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    Got started long ago with OD&D (Keep on the Borderlands!), currently play in a long-running retro style AD&D 1E campaign. Also dabbled in other old TSR games (original Gamma World, Star Frontiers, Buck Rogers, etc), some White Wolf offerings, etc. Newcomer to Chaosium, but I think the system & settings are probably the best out there...
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    AD&D 1st edition, currently putting together my own BRP campaign setting.
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    I enjoy books, the outdoors, rock n roll, et al.
  1. Hi all. I've owned the Gold Book for years but never really took the plunge with it - neither myself nor my players had experience with the system and I just wasn't ready to adapt the toolkit. Fast forward to 2019, I've run a CoC (first 6th, now 7th) campaign for several years & numerous one-shots. Everyone enjoys the basic system and I'm pretty familiar. It is time! Before I start, just looking for some advice on general best practices on adapting the system. Revisiting the BRP book, there are so many options. 1. We really like some of the CoC 7e streamlining, is there anyt
  2. What skills do you apply this to aside from the typical Jump, Stealth, Ride, etc, Physical section listed on the stock BRP character sheets? Obviously in the case of Swim rather than a simple -20% or whatever I'd prohibit it in chainmail or greater, maybe give them a Difficult check to stay afloat. Otherwise specifically in regards to combat skills. The Dodge penalty makes sense. How about Parry? Or the various weapons skills themselves - melee and ranged? Brawl/grapple? Just trying to figure out the main tradeoffs players will be dealing with Re: armor protection.
  3. Appreciate the feedback, sounds like a resounding rejection of ration tracking! Nice to be saved the trouble. FWIW, I was thinking about this whilst reading Lonesome Dove... if I recall, the troupe was heading across Wyoming and ran out of water and the narrative became a desperate quest to find some before succumbing. Just made me think it could make for a pretty taut RPG session, but maybe only in special circumstances...
  4. In your experience is this worthwhile or does it just add another unnecessary roll to combat?
  5. I've never played a campaign in any system where players' food & water rations had any great impact. Maybe a couple times the GM halfheartedly encouraged the players to keep track, but as soon as players expressed that it was a meaningless chore it fell by the wayside. And I tend to agree, in many cases that sort of thing is just prosaic bookkeeping that doesn't add much to the narrative - especially in any heroic scale fantasy or sci-fi. My nascent campaign is going to be fantasy with some post-apocalyptic elements though, i.e. a once flourishing world medieval world in the aftermath
  6. Ah, thanks for linking to that thread frogspawner. Sorry to beat a dead horse. Just seems strange that Chaosium would opt to publish such a clunky rule that would seemingly come up in nearly every fantasy or medieval historical setting. I did skim through the discussion and there didn't seem to be any consensus on the best fix. I've thought along the lines of your approach Jegergryte, but then wonder about a fix swinging the pendulum the other way and overpowering shields. Since I haven't run a BRP combat with actual players yet I'm not sure how the mechanics play out in a game session, i.e
  7. Again, as a disclaimer I'm a newcomer to BRP about to run my first campaign, so apologies if I'm just missing a key point in both of these areas... But far as I can tell, the only benefit to using a shield as opposed to any other parrying "weapon" is the durability in HP (re: fumbled parries leading to broken weapon) and protection from missile fire. I guess you could throw in the knockback attacks. Otherwise a player's main weapon will be just as effective defensively, and probably moreso as they can concentrate their skill points there. What's the deal with that? I mean, for a combat sys
  8. I got it here: http://www.4shared.com/document/wRt_8CFn/The_Guide_To_Herbs_for_RPGs_5_.html (the author explicitly gives permission to distribute on the net) It should be noted that the nuts & bolts are from a D20/AD&D perspective, but again there's a lot of useful ideas in there - I'm planning to adapt some things for BRP.
  9. Heh, I asked about RPG herbalism on another forum just yesterday. "The Guide To Herbs for RPGs" was by far the best recommended, it may not answer all your questions but is a great toolkit on the subject. There's an online version here: http://www.republicofnewhome.org/lair/games/herb5/herb5illo1.html You can also find the PDF for download, which I kind of prefer as it's a little easier on the eyes and there aren't really too many hyperlinks in the former anyhow.
  10. So you would *increase* non-sorcerers' skill points rather than just *decrease* sorcerers' skill from the default?
  11. Many thanks for all the insights guys! I decided to go with the sorcery system over the skill point-based magic to differentiate those powers from "just another set of skills." Nothing is set in stone though and I do see the balancing effects of skill based magic, things might change. I'll be using random attribute generation (with the option to re-allocate a couple points afterwards), so unfortunately not a ton of point-based balancing for sorcerous characters. Think I'll probably just reduce the starting skill points for magical professions. Also creating an arcane/occult language as a ne
  12. Hey all... putting together my first BRP campaign and am probably going to start running sessions in about a month or so. I have a handful of Chaosium titles and feel like I have a decent enough grasp of the rules, but you never know until the time arrives. All my players will be new to the system. None of them I'd describe as 'hardcore gamers' though most will come from a long running retro-style AD&D 1st edition campaign I've been in. The setting will be fantasy, but more of a Iron/Dark Age environment than your garden variety Tolkeinesque or High Middle Ages setting, and I'm trying to k
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