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  1. I'd think you'd either sail up into the Sky realm (i.e. via Lorion), or down into the underworld (i.e. via Styx), or forever/into Chaosium (the latter could be called "over the edge" and might be what the Outer Atomic Explorers of Godlearners did???).
  2. I hope it is OK if I ask a tangential question. Well, a bunch of related ones. I've seen it repeatedly mention that, in the Hero Wars, the Dormali (not sure which) are "opposed" by the Waertagi, and the context seems to centre on the former's re-opening of the seas, and the Boat Planet's re-rise in ~1624. So this has me confused-- (1) Waertag and Dormal are both key Heroes on the Boat Planet in a published scenario (will avoid spoilers) and cooperating, although their agendas may well differ; and (2) what is the nature/motivation of the cited conflict between Waertagi and Dormali? Is
  3. IMG Brown Vadeli make a substance called "chocolatl" whose origins are highly suspect. Way back when in very-non-canonical stuff I wrote about Mostali drinks (Flintnail cult) including some hot ones... I think, but I cannot find that article right now.
  4. Or if draconic beings "live backwards" maybe it isn't dead yet?
  5. I think that's a name for the Black Dragon in the West; e.g. Malkioni? So maybe this was just an aspect of the Black Dragon via one myth, not the Dragon Pass one?
  6. It seems to me that Gloranthan serpents and draconic forms have a lot of overlap in Gloranthan myth/beings; e.g. rivers can be snakes (Zola Fel etc.)/dragons (Aroka), Earth snake-beings such as Seshna are often described as also draconic-like, and so on (I know I am forgetting some good examples). This has plenty of parallels in (Western, at least; maybe even more, e.g. Eastern) real-world mythology of course. But I was pondering, what is the underlying Gloranthan mythology that connects Earth/Water serpents and Draconic nature, if any? I'd love to hear any scholarly takes. Or jokes.
  7. Got inspired- Will be horrifying my River Voice PCs, heroquesting via Camenura to learn about the Cleansed One's background, by having them encounter "Jack O' Broos" that gained their Harmonize ability from the (pre-Cleansed) Cleansed One broo's theft of Harmony's power from the Three-Bean Circus. Muhaha.
  8. I wonder if there is a myth in which the first Do-karal/Hungry Jack stole the light from Yelmalio for its lantern. Maybe another Hill of Gold suffering for poor lightboy. And Aldryami would be none too pleased by the infection of good innocent pumpkins; perhaps Aldrya is tied into the origin myth. Could lead to some fun heroquesting for Yelmalions and elves to stick it to the jack-o-bears. Meanwhile I wonder how bear hsunchen feel about all this ursine appropriation. Harrek not available for comment?
  9. I'd like to hear your stories of how you've used/experienced Jack O'Bears effectively in a Glorantha game. I've never put them to great usage as a GM but they sure do have potential to be more than just a gotcha monster for mean GMs. (Sorry players, they might not fit into our current campaign though)
  10. Oh wow seriously I thought you just made it up to see if we were paying attention! I have all those issues so I'm sort of surprised I missed it. I will have to look. I do love the idea. It is so Runequest, and Glorantha.
  11. Snugz

    Walrus ivory?

    Ouori tusks via Vadeli trade I bet (naughty!); and yes there are walruses in Neliomi Sea AFAIK, and then dragon bone or other similar big bones (High Llama? Giraffe foot bones in modern world can be carved). Giant sea beasts too, I am sure, would do (whales + beyond; think scrimshaw). Ribs as well as tusks and so on. But how much these matter in terms of trade I don't know. Surely they have some value.
  12. How dare you describe Gloranthan sorcery! Scandalous! 😉
  13. Snugz


    Glorantha: Second Age - Abiding Book has some good stuff on the Taming of the Timinits. In general, think of 1 characteristic that the insect from which the timinit species comes exemplifies, and play that to the hilt, adding some alien weirdness (e.g. emotionless / inscrutable emotions / obsessive passions) on top. But timinits could fit into civilization when they want to, so they could surprise PCs by being civilized in some cases (especially in 2nd Age). Another tidbit is that they now ally with the super evil Vadeli sorcerors, at least in some cases (e.g. part of Jrustela; the Vadeli Oran
  14. This is the Gloranthan product I'm most looking forward to-- thank you! I will definitely be buying it, immediately.
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