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    Well, I began to play rpg in 1982 or 83, suffering two inglorious deaths during the first hour. Since then I never stopped. I mainly played Basic-based games, but on personal settings and with custom made Basic-based rules. Incredibly I discovered Glorantha only recently through the Sartar/Pavis Heroquest books. I contributed to RPG fanzines and a couple of professional products in France, but always little things.
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    CoC, WWII setting; Glorantha, Basic-based home rules, but considering trying the new RQG. Basic-based home rules in GRR Martin GoT world.
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  1. So you mean with no visual effect at all? That would be quite scary to be fried in total darkness...
  2. A small "curiosity" for staging a Zorak Zoran encounter. We know that ZZ stole his fire powers from Yelmalio at the Hill of Gold (probably on the summit as ZZ is always best on the top). But Yelmalio kept his light power . Should we understand then that the fire wielded by ZZ is a "light-less" one? Some kind of black fire? I ask for the sake of description of the magic of his initiates. Thanks for any light you can shed on that...
  3. Fair enough! I did not know Chuck was a hypochoristic for Charles! Good point!
  4. Honestly I will be happy to eat my hat if a Frankish warrior ever referred to Charlemagne as "Big Chuck" or anything similar.
  5. @Nick Brooke Well, actually, that is what I did, but since I play in Sartar and not inside the empire the workload was not too heavy. For a campaign inside the empire, I could not do it, I think. For example, I use hekatontarch for Pelorian army offices and Hepturion for platoon leaders of the Moon Runners, a regiment organized in 7-men units; for a Carmanian leader I used the Sassanian title hazamard and aspet for his men (arguably it is persarmenian, but still the same civilization); when I don't find what I need I completely invent the title from the linguistic roots of the language I choose for each people, for instance for Tarshite officers of the Provincial army, I use "llawbrenin", which means "hand of the king", not historical at all, just Google translate from Welch and a bit of tweeking. I confess I also changed along the same lines all Sartar toponyms for Welsh-based ones. And even if we play in French, all NPC have English kenning-like nicknames, because it allows to stick to the kind of poetry used in the HotHP and BoHM. As you can see, the logic would be to have Welsh-based kennings, but here it is more important for the players to understand the nicknames immediately. I confess that as far as I am concern, I don't like "sultan" because it is specifically post-antique and it gives me the same feeling as hoplites in plate armour. I am a Medievalist so the discrepancy strikes me just too hard, like playing in contemporary France and having the NPC being called, John, Peter and Francis instead of Jean, Pierre and François. So I went with satrap, keepin suffère (engl. shophet) for Esrolia which I envision more along the lines of Phenician cities (so semitic roots when inventing names). But I say that just to explain my choices. My imagination is mainly fueled by names so onomastics, titles, toponymy is all important for me. A favor for vice.
  6. @dumuzid I understand, but this is the point where I would diverge, I see the transgression not as an end in itself but as the trigger for change (hence the Movement rune) since the trickery undermines the authority of tradition. The Disorder stands in the fact that there is no pre-determined and steady direction to the change the trickster calls for. I am not sure I am very clear, sorry!
  7. @dumuzid I confess that I envision tricksters as less nihilistic that these deities, who have both the Death rune I think (although I realize I don"t know the exact runes of shargash!)
  8. @jajagappaThanks! I understand better ; I guess here it was my own philosophy that kicked in as I tend to consider purposeless anything self-centered. As a side effect, Harmony should also seen as opposed to self-centered endeavors then? So a hermit, for instance, seeking harmony in isolation for society would be at odds with the values covered by the Harmony rune? I have nothing against it, I ask out of sheer curiosity for your opinion.
  9. That's a very interesting topic for me as I realize I have a quite different take on tricksters than nearly everybody else! I really struggle with the idea of short-sighted trickster acting in a completely random way; probably because I don't see disorder as synonym to purposeless since the rune is not a form rune but a power rune, which I envision as fueling dynamics of evolution. One more thing I should add to the How you Glorantha varies? thread (another very good one!)!
  10. I would say that the main question should not be "can/should they do this or that?" but "why?" I envision the trickster, ultimately, as a source of wisdom for the community, someone who shed light on the limits, inherent paradox and/or hypocrisy of commonly accepted values and behavior. So what a trickster should do or should not do should be determined by this intent. Kill your Orlanti master to show him the limits of violence, trick the Ernaldan in a lose/lose situation to confront her with the fact that sometimes there is no other way, betray your master to save the community and let them decide if you deserve punishment, trap your friend between conflicting loyalties to confront them with the necessity to decide who they really are, etc.
  11. As I understand the question, it was more about people permanently living in the Middle Air, not people able to fly to reach it, but maybe I did not understand @Manu 's real point. Could you specify what you intended?
  12. Fair enough! But on this one, I prefer the harder version, it is the "how you Glorantha varies" thread, I am not pressing to a general conversion to my taste (if I dare)! EDIT: I realized that maybe I was not clear, I have man-eater Morokanths, even outside of religious duties, but on the whole they are omnivirous obviously
  13. Did you take into account that apart from flying creatures you have all the cloud races?
  14. Well, you know... after applying Eurmal fart-ilizer, plant would probably sprung from the Earth in search of fresh air!!
  15. Thanks Jeorg! Very useful stuff! I never manage to keep in mind the Entekosiad. I always thought that the plow allowed for the mating of Orlanth and Ernalda through the opening of the Earth to the Air. Never considered the Death Rune dimension, very Eleusis or John:12.24 kind of stuff
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