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    I was a playtester for the original RuneQuest and have played or GMed RQ and other systems for 40+ years.
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    A variant of RuneQuest, set in Glorantha, using a ruleset developed by Ray Turney, one of the original authors.
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    I live near Berkeley, California, and work as a tax lawyer. Married 25 years, three adult kids.
  1. I first met Greg in 1975 while I was in law school in Berkeley. I had purchased a game called "White Bear, Red Moon," but couldn't find anyone to play it with. I noticed that the designer lived nearby, called him, and we made a date to play. After I made my first move, Greg stared at the board for a while, and then ran to call one of his friends, saying, "Come over here quick! I just found someone who understands the rules!" We remained friends throughout the years, although distance separated us much of the time. I was privileged to get a couple of opportunities to participate in some of his RuneQuest sessions. More importantly, though, was that he was a comfortable and valued friend, quick with a smile and a wicked sense of humor. I will miss Greg, and hope that Daka Fal sees fit to put me into whichever heaven Greg has been allocated.
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