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    Got started long ago with OD&D (Keep on the Borderlands!), currently play in a long-running retro style AD&D 1E campaign. Also dabbled in other old TSR games (original Gamma World, Star Frontiers, Buck Rogers, etc), some White Wolf offerings, etc. Newcomer to Chaosium, but I think the system & settings are probably the best out there...
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    AD&D 1st edition, currently putting together my own BRP campaign setting.
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    Portland, Oregon USA
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    I enjoy books, the outdoors, rock n roll, et al.
  1. Hi all. I've owned the Gold Book for years but never really took the plunge with it - neither myself nor my players had experience with the system and I just wasn't ready to adapt the toolkit. Fast forward to 2019, I've run a CoC (first 6th, now 7th) campaign for several years & numerous one-shots. Everyone enjoys the basic system and I'm pretty familiar. It is time! Before I start, just looking for some advice on general best practices on adapting the system. Revisiting the BRP book, there are so many options. 1. We really like some of the CoC 7e streamlining, is there anyt
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