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  1. ...aaand bought! Print version as well, I‘m sure it will look nicely next to the core rule book in my shelf.
  2. One could imagine a fictional weapon system that, prior to firing its actual damaging load of electricity (arc weapons) or plasma (blaster weapons), ionizes a tunnel of air in between the muzzle and the target by deploying a burst of a high-energy beam first (like a UV or x-ray laser).
  3. Ah, whatever. It won’t be shipped via USPS, so my copy of the M-Space companion is sold anyway. 😄 Looking forward to it!
  4. I wouldn’t mind b/w printing, at all. What I do mind are shipping costs in relation to product price; but IIRC, both Lulu and DTRPG fulfill POD orders from Poland (for EU orders, that is).
  5. Will the companion again be available as POD via Lulu? I was quite happy with the quality and price tag of the M-Space book.
  6. Oh, a tarot skill fits wonderfully into the world of the Mythos. Excellent tool to give characters some insights, frights, red herrings, or paranoia. Adds flavor and atmosphere to the game. But if players start to rely too much on it or try using it as a shortcut too often, well... there is The Key and Guardian of the Gate out there, who jealously guards ALL knowledge. Gaining his attention isn’t necessarily in their best interest, lest this card may come up more frequently: “Does this black blob look like Hastur to you?”
  7. Culprit in the Spanish flu was the Influenza A virus subtype H1N1. No relations, genetically or otherwise, to the family of coronaviruses. But yes, the second wave’s gonna be rad. This is far from over.
  8. This tech is still used in HEAT (high-explosive anti-tank) warheads. Nothing like a high-velocity superplastic jet of copper to ruin your day (and tank).
  9. Thank you, David, that was helpful. Seems I lost a year somewhen back then. I consider this a bargain. 😝 But I remembered correctly that the first Tentacles Con was indeed one year later.
  10. Ummm. That' not quite how I remember it. AFAIR, and IIRC, (German) RuneQuest Con 1994 was that heat-ridden, mosquito-infested inferno held at the former FDJ IndoktrinationsFerienlager near Berlin. That was my first one, because I played with Lutz and Kelly in Cologne at the time, and they invited me along. The RuneQuest Con (other possible names notwithstanding) next year in 1995 was the first one held at Burg Stahleck in Bacharach. Followed by another RuneQuest Con held there in 1996, which hosted the most infamous FreeForm of times memorable, because some crucial bit of information didn't make it to the players, resulting in a lot of head scratching and mulling around... The first Con called Tentacles over Bacharach was held in the year after that, 1997. Now, it might as well be that I misremember some (hopefully not all) of this, so take this with a grain of salt. I blame universe-altering substances I was partial to at the time. 🍄😎
  11. Be glad you never heard of it. To begin with, it used a 30-sided die (d30)... With the sole exception of RuneQuest, I wasn’t that much into German RPGs back in the 90s, original or translated (...come to think of it, neither am I today). I do own some German language Mythras stuff, though, mainly because the translator is the very same who also translated WDS RuneQuest back then: Lutz Reimers. Fun fact: his daughter Julia, by now a member of the Chaosium staff, has translated RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha. It still awaits publishing by Uhrwerk Verlag...
  12. Ah, yes, the old German Welt der Spiele edition of RuneQuest 3. Brings back memories. Given what else was available in the German language at the time, RuneQuest was a blesséd sight for sore eyes back then. "Ruf des Warlock", and other assorted atrocities...
  13. That's exactly what I said earlier. The Mythras Gateway License is NOT an Open Game Licence. An OGL like the BRP OGL is a free pass to do WHATEVER YOU WANT TO DO WITH IT, WITHIN THE SPECIFIC CONSTRICTIONS THAT GRANT YOU USE OF THE OGL IN THE FIRST PLACE. People right now tend to concentrate on the specific constrictions, which is only natural. Once you realize how to work around these restrictions without violating them (which would invalidate your use of said license), you're free to do whatever you want. AND get the right to put the BRP OGL label onto your creation. If that is what you want.
  14. Passions, Augments, and Pushing (re-rolls of dice) also exist in Mythras by name. Their mechanics work differently, though. So the "substantially similar" clause wouldn't work on them if you were so inclined to implement such or similar mechanics into your BRP OGL based work (I am not a lawyer, and I refuse to use the acronym for this expression). Take Pushing, for example: Call of Cthulhu 7th edition states: "By making a pushed roll, the player is upping the ante and giving the Keeper permission to bring dire consequences should the roll be failed a second time. Pushing a roll means pushing the situation to the limit: [...]". The main difference to other (D100) systems which allow dice re-rolls is that it doesn't use so-called "brownie points" (a.k.a. Fate Points, Luck Points, Bennies, etc.). Mythras implements a re-roll mechanic using Luck Points. So you would be good to go by allowing re-rolls using brownie points; just don't you use the exact same mechanic (re-roll dice for the cost of more dire consequences instead of spending brownie points) that's described in CoC7. Passions and Augments also exist in Mythras as well and use different mechanics than in RQ:G. So it's not that you can't use them in a game based on the BRP OGL AT ALL, just don't use the exact same (or "substantially similar") mechanics that exist in the relevant Chaosium games. Or just don't use the BRP OGL at all for your D100-based products.
  15. I don’t know about the others, but the Mythras Gateway License is decidedly not an OGL. In the sense that any potential creator wanting to incorporate Mythras Imperative (a fully functional subset of the full Mythras rules) is required to request and being granted permission of use, even when there are no fees. With an OGL, there is no such exchange; you grab it and run with it, no questions asked—as long as you follow the clauses of said OGL to the letter, of course.
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