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  1. Further research leads to the fact that Bolthor's elder brother was the chief of the Osteri but seems to have gone into Dorastor to kill the daughter who had become a Bagogi Scorpion Queen (as well as a Sword of Humakt) and left the clan in the 'capable' hands of Bolthor Hairybreeks. (Only his friends call him 'Brighteyes'.) All this based on material in LORDS OF TERROR. Of course my player characters having become involved it's looking doubtful if Bolthor will manage to become king at all....
  2. I'm running a Dorastor campaign and am about to come to the moment in 1622 when Bolthor is elected King. Hakon the Swimmer (unless someone tells me different!) died in Sacred Time 1621 when he summoned his enemy... and got Hahlgrim. One perfectly honourable duel later.... So, my PCs are going to accompany Renekot the Stone to the election of the new King. It is destined to end in slaughter and civil war. But exactly who Bolthor is and how he got to be King is a thing I can't find out. Help?
  3. And now I am sad. Thank you Greg. Be free of all our mourning that might bind you here. “Go spirit, to the fate of thy will.”
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