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  1. Hi, A question about knockback attacks in RQ-Glorantha (p.224): Can knockback attacks be parried or dodged, and if so, what effect does the parry or dodge have on the attack? For example, if Urg rolls a successful knockback attack against Zort with his short spear and Zort successfully parries the attack, is Urg's spear subject to damage from the parry? If the spear is parried, does the knockback still take place? Thank you, Fred Hoyt Kittery, Maine
  2. Hello, I have two questions about strike rank in Runequest Glorantha: (1) What happens with combat strike ranks over twelve? This much I understand: There are 12 strike ranks per melee round and characters are able (for example) to attack on the strike rank that corresponds what I'll call their effective strike rank (SIZ SR + DEX SR + weapon SR). So, for example, Hadrast the Hirsute has a 16 for SIZ and 18 for DEX, giving him a attribute SR 2. Hadrast uses a Broadsword, listed on p.208 as having a SR 9, so Hadrast can attack with his sword on SR 11. However, if Sweortbrok the Sweaty as a 14 for both SIZ and DEX, his personal SR is 4. If Sweortbrok uses a broadsword, he would have an effective SR of 13. If there are only 12 SRs in a melee round, on which SR does Sweortbrok get to go? Round down to 12? On SR 1 of the next melee round? I note that in the Classic RQ ("RQ2") rule book, weapons are listed with much lower strike ranks. For example, a pike (p.25 of the RQ2 book) has a strike rank of 0, while in the RQG book it has a strike rank of 11 (p.209), while in RQ2 a broadsword has a SR of 2 compared with 9 in RQG. Furthermore, some weapons on the table on pp.208-209 of RQG have strike ranks higher than 12: A two-handed hammer is listed with a SR of 17. Would a character wielding one of these be limited to one attack every two melee rounds? This is very confusing. (2) What happens with SR ties? If two characters are fighting each other and each has an effective SR of (say) 5, do they hit each other simultaneously? Or would their players resort to a dice roll to break the tie? Thank you!
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