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    Constant Cthulhu Keeper since 1981, RQ: 1980 (UK based), D&D before Illumination, Pendragon since the 90s. Writer for NWO Ars Magica/Cthulhu crossover LARPs in 90s/2000s. Webmaster for the UK originally-Chaosium-Con, Continuum.
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    Call of Cthulhu, Ars Magica
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    Newport, South Wales
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    If I was that interesting, why would I roleplay?
  1. Very sorry to hear this sad news - my heartfelt condolences to Suzanne and her family at this difficult time. I had the privilege of meeting Greg a few times at UK conventions. His kindness and boundless enthusiasm will be sorely missed, but never forgotten. He gave us better worlds, and will always live on in them, with all our other heroes.
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