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  1. That is an absolutely delightful video - I'm happy you've shared it - but are there no formulaic rules in the game for the amount of time it takes to put on a piece of armor?
  2. What is "a while" in game terms though? How many strike ranks would it take for a warrior to put on a helmet?
  3. I'm putting together my first RQG game, but I'm having trouble finding one thing in the rules. How long does it take to put on armor? Are there any numerical penalties for keeping armor on while resting, or not in combat?
  4. In RQG, the example paragraph under Spellcasting Ability on page 254 says that additional magic points can be added to a Bladesharp spell to overcome Countermagic. But, the description of Countermagic on page 258 says Which is correct?
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