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  1. Is it too much to ask people to self moderate some? Breathe in and out and re-read before posting. Ask yourself if you are attacking people or a group of people disagreeing with you. If you are, you are off. Go back to discussing the actual topic, which I think had something to do with owning or not owning up to HPLs extremely problematic views and so on and so forth. Which is actually very interesting as opposed to what this thread turned into. (The You here is general, no person or persons implied.) G33k, you do have a point in there being a difference between an action being racist and the person doing it being a racist. However we are once again back on the where we are. People are not used to discussing privilege and racism in this way, and in the heated discussion and name-calling in this thread, the actual difference has failed to come across sufficiently.
  2. I never log in or comment anything on here, but I guess sometime would have to be the first. First off: 1) I’m female 2) I’m a white heterosexual female leaving me in a position of privilege, which I recognise and accept, and I do attempt to be aware of my privilege. 3) I am pro inclusivity and acceptance of people’s differing opinions - the two not being mutually exclusive of one another. Openness > censorship. 4) I enjoy balanced discourse free of baiting and ad hominem attacks I’m seeing some worrying tendencies here from people who I think are on the same page as me but creating a chasm between people with the rhetoric. The agreement among some here that it seems like Chaosium has taken sides is troublesome, and I’ll explain why I find it so. SJW used to be about social justice, for all, inclusivity and so on. Help give voice to those who have had a lesser voice or none at all, demanding businesses take responsibility for problematic behaviour like using child slave labour, only white models etc. It was a good thing, and should still be a good thing because it’s needed. That being said, In the later years there have been several attempts at having businesses lose their customers over lesser problematic behaviour (like a white manager having dreadlocks and refusing to cut them off). Blowing it up, putting in some half truths and so on and spreading this information through the right channels and scaring other businesses to jump on command in fear of the same treatment, has been very successful. There are businesses who have been targeted without deserving it, and lost business. My problem with this is that it seems not all of this activism is done in good faith. My opinion is that this is what is happening here . Actually targeting Chaosium when the company has clearly shown through latest publications where they stand... I find that kind of discourse bordering on dishonest, and a way to attempt a full split and conquer while silently sneaking into that threat-realm that should be avoided at all cost. I could of course be wrong about all of this. As has been stated, this forum has been pretty much self-moderating, people have been behaving. Suddenly this comes up and out comes the nasty, and I’d have to say the nasty has been showing on all “sides”. I think a wiser path towards the subject of inclusivity would be a more factual and informational thread. Know your audience. Don’t just present facts that make no sense to people. And understand that not everyone grew up in the US with the same reference frame as this kind of thinking comes from. I am aware that me as a white person saying this would be seen as white privilege in itself. I’m aware that the emotional energy spent to educate can be very taxing. It’s just that the attitude of “I said X, now you accept X” doesn’t work on all.. so what is the goal then? Seethe in righteous anger? Not everyone will agree no matter how much they’re yelled at. And no ones always wrong or right. As for not addressing the “other” side: it has basically just been one person acting problematic there, and addressed by admin. One person. And that managed to get people questioning Chaosiums standpoint, disregarding all evidence of the opposite. /end rant
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