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    Former intern, sales and marketing professional with West End Games. Involved with playtesting supplements for Send in the Clones, Ghostbusters, Start Wars 1st Edition, Tank Leader, Western Front Tank Leader, and many more.
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    Due to family and work commitments I am currently active in gaming although I follow news and trends.
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    New York City bred, love the Compleat Strategist (a home away from home for decades), happily married, and still deeply interested in the hobby even if time does not allow to enjoy it the way I used to.
  1. Many, many years ago when I worked for West End Games, I was fortunate enough to meet Greg. He was always both a consummate professional and gentleman. He was always eager to share his knowledge and advice about both business and gaming with this young novice. Although I had not seen Greg in years I retain fond memories of him and his work. One of the icons in the hobby he will be deeply missed. My condolences to Greg's family and to everyone who worked with him over the years.
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