes, no rush at all, obviously! Do it only if you can find solace and/or distraction in work.
  8. @M Helsdon yes, of course, sorry of I was not clear, I just used this picture as an example of the kind of lay-out for the picture I envisioned. Earlier on the thread, you have shown very nice similar rows of pictures if I remember well.
  9. Thank your for considering it Martin! Yes, pages with rows of small figures would be perfect! Something along the lines of the picture I insert it, from HQG. I don't think the images have to be very big as we can always zoom on the pdf when showing to the players a specific image. Even if the definition is not perfect, that would still a huge visual asset for the games. I read the book on a screen so I am not sure I realize the exact size of the picture, but half their current size should be good? Or only a selection of the unit more directly involved in Dragon Pass?
  10. @M Helsdon So well deserved!! I am a tenured professional medievalist with interest in military history and I am truly impressed by the quality of your work; it is not only the sheer amount of data from the RW you processed but the way you managed to blend it into a Gloranthan-flavored new whole. Your initial M should stand for masterpiece! EDIT : maybe the only thing I am missing is one or two double pages with all the drawings put together: it would be easier to show the right one to the players during play but that is a spoiled brat's wish!!
  11. I would say that the importance/power of Ernalda PC/NPC is directly linked to the form of the play. In "mission-based" scenario or "one-shot", they would decidedly be secondary, but as soon as you play a campaign, especially the clan-based campaign, Ernaldan characters take the fore very quickly. So I am not sure that the problem is "mechanic". And for long-term campaign, it could be good to keep it that way because it would unbalance the game if Ernaldan were also as powerful as other character on the "mission-based episodes" inserted in the campaign.
  12. It is a dirty job but someone has to do it... yes, no problem, of course you can have it. I will appreciate any opinion or remarks to improve it but no pressure! It still WIP for the second scenario. I also have a quite long scenario in Prax (which benefited from advice by @7Tigers), you are also welcome to it if you intend to play in this area. Just keep in mind that I am not a "grognard" so dramatic blasphemy against the canon is a possibility!
  13. @7Tigers Damned, I had hoped to be able to cannibalize other ideas! "Bonne année" by the way and thanks again for having infected me with the Glorantha virus!!
  14. Could you tell me where to find it as I am precisely playing in this area? Or maybe you are referring to my own document? In this case it has grown further and I am happy to share the new version if you want. There is also a small introductory scenario (only interesting if you intend to run a local caampaign). It is still in French* although I intend to translate it when it is finished (probably by next summer). I will have a map made by a friend of mine who is a cartographer by trade. To answer your question, I like precise map as it gives a creative boost through constraints. * my syntax is not very complex so any translation tool should give good results and all the NPC names are in English anyway.
  15. @JonL But this is the very cornerstone of any game between adults, I don't see the point in spelling it out. When I meet someone new, I say "hello", not "hello, please note that I will offer you all due courtesy and that I will respect you rights and opinions and try to do my best not to trigger traumatic memories". And spelling it out doesn't offer any guarantee that it will be the case.
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