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  1. Awesome, so excited for this new version. Looking forward to running The Great Pendragon Campaign in this new edition!
  2. Love the new layout and look, I especially like all the medieval style illustrations. I’m not so excited by the logo though, if your going for a medieval manuscript style internally, why not lean on that same theme and make the logo more in line?
  3. Looks like daggers use Brawling (pg 4). I love the distinction of the different armor pieces and the addition of the arming sword. Adventure looks like a fun one. Belching panthers, I love it! I agree with you @Mugen, the risk of using a passion of 16-19 does seem high given the current benefit, maybe if on a failure the number of days of Melancholy are reduced? Say 1d6 or 1d6+1? I’d keep everything else as it, including the loss of a point of the passion. That’s a pretty hefty penalty already, but up to 11 days of Melancholy on top of that seems rough.
  4. Ah I was thinking this was a Starter Kit type product like the new Call of Cthulhu one. Thanks @Richard S.!
  5. Super excited for this, though I must say I'm not in love with that new logo. Feels a little cartoony for Pendragon, though it could just be me I eagerly await the release!
  6. I also really enjoyed Greg Stafford's essay on page fifty-six of Blood and Lust on Arthurian Customs. All together its probably a two full pages but its a good primer on the weirdness of some of the customs and how they are dealt with. I may add a little blurb from that as well. This might end up being a full two pages, I'll be OK with that as long as I can keep it to one double sided sheet so I can hand it out at the table.
  7. Is there a one page sheet for new players that explains the basic concepts of playing a knight? Things like honor, glory, fealty, basics of religion, the idea of hospitality, accepting challenges, etc? Something that helps the players get into the headspace of playing an Arthurian Knight? If so can someone point me towards it, I'd like to have something to hand to my players and if not maybe I can make one! Thanks!
  8. Thanks for all the suggestions everyone. I've read through them all and think I'm going to run Morgan Le Fey's Challenge, I'll probably give the knights a few seasons of experience. I also really liked Castle of Tears, I may run that depending on how things go. I love that idea, Chaosium has put out some great two player stuff for Call of Cthulhu, there might be a market for that with Pendragon as well!
  9. @Morien Awesome, I'll check those out! White Horse I know, I'll take a look at the other two!
  10. @Atgxtg Thanks! I'm not locked into the Romance period, it was just a thought. I'll def start with the Bear Hunt Scenario but am looking for something a little more involved after that. Is The Grey Knight too advanced for new players? Also the recently released The Quest of the Red Blade looks interesting, has anyone played it?
  11. Hey all! I'm looking to introduce two players to Pendragon and want and adventure that captures the Arthurian spirit of the game, maybe something in the Romance period?. Are there any iconic adventures that fit the bill? This will be my first time running Pendragon and I've only played several times but have been a fan of the game going back to the third edition. I have most of the books so suggestions from any source is fine!. Thanks much!
  12. This sounds amazing. Thanks for your response, I’m going to hold off on running the GPC for now. It’s def in my future though!
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