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  1. Welp...that does it! All stretch goals unlocked now and only 15 hours remain to get in on the action. Not a bad bundle at the buy-in price: Two hardbacks of core rules and two hardbacks for setting/adventures (one is a large campaign), slipcase for core rules, large 4-color map, character sheets, GM screen.
  2. High production values expected. Only hours to go. Most stretch goals unlocked already.....
  3. I just finished perusing your work. I lol'd (in a good way!) seeing all those old Monster Manual pics. (And lol'd harder at the more unique additions like real pictures of jaguars, screen captures from Clash of the Titans, etc.) I love it. If you want some feedback, I'd say the following: 1) Add page numbers 2) 'Fix' the excel borders to be uniform for all cells. Or, better yet, simplify the tables to eliminate borders and (possibly?) shading. Left justify text, right justify numbers. It will help the tables 'fit' in. 3) I don't have a copy of Magic World, but I am wondering if all the spells listed for some of the tougher baddies (Asmodeus, Demogorgon, etc.) are fully fleshed out and available in the core mechanics? 4) Some of the tables are overlapping descriptions. Not many, but some. 5) Align tables when it makes sense to do so. Hope that list isn't too frustrating since I haven't added specific page numbers and you may wonder wtf I am talking about. Apologies for that....I saw your request and took a really quick look to make sure your efforts received feedback.
  4. I'm in. Contributed a couple of days ago. With all the stretch goals being met, this has become quite the deal. Anyone on the fence for this should check it out.
  5. It is, in two words, pretty friggin' awesome!
  6. I think I know the answer, but I wanna check with peeps that know more than I.... Is Advanced Sorcery 100% compatible with OpenQuest 2?
  7. @Questbird: I wish I could say I've been happy with funding OpenQuest2 like you. It is because of Newt's lack of ability to deliver on missed milestone after missed milestone from the OQ2 campaign that I am sitting this one out. I can't help but feel burned by a campaign that began in 2012 with intent of delivering by Christmas of the same year, not delivering on most of the promised pieces as of this writing (14-ish months later). I started off a defender of Newt's when timelines ran horribly out of control, going so far as to publicly praise him for ensuring high quality at the expense of timeliness. However, those feelings have faded and now I have grown quite upset that there are no updates (for over a month) and Newt is here, shilling for his next project while being laughably late with his previous promises. In fact, perhaps the most damning aspect of the whole debacle has been the total lack of communication through the ordeal. No updates for stretches longer than a month? How hard is it to pop-in and say something? Nope. Not again.
  8. As stated, it requires an improvement point to make the magic point store permanent. If an improvement point is not used then the item is not reusable. (P.107) Fly is based on POW. Tap appears to be based on Magnitude of the spell with the limitation that the characteristic to be tapped must not be greater than the magnitude of the spell (P.164)
  9. A little off topic, I admit, but has anyone tried to hit any of Newt's sites today? (openquestrpg.com, d101games.com) None are resolving for me.... <sad face>
  10. OpenQuest 2nd Edition Pre-order | Indiegogo TLDR: Newt Newport posted an announcement 1 day ago Hi all OpenQuest 2 is now complete,
  11. Congrats Newt! Meeting the final stretch goal on the final day means you right-sized things. Sure would like to have the 5 adventures in print ....
  12. Sorry about that title. Folks, The end is drawing near on a very successful OpenQuest funding project over at indiegogo: OpenQuest 2nd Edition Pre-order | Indiegogo ...but, in the remaining days (4 as I write this) there is one remaining stretch goal that needs a wee bit of last minute oomph to hit. Won't you head over and support? At least consider it as the supplements that Newt creates are broadly compatible with BRP....plus, nice printed versions are awesome. It won't take much to seal the deal.... Later.
  13. Would love to participate, especially since I am just now plunking down some groats to support OpenQuest2 at indiegogo. Perhaps after the dust settles from that campaign we'll see Newt back to run that game?
  14. Wonder why this topic got dropped.... Would love for Newt to try and respond to this. PLUS....we need to get another 10-20 folks to contribute to the indiegogo to hit that last (and awesome!) stretch goal: OpenQuest 2nd Edition Pre-order | Indiegogo
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