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    I worked with Greg Stafford for many years. At Chaosium and at Conventions and as a play tester of his many games. We were good friends, My name is on King Arthur's Knights and Pendragon misspelled I might add. We lost contact a few years ago and were never able to connect. I worked hard a play tester for Arkam Horror.
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    My Current games are on my phone ,PC and Laptop they are Pirates of the Caribbean Tides of War and Pirates Tides of Fortune and 2 versions of the Strormfall game on PC and Phone. The rest of my time has to go to getting a job.
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    10685 COLOMA RD Rancho Cordova Ca. 95670
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    I am a Professional Tarot Reader and Teacher. Like Greg I am also a Shaman. Here is my website: www.pagansforberniesanders.com www.readingsinsacramentoca.com I am also and avid RPG gamer and game designer and game play tester. I miss my friend Greg very much.

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  1. You sound so much like me. Thank you for sharing all this. I very much appreciate hearing this. Like you I too was an acid head. This was the 60's, 70's and early 80's. I was a personal friend of Timothy Leary and he told me to document all my 107 acid trips. I did just that. These notebooks are in my storage unit at the present time.Tim like Greg had an avid interest in the Tarot. Tim had already made some cards for his deck and published them in High Times which I wrote some articles for. I miss Tim a great deal.We had some good times together. I don't remember if Greg and Tim knew each other. I knew Tim for over 35 years. He was a good friend. Like you I started with Avalon Hill I think one of my first games was Gettysburg. Most of my Avalon Hill games are also in storage. Some of them did not surive the test of time. Like you I was also involved with early D&D. I met Greg in 1975 when he founded Chaosium. He and I were similar to. A joint interest in Mythology Celtic, Nordic and Finnish the Kalavala and Native American tradition. We had a love of Shamanism and Tarot. I met Katlin and John Mathews through Greg. They keep in contact with me on my Facebook page.I saw her a few years ago at PantheaCon. We hung out for awhile and one of the subjects we talked about was Greg. They contacted me the day after Greg died. The only difference I see in us is that you are Jewish and I am Pagan. Although I have studied the Qabalah for many years. Our FRP experience is similar too. There were things I did not understand as well but I figured them out. Runequest was a trip to learn. I hope someday we can meet and share our mutual thoughts. It better be soon I am 68 years old with chronic Asthama you do the math. Well that is all I wanted to say and I am very impressed with what you wrote. You awoke in me many old memories like my times and frienship with Timothy Leary. Well as we Pagans say Take Care and Blessed Bee. The second b is inhonor of the bees of this planet who are in danger of extinction. AD(arch-druid) Stephen W. Abbott. Peace! Peace! Peace! and to Greg Rest Peacefully My Shaman Brother.
  2. I am so happy to see all these peaple honoring Greg's memory with their gaming. Unfortunately all my Chaosium games are storage all I have for games is what is on my PC,laptop and phone. I play both Stormfall games and Pirates of the Caribbean Tides of War and Celtic Heroes an actual Pagan Celtic Game on Google Play. I write games reviews on Google Play for such games. I gave all of these games a 5 star rating. I played all these games last night in honor of Gregg. I was not able to get his Rune to work on this phone. Sorry about that. I will try again later it is in my head if nothing else. I hope this thread stays up awhile it is a fitting tribute to his memory. I have so much stuff of memories of the Chaosium I knew going back to it's founding in 1975. I was there. I remember working with Greg on White Bear Red Moon and our ilfated work on The Tarot and Tree which was cut short when I went into the hospital for a acute Asthma condition. I worked on Authur' Knights and he put my name on it and if I reall he may have put my name on White Bear Red Moon too. My name was on Pendragon misspelle. as Stephen Abbot instead of Stephen W. Abbott . I worked on Arkham Horror I think my name is there as well. I have over 40 years of memories knowing Greg in storage unit. Then there is our Shaman interest and his publishing of Shaman's Drum can I get back issues of it? What I have is in storage I can't get to it. Well I will keep reading these entries as long as they keep coming. I have not missed one entry on this thread. Take Care and Blessed Be what we Pagans say. AD(arch-druid) Stephen W. Abbott. I miss you my Shaman Brother. Peace! Peace! Peace!
  3. It should be noted that the Finnish author called Greg a her and I was under the impression that Greg died in his sweat lodge on October 11th not the 10th as the author said? Did I get something wrong? I want you to know I am here for you Chaosium. Let me know if you need me. I want to go to the memorial how do I get there? Where is it being held in Berkley? I will be coming with others from the Sacramento Area. One of them knew Greg too. If any of you remember me I was there in 1975 when Greg founded Chaosium. My name is on Arthur's Knights and Pendragon. My name is misspelled on Pendragon as Stephen Abbot as opposed to Stephen W. Abbott. I lost contact with Greg after Isaac Bonewits died in 2010. This is one of my great regrets in my life losing contact with him. I would love to get some back issues of Shaman's Drum are any available? Greg and I shared a love of Shamanism together. It seems so fitting that he died in his sweat lodge. If you would like to see what I have written about Greg befriend me on Facebook as Stephen W. Abbott. If you would like to see what I am doing now here is my website: www.pagansforberniesanders.com or www.readingsinsacramentoca.com if you like the site please leave feedback. Greg and I shared and interest in the Tarot. He wanted me to write a book about it. Well he got his wish. I am presently writing a book on the Tarot entitled: Abbott's Inn Presents The Tarot the Royal Road of Life. I could only hope that Greg would have liked it. I love what you are doing with this thread this is a fitting tribute to his memory and his life's work. I have read everyone's post here. I have not missed one since you started it. It makes me feel better to see all this love written about him and for him. Well I can't think of anything else to say. Take Care and Blessed Be. AD(arch-druid) Stephen W. Abbott Peace! Peace! Peace! Peace to you my Shaman Brother Rest Well.
  4. At long last I am able to speak about my old friend. I was there in 1975 when Chaosium got started. I worked with Greg very hard on many games. I can remember correlating the game rule books and packaging the games. I was at Chaosium many times sometimes very late at night. My first game I worked with Greg was I believe White Bear Red Moon which name was later changed. I am sure Charlie Krank remembers it. Then I worked on King Arthur's Knights which has my name on it. My Name is on Pendragon misspelled I might add. Like Greg I am a Shaman too. Is anyone publishing Shaman's Drum anymore? I would love to get back copies. I have all original Chaosium Games in my storage unit if anyone is interested. My major regret is that I lost contact with Greg in 2010 when Isaac Bonewits died. Some of you may remember that Greg published Isaac's Game book for Real Magick in Games entitled Authentic Thaumaturgy I sold many copies for Greg at many conventions and I sold many Games for him at Conventions. Now both Issac and Greg are gone. Last night I had a prophetic dream about Greg and I. In the dream we were reunited and after a long talk we played Pendragon together which we had worked so hard on in life. I plan to talk about Greg on my Facebook page later tonight. If you want to see what I write add me on Facebook and Facebook Messager As Stephen W. Abbott. We all owe a great debt to Greg for all he did for the Gaming Community. I will sorely miss him. My heart goes out to his family I knew most of his kids sadly not his wife. Charlie Krank if you are out there I miss you Bro. Let me know if I can help with Chaosium . I will be contacting Steve Perrin tonight to about Greg. Take Care and Blessed Be My Shaman Brother My your Journey to the Celtic Other World be filled with Joy Pleasure and Excitement. Has anyone John and Kaitlin Mathews they should be told of his passing. I can try and reach them on my end. I think they are on Facebook. I will try tonight. AD (arch-druid) Stephen W. Abbott but as Greg knew me in 75 Stephen W.Abbott Mc Caully. '
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