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  1. 정말 재미있어요 - Very interesting. Korea's an unusual gaming environment because it has been largely on the receiving end of imperial "interests" over the centuries. Consequently it has layer upon layer upon layer of cultural influences but remains distinctly Korean.
  2. More spells (esp. sorcery) is key.
  3. I'm assuming this? The Creature Crafter - Word Mill | DriveThruRPG.com
  4. Is there a reason why the Runes are in Elder Futhark? Well, except for the shape of (pg 96) which is Anglo Saxon, Ódhal (106) which is a type-o, and Ing (105) which looks like a font glitch. AFAIK, Icelandic runes would have been Younger Futhark, granted Odin would have learned the Elder.
  5. If Mythic Iceland in paper will be available "any day now" (see Mythic Iceland thread), then I sure hope that day is before the sale ends.
  6. My group really doesn't like the pace of character advancement, nor do they like rolling for improvements. One player wants to boost his INT by 1 point so that he gains another combat action. He has yet to make a single improvement in the campaign. Looking back, I should have switched early on to a "sessional experience" system (2-3 static improvements, not rolls, per game-night) instead of the "accomplishment experience-base improvement rolls" as the rules suggest. My players were being nicer than they ought to have been and didn't communicate their dissatisfaction until we neared the end of the campaign.
  7. I'm thinking a bit more than just the NPCs. How about an Orc tribe (grunts, warlord, shaman, their pet wolfish-creatures) , their camp (with a nice map), a cult or two along with grimoires / divine spells. These are the sort of encounters that are so convenient for sandboxy adventures .
  8. I like the idea of villages, ruins, castles, space stations, etc that I can drop into a home brew setting. I've been using some pieces from Paizo adventure paths (that I know I'll never run as PF) because they look good, but the conversion of encounters is a drag. Actually, I'd love to see sets of encounters (statted up for RQ / legend) with good maps and images of the bad guys that I can plug into our games. Full settings? I've got a stack of those I'll never use in their entirety, but we all talk about the bits we swipe from settings - so why not put out those bits?
  9. Yep, I've got those - cool books btw. I was considering de-settingifying those pregens but was wondering if there was something else around as well to choose from. Thanks.
  10. http://www.mongoosepublishing.com/us/
  11. Does anyone know of a source for OpenQuest pre-generated fantasy characters?
  12. We had one campaign where the GM insisted, and we had to keep track of food. Inevitably, we forgot once or twice, and it didn't add to the fun in any appreciable way - "Hey guys, it's a new day, tick off one of your food rations", "What? Oh yeah, whatever". If I'm GMing, anyone with a hunting/fishing/gathering skill is assumed to succeed in an familiar environment (following the "don't roll the simple stuff" rule of thumb). When the party is about to head into territory where they don't have normal access to food or an unusual environment, they must either get supplies before departing - in which case they have ample food for the journey - or they must make skill checks or start to get hungry.
  13. You probably already are aware of this, but if you're going to do a single column, please do not make the column full-page width. This may make people who print out the PDF annoyed because of the empty space, but reading full-width on screen is near impossible. I think a single column of text with lotsa side-bars is good.
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