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    J'ai 52 ans grand fan de jeu de rĂ´le, je joue depuis 1983.
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    Runequest, C.o.C.
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    Ouais, mais non
  1. RIP from France a very big fan of Runequest. It is not for nothing that I chose as pseudo "Argrath the Troll" ... I met you, many years ago at a convention in Paris. You were accompanied by S. Petersen. I asked you for an autograph and you signed me very nicely my box of Stormbringer bought that day. Then Petersen had signed my little dice box, on which I had engraved a sign of the ancients. You laughed and then said to Petersen and me "Now that you signed on it, it will not work anymore!" Memories of a great teenager in front of two Role Playing and Fantasy monsters. I am very sad tonight. I offer my deepest condolences to Mr. Stafford's family and loved ones. Thank you Mr. Stafford
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