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    Well, I began to play rpg in 1982 or 83, suffering two inglorious deaths during the first hour. Since then I never stopped. I mainly played Basic-based games, but on personal settings and with custom made Basic-based rules. Incredibly I discovered Glorantha only recently through the Sartar/Pavis Heroquest books. I contributed to RPG fanzines and a couple of professional products in France, but always little things.
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    CoC, WWII setting; Glorantha, Basic-based home rules, but considering trying the new RQG. Basic-based home rules in GRR Martin GoT world.
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    Well, as a matter of fact, Blurb could be my middle name...

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  1. Corflu is an Imperial outpost cut from the Empire's core. Corflu is a city built in a lagoon for protection against marauding enemies In short, Corflu is... Early Medieval Venice (or at least the first settlement which came to be known as Venice later on) Quickstart imagination about its potential development and campaign opportunities, isn't it? And as far as the timber problem is concerned, could not we imagine big coracle like ships with enchanted leather hulls on a timber frame? I can even hear the snarling Wolf-pirates calling these ships, cattle-ships or Corflu sheeps. It would entail to develop a partnership with the nomads to get the hides, like Venice developed trade with Slavs to fetch timber. Trade, war, negociations and sea-going endeavours on magic coracles.
  2. @Sir_Godspeed Sorry I lost my temper, but why should you have to know other people's credentials to abstain from being so dismissive about their posts? @Qizilbashwoman I agree with you but I am not sure to see the connection with my own post. Especially as I never said that Glorantha experienced total war. I learn a lot on this forum about all kind of things, but sometimes, honestly, I am fed up with people confusing being assertive and being right. And I am not a dude.
  3. Sorry, I must disagree with you and I was absolutely not speaking about steppe nomad societies. But I welcome the references for the "formal definition of total war" as obviously my education is lacking. I would be happy to discuss it with the history students whose PhD I supervise.
  4. @seasparrow An excellent scenario for the grantlands was published in the Zin Letters. Obviously, I don't think you can find it now but you could build on the central idea which was really good: The Lunar lord of the Grantlands, duke Raus, needs more water to irrigate his new lands. He sends the PC in a quest to revive a river, an affluent of the Zola Fel, who went missing centuries before. He wants them to find the river and induce her to return to the world and marry the Lunar duke in the same kind of mystical union which exists between the Count of the Sun Dome and the nymph Kinope. It is a nice mix of mythical investigation, heroquest and "tomb raider" activities.
  5. Always put 7Tigers in your search engine! Thanks!
  6. @Nick Brooke can you tell me what the "Falangian Diamonds" were?
  7. @Quizilbashwoman I am not so sure about that, as some Late Antique societies for example were basically armies on the move. So their wars would naturally fit your description. 7th-century wars in the Eastern Mediterranean will also fit the bill. Furthermore, but it is a different problem, a total war would require, from my point of view, a mobilisation going well beyond economy.
  8. I don't see why being the female makes it impossible to hate women. I thought that Muriah belonged to the cult of Malia, am I wrong? And I am sure, Soltakss likes it! Thed is so acid!
  9. @soltakss GREAT STUFF! In real world history, one Crusader lord (Renaud de Chatillon IIRC) prepared the various pieces of five war galleys in his fief of Outre-Jourdain (let's say present-day Jordania) and had the plan to transport them to the Red Sea (in the Eilat Gulf IIRC), assemble them there and raid the coast of Arabia. I would say the distance involved (Kerak-Eilat is ca. 250 km) must be greater than between Northern Sartar and Corflou, the environment harsher and the Ayyubid army more dangerous than the Praxian nomads. A good challenge for a bunch of Lunar'officers PC!
  10. @redmoongoddess Well, as a newbie, I must say that I don't really feel the need for extensive material on areas outside the "historical core". Just exploring Sartar/Prax whith inroads in Esrolia/Tarsh would take me years and years of intensive gaming. At this point I certainly won"t be a newbie anymore and I will have collected huge amounts of fan-made material (without even speaking of the GtG and the steadily growing JC), allowing me play nearly anywhere in Glorantha. But I recognized that I like to work a lot to prepare my campaigns and that's affecting my point of view obviously. So, as far as I am concerned, I am quite happy with the editorial strategy. The only missing block is the GoG but one year is not such a long time to wait.
  11. I believe I read a description in the Zine letters fanzine number 3, but I can't check because I am not at home and I made the terrible mistake of not renting a van to move with my Glorantha library. Rookie mistake. But if anyone has the book maybe it can check for all of us?
  12. Yes, you are right to stress this point!
  13. Sorry I had overlooked the " In this case, there is two wonderful opportunities in the Red Cow campaign; If you play before the Dragon Rise, there is a disputed land (called the Stagland IIRC) between the Red Cow clan, a Culbrea clan whose name I forgot (Two-Pines?), the Telmori werewolves and the Lunar "fief/veteran colony" of Hostralos. Ideal spot to build a new clan and you can use all the materiel form The Coming Storm. If you play in 1625, you could easily play the resettlement of the Lunar "fief/veteran colony" by the survivors of the Maboder tribe who occupied this area before the Lunar take over. Once more, all you need is in The Coming Storm.
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