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    Started on D&D red-box in the early eighties. Many years playing many systems. First BRP set was elf-quest.
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    Conan 2d20, FaseRip, CoC A!C with PULP (in the works), Forbidden lands, many one-shots...
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    Toss some dice, talk some trash, eat some food, have some fun...

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  1. I know this is super old but does anyone still have the character sheets or know where to get them?
  2. I know this may sound silly, but I was thinking of going over the top, even more than the pulp book I just bought. And fight Cthulhu with some supers. Using super-world of course. What conversion guide would I do this with. I know it silly, but fun! Don't judge me! (.,,,.)... best bet Elder Godlike?
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