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  1. Elves of Brithos: that's odd. Maybe visiting remnant White Elves from the Sky Realm? Perhaps that helps explain why his Sky Realm home is in the Celestial Forest ("Doves").
  2. Thread I was thinking of, with lots more "who's Arkat?" ideas:
  3. My understanding was that Ralios major battles vs. Seshnela don't begin until 1624/1625 depending on sources; i.e. after Quinpolic League gone and Boat Planet risen. There was a thread on this earlier that I mined too, for similar reasons. I personally prefer the idea that the 5 Arkats have little to do with the heroes in Dragon Pass; e.g. Harrek is not one of them. There are plenty of interesting local contenders. If Argin Terror isn't the Chaos aspect then I'd be shocked, as he is clearly set up to become a Big Bad (more so than he already is!). I guess Argrath could be Arkat the Destro
  4. Ahh I see where I got the Vadeli-created-Slarges idea: it came from p14 of Tradetalk 13, so it's non-canonical (but I love the article's over-the-top approach). If I were them I'd still try to take credit for creating them, and try to manipulate them (even if not friends) as the slarges push eastwards.
  5. Nice points as always, Joerg. It seems in Dragon Pass, we can pretty much forget about the Vadeli except as cameos and perhaps as minor troublemakers along the southern coasts where there are fellow Malkioni to mess with. I bet the Vadeli have minor connections to the Lunars and Ralzakark, and maybe stronger to Gagix Twobarb since she's more southern. In the far East, I don't know that they have any influence. In the south, I'm not so familiar with what they're up to but it seems to be focused on Fonrit and the demonic/slavery stuff there, and the slarges (which they've been blamed for cr
  6. I'm curious how the other major Western seafaring people, the Vadeli, fit into the Hero Wars. Nary a mention of them in most official sources (although in Pamaltela they're surely actively involved). It's hardly a secret that the Red Vadeli are back but the (blue) Boat Planet would make an ideal time for the Blue Vadeli to return and perhaps Vadeli are doing their own sinister ceremonies w/the Boat Planet heroquest; or corrupting others'. Once the Closing is gone and the Navigationalists/Quinpolics are decimated they probably have a great opportunity in Genertela. Ditto with the "rise" of Most
  7. The Guide indicates they're coming back to comb the fog for Brithos, then they take a Brithini army to help the Seshnelans defeat the Quinpolic League once and for all (in 1624 IIRC so I think this happens soon after the Boat Planet!); so then they have dominance over the Western seas. Meanwhile the Closing has "ended" and people gradually realize this so I imagine the Waertagi are struggling to suppress contenders for sea dominance, especially vs. the Wolf Pirates (Guide also hints at this; that it's a Waertagi vs. Dormali fight and WPs are in the latter camp). I'd expect the WPs to oppose th
  8. I'm (re)reading the Malazan Book of the Fallen series lately and it has some Gloranthan vibes to it-- not necessarily Iron Age (but alien world), lots of ancient civiilizations/elder races (including a dragonewt-like one), fairly complex gods and magics (some truly epic sorcery etc.), very gritty action.
  9. Snugz

    Young God

    OK yeah I like that interpretation and others above. If life is a cycle, like Yelm's, and the Boat Planet was there before Time, then from the Young God's perspective perhaps it is just and lawful that the Boat Planet returns again, too.
  10. Snugz

    Young God

    OK that makes some sense, I had missed the Yelm connection. I haven't the foggiest notion how this relates to the scenario, in which questers oppose powerful Sky realm beings rather than aid them, and how this Young God is hinted at (the way I read it) as being some Big Hero Wars development.
  11. Snugz

    Young God

    Haha yeah indeed; that Argrath gets around. It's definitely not Dormal; that is noted. It is said to be a "new" god. It does seem that it was intended to be elaborated on in a followup adventure, as it was a momentous event in the scenario.
  12. Snugz

    Young God

    (Gathering Thunder spoiler, sorry!)
  13. Snugz

    Sky realm Qs

    Hi, random Qs from running the Boat Planet/Sky Ship quest in my Western Glorantha game: If you are in the Sky realm, looking up from the Sky River toward the top of the dome, is the 'sky' golden not blue? Arkat has a constellation. Did he "steal" the original star in it from Nysalor/Gbaji?
  14. Options: 1- They might heroquest to bring him back, drawing PCs into that (fun!) 2- Someone rises from within them to fill the void, e.g. Mularik Ironeye-- or from outside. Sir Ethilrist? 3- They fall apart (less exciting) or ask killer to be leader (could be fun) I've never had this happen myself, on that scale.
  15. I'd think you'd either sail up into the Sky realm (i.e. via Lorion), or down into the underworld (i.e. via Styx), or forever/into Chaosium (the latter could be called "over the edge" and might be what the Outer Atomic Explorers of Godlearners did???).
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