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    I'm the author of Tribunals of Hermes: Iberia for Ars Magica. I produced the Ars Magica fanzine Redcap, News from the Order of Hermes and the Over the Edge fanzine Edgework. I edited Surviving On the Edge, the player's guide to the On the Edge CCG.
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    I currently spend most of my time playtesting material for Atlas Games and playing historical miniatures at conventions.
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    Just and Beneficent Ruler of the Universe
  1. I only met Greg a few times. At Gen Cons and at the one Glorantha-focused convention I attended. He was always gracious and approachable, contributing to conversations as well as to game play itself. His games have had a deep and wide impact upon the hobby and industry and his influence will be felt for years to come. We are so lucky to have his work. My deepest sympathy to his family and also to those that worked with him and knew him better than the rest of us. I cannot comprehend your loss, but know that I feel some small echo of it as well.
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