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  1. I first picked up a copy of Runequest in 1982, in a sports shop that happened to sell some RPG books in Beckenham in Kent. The book had the cover many of you will know and love - a proud warrior-woman fighting some kind of lizard-creature in a misty, seemingly otherworldly environment. My 7-year old imagination was transfixed immediately. You can trace a path from that moment, through my becoming a huge fan of Runequest and various other RPGs through my teenage years, to meeting Greg at the Convulsion conventions, to a number of private or small group chats at conventions through they years where he was generous enough to share more of his personal philosophy and insight, through his unfinished works and King of Sartar which were unlike anything I'd read before, to various choices both important and trivial that I have made in my life, to now, with the unwritten heroic epics I tinker with daily in my head and the very lens through which I see the world. It is impossible for me to overstate the positive influence Greg had on my life. He was, without doubt, one of the three people who had the most influence on who I am today, and I would be unrecognisable as a person if I'd never met him. I am sure that many of you reading this will feel similarly. I am sorry that a Great Man has passed from the world at too young an age. For myself, I regret that, although I hadn't communicated with him in some time, I will not now do so again, and that I can not now ask him to officiate my Elvis-themed wedding when I finally reach that happy point... Most importantly, I extend my deepest condolences to his family, for whom I have left these words here, in the hope that they will be some small comfort in the future. My very best wishes to you all. Greg, whatever the universe has in store for you now, thank you.
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