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  1. I've never managed to work in Kralorelans into my game, maybe as I feel they're too China-like and not distinct enough; but also as my campaigns have always been far from there, so I am blissfully ignorant. I am working the Black Sun into the West IMG, so we'll see... Ditto for Vormain/Japan. But I'd love to be a player in a good campaign set in either place. I just don't feel good enough of a Gloranthan GM to figure out how to make them work myself.
  2. Hi, I am wondering how heroquesters deeper in the Underworld/Hells would perceive "time" (small 't'; any meaning; not the big Arachne Solara concept). In the Sky Realm it's easy, seeing the stars and other bodies scuttle about. But what about in Hell? I imagine Yelm becomes visible as a smouldering wreck or something that screams through each night until it falls to ashen silence, and thus would be visible from many places? Maybe "weather" like the Dehori show some cyclical daily patterns? Relevant to me IMG right now as the Boat Planet passes thru for ~4 days and I don't know what a "day" really means in Hell, except that it must correspond in some (loose?) way to Middle-World time.
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    The Rainbow Mounds

    Yes, very nice. I do love me some caves though!
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    The Rainbow Mounds

    More please, more more more!
  5. IMG the Cleansed One was not just some boring average broo but rather was a major player in the Chaos army of Wakboth et al., even killing/mortally wounding Seolinthur. He was called Jajakan (a name of an otherwise uninteresting foe in a published Heroquest heroquest; foe of Zola Fel). In the 3rd Age no one remembers this/it has been suppressed but heroes can quest and find it out, much to their chagrin especially if they are River Voices. It worked well IMG.
  6. If you can find any of Ian Thomson's ?late 1990s-early 2000s Pavis/Grey Company supplements, the ogre conspiracy w/Ogre Island, Eye of Wakboth and vampires and stuff are detailed in there and would fit fine into 1626. Very dungeon-y. I had tons of fun with it.
  7. Maybe no longer (to be) canon, but maybe who cares-- [SPOILER]
  8. Yeah seems to be Avalor-- https://glorantha.fandom.com/wiki/Avalor
  9. I thought the Rokari were trying to recreate Danmalastan? Maybe that is in some non-canon stuff I read, though.
  10. I loved it so much, I even Photoshopped the Guide's map of the coast to return it to match the Orange Box's island configuration, which had Giraine visible as a pathetic sliver of land; for some reason deleted in the Guide (probably stochastic reasons). Good to know the author; for some reason I never knew it!
  11. I got into the West by accident and happenstance, and for practical issues. When I played RQ3 as a Pavis campaign, even with Sandy's rules we never liked sorcery much but my curiosity was piqued by the well-characterised Rokari in Strangers in Prax. I set that aside, since we never were going to play in the West. Then years later I decided to start a new campaign using MRQ (ouch! yeah, we moved on quickly enough), and I thought this Tradetalk article on the little Pithdaran isle of Giraine was utterly fantastic. I loved the tiny enclave of Malkioni heretic colonists set against the savage even more heretical native Malkioni (the Giranois) and underneath it all tones of tension between sorcery, theism, animism and (with a hint of draconic presence) mysticism plus the social struggle of castes; on one tiny island. Plus Godlearner necromancers, Waertagi, and hints of Arkati + Uz. it was easy, too, to make it a "sea campaign" and wander around other regions via 1 PC's ship, for variety so players wouldn't get too bored stuck on that island (we played various published stuff like the Island of Nekeros from TOTRM10). With other articles on Vadeli and such, I felt I had enough to build a fun campaign on that explored the main plotline of (1) broader Western Hero Wars e.g. Quinpolic League vs. Seshnela; and (2) local, seemingly trivial issues that grow in importance (a Talar gets moved here with his household and realizes its a s***hole island; then they find out that there are amazing epic things to do and get caught up in island politics that eventually connect with big Hero Wars issues). I like the Rokari as "baddies" (but they do mean well), and so do my players. And then they're not nearly as bad as the Vadeli, who do NOT mean well at all but sometimes still must play by Lawful rules. So there's a lot of moral spectra to explore along with the adventure. I didn't understand the Waertagi but eventually came around, sort of. And the fact that so little was (and still is) written meant that I could make a lot up myself, and/or adapt to what got published. Frankly by that time as a GM I was immensely bored with much of Dragon Pass/Prax and wanted something new that was Gloranthan. So it fit the bill. I wouldn't be brave enough to try to run a Kresh wagon-rider campaign as I'd have no clue how to do it, but I bet it would be fun if I knew how.
  12. Mythras with some house rules/relicts of older systems (we've been playing for just over 12 years now).
  13. I love this thread. The sagacity is humming on all cylinders and there are great ideas for making the West fun. I don't have a lot to add but in case it gives any ideas or is of interest here's how it was/is being run in my campaign (started 1621, currently midway thru Boat Planet heroquest in 1624 Sea Season; campaign centred on the tiny isle of Giraine off Pithdaros and its hapless heretics enmeshed in QL-Seshnelan politics): (clearly I read the Guide/other materials' timings of events differently than some) [spoilers for my players so don't read!] 1621-1623 Seshelan-QL tensions mount, with big Seshnelan invasion of Nolos crushing it in end-1623, Theoblanc declaring Navigationalism anathema (religion dies; Zzaburi/buildings burn etc.) and Pasos assaults begin. Pithdaros tries to help but isn't much aid; coming too late as usual. PCs gradually learn of Seshna cult connections/revival and "new Froalar" prophecies/possibilties, with one PC becoming such a New Froalar and seeking out a local aspect (fragment) of Seshna Likita to woo. Theme is that the shattered lands of Seshna have many fragmented Likitae who need to be re-united through ties to Talars in order for the land to heal again; and the region. Arkati and allies (Elandra, Uz, "Night Dragon" weird Western aspect of Black Dragon/Shadow Dragon, possibly connected to Black Sun out East; etc.) begin slowly extending tendrils into local affairs as that tension in Ralios vs. Seshnela mounts. Vadeli are getting their claws into everything and slowly awakening the Blue Vadeli presence, with Red Vadeli pirates becoming more and more of a problem. 1624 it all kicks off: Wolf Pirates return, Mularik leads some Westerners onto the Boat Planet to bring back Waertag the Reaver (for him, to aid the Wolf Pirates and his Arkati schemes vs. Guilmarn; but he doesn't know/care that this helps the Waertagi too). The Boat Planet returns and Waertagi fleet comes back from Hell as a result; they bring the Brithini to help finally crush the QL, and Wolf Pirates move east, with a "puppet" installed to rule Pithdaros, who quickly surrenders to Seshnela rather than fight a doomed battle once Pasos falls. Unfortunately the Vadeli bring back some Hellships of undead Waertagi and so the seas of the West become a battleground for Waertagi vs. Vadeli, for the time being; with Seshnela more focused on their continental affairs vs. Ralios + Arkati. Refugees from QL flee but so far I've envisaged them as thus becoming irrelevant, scattered to the four winds; maybe I will reconsider. Eventually the Brithini will have to intervene with the Vadeli, and the Seshnelans; they are playing the long game. Chaos seeps in as a result of all of this, encouraged by Vadeli and other villains, and the Gate of Banir opens as "Arkat the Deceiver" returns, and the West gets uglier. I haven't planned precisely how that will pan out, but the other Arkats will be part of the opposition (drawing in PCs of course).
  14. Waertagi can be opponents/challenges on the Westfaring part of the Lightbringers Quest (~Grey Shore/Luathela area), with LBQers getting a ride on a Waertagi ship via force or via bargaining, so that could be a tie-in; the Waertagi could use this to benefit from the Storm Tribe's Air magic (for later usage?).
  15. If you've played the purple Luathan folk as a GM or thought about it, any ideas for things they'd do if met by heroquesters in Luathela? I've got what's published on them (& related Lightbringers Quest-type stuff); fishing for extra flair. (Players if you're here, don't look)
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