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  1. I played in The Pilgrimage of St. Albans adventure with Doyle Tavener game-mastering it. It was an absolute blast, Doyle did an amazing job of making the world come to life, his NPC's were fantastic and he really challenged the players. In one scene we told stories at a feast, he then took those stories and threw them back at us as challenges along the road. My beefcake knight slew a lion in a single mighty blow, it was pretty awesome. Doyle if you see this, thanks for running such an entertaining game!
  2. Looking forward to the dead tree copy!
  3. Same here, I'd be willing to purchase issues if they come out in .pdf!
  4. Congrats @JonHook on this scenario, I'm looking forward to giving it a try at NecronomiCON!
  5. Nice! I'm signed up to play in your CoC: The Shadow Over Providence game on Friday at 4:30 at NecronomiCON. I'm looking forward to meeting you! I like both as well but it definitely has a more of a Pulp feel to it. Not saying its bad or wrong, just different, which I know can throw some people into a tizzy I personally like it
  6. Heya folks! I just wanted to spread the word about a Horror on the Orient Express game I'm involved in, we play weekly and have been posting videos of it on Youtube and more recently in podcast format. We started in the Invictus Era where we played a prequel adventure and then moved onto the Gaslight Era where we did a second prequel (The Blood Red Fez) and are now into the main campaign in the 1920's. We've got a great group and GM, come on over and check us out! Find us here: Dungeons Deep RPG's YouTube and in podcast format: Dungeons Deep RPG's Podcast If you stop by make sure to give us a like and/or subscribe to help spread the word!
  7. Dang, these are great! Thanks for sharing!
  8. Gutted to hear the new, my condolences to his family and friends. We lost a titan of this industry, he created so many amazing things that will live on past him and will continue to bring joy to others. The rest of us can only hope to be so lucky. God speed Greg and thanks!
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